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Hushed Tones

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Detective who?

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Chapter 11:

“Yes, Alice, what now?” Louise said harshly into the phone, this was the 3rd call of the day from the receptionist and it was only 9am.
“Another complaint, I’m afraid, this one is about money, again. That’s Mr Cooper, Mr Hunter, Mrs Prewitt, Mr Hodges and now Miss Dreswell.” Alice reported, as if Louise didn’t know already. Louise also noticed the softer tone when Alice spoke Mr Hunter’s name, this new trait she had picked up was becoming increasingly annoying.
“Yes, thank you, Alice.” Louise said through gritted teeth, massaging her temples.
“You should really call the police.” Alice said in a Know-It-All fashion.
“Alice, will you ever stop telling me how to do my job?” Louise asked. Alice really had the knack of getting on her nerves.
“Sorry, miss.” Alice said, sounding abashed.
“I will call them now, Alice. Thank you for the report.” Louise said, hanging up the phone. She had the feeling this was going to be a very long day.
With a groan she picked up the receiver again to dial the police.
“Hello, New York Police.” A man on the other end answered once Louise had been patched through.
“Hello, I am here to report a few suspected robberies at my hotel. Hotel Bella Muerte.” Louise said in a business-like fashion.
“Okay, can I have the details please?” The man replied.
Louise quickly gave the hotel’s address and a better description of the situation.
“Thank you, miss, we will send someone over immediately.” The man said.
“Thank you very much.” Louise said honestly.
They hung up the phone and Louise breathed out a sigh of relief. This situation just needed to be dealt with as soon as possible, so she could go on with worrying about the 1000 other things happening at the hotel.

Louise walked over to the front door, trying to keep calm and hoping there weren’t any press to catch sight of the police car driving up to the hotel.
No such luck. The press never missed a thing, and this was sure to cause quite a scandal, so of course they were there with their camera, clicking away like madmen. This would be all over the papers tomorrow, which meant another story having to be fed by the hotel that it had only been a routine check up. Louise sighed, as she wished this was only a check up. Unfortunately her wish did not come true.
Instead she had to proceed and greet the policeman that they had sent.
She was greeted by two. One was tall and had dark brown hair and a beard, he was middle-aged, his hair line was receding and his belly poked out from his uniform a bit. The second was a lot younger, a trainee, she supposed. His blonde hair poked from beneath his police hat and fortunately there was no belly poking out of his uniform. Louise frowned slightly as the lip ring in his mouth, but she shook of the prejudice you seemed to gain by working in this place.
“Good morning, miss.” The older policeman said, jerking his head in her direction, “I believe you called about some robberies?”
“Yes.” Louise replied in hushed tones , they took the hint and followed her into her office.
“Thank you so much for coming, I am Miss French, the manager of the hotel.” Louise said, introducing herself.
“Hello, Miss French. I am Chief Daniels and this is Detective Bryar.” The older man said, gesturing towards the younger one who smiled. “Can you explain to us exactly what has been happening?”
“Yes, well basically during yesterday and this morning we have received 5 complaints from our guests about missing money. We have tried to keep the situation under control, but it has gone to such an extent that we believe it must be theft and not just a coincidence. I would really appreciate it if you can keep your investigation as low key as possible.” Louise explained in a hushed undertone, as if they could still be overheard.
“Okay. I will stay with you and sort out the normal legal things and get more details. Detective Bryar is going to go and interview the guests.” Chief Daniels explained.
“I promise to be as discrete as possible.” Detective Bryar said, grinning slightly.
“Thank you.” Louise said as he bowed his head and walked out of the door.

Outside Detective Bryar, or Bob, couldn’t help but smile, finally he could go and get some work done. And he had been given the fun task, no legal forms and mumbo jumbo. This is what he got in the force for, investigating. He had quite a talent for it, could usually suss people out, this place would be a great challenge, full of secrets.
He set off towards the elevator, hands in the pockets of his uniform. The uniform was alright but not as comfortable as a normal shirt and jeans, though he felt the uniform made him fit in here a lot more that his casual wear would have. There were definitely a few stares and whispers, this place seemed to bubble over with gossip. He grinned to himself as the metal doors slid behind him and he pressed the number 1 on the side of the wall.
Detective Bryar, he thought to himself, it is time to get to work. He grinned again as he stepped out of the elevator, ready to kick off this investigation.

Yes, we have finally got Bob, now my friend will finally quit nagging me (bashfullovesbob, the name kinda gives it away) well at least this chapter will make somebody happy lol. I hope you enhoyed it and please give me some feedback on how you think the story is going :)
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