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So Best Keep It A Secret

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Alex battles with herself

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Chapter 12:

Alex sat on her bed with her legs crossed. She was absent-mindedly doodling on a notebook while listening to her Ipod. Ray was still asleep, lightly snoring, opposite her. She smiled slightly as she watched him. She really wished that he would stop worrying about her, all he seemed to get from him these days were concerned questions. She wished that he could just go back to his old self again and start to come to terms with his own grief, letting Alex get on with her own. She knew that all this empathy he was showing her was just going to delay his own reaction to their parents…passing. She did not want it to suddenly hit him and crash down on him all at once, but it was inevitable if he carried on like this.
Alex sighed and looked down on the paper that she had been drawing on. She gasped as she realised she had written one word over and over on the page.
She tossed the book aside, pulled the headphone out of her ears and put her fingers to her temples. What was that about? Somehow he had managed to crawl into her subconscious and it didn’t seem like he was going to budge. She had had a dream about him last night, nothing weird. They were just hanging out and talking, except they were older and living together.
Alex frowned at herself. She should be concentrating on other things, not some random guy that she had talked to for about 20minutes. There were more pressing matters. Things that should not be interrupted by trivial things like boys. She had never been a girl to obsess over boys anyway. Sure she thought about it, she wasn’t some weirdo. She just wasn’t like some girls in her school who never had anything else on their minds. Probably because their minds weren’t big enough to store any other thoughts.
She raised her eyebrows at herself. That thought had been a little spiteful. Maybe she was in a spiteful mood. Maybe the current circumstances to cause her to feel spiteful. In any case that was what she kept thinking. She wanted to blame somebody for what had happened, but, at the moment, she couldn’t. And that just made the thing all the more painful.
She rubbed her eyes. The sleepless nights definitely were not helping this whole situation, one factor that did not seem to be bothering Ray as he rolled over in his bed.
Alex noticed that he was stirring. She quickly tucked the notebook under the mattress, he certainly did not need to see that. Ray had never needed to react to Alex having a boyfriend, she had never been lucky that way, but she did not want to find out how he would react if she did like a guy. She suspected the outcome would not be good. Either he would be extremely protective and embarrassing. Or he would tease her and be embarrassing. Whatever it was, she was going to be embarrassed. So best keep it a secret.
“Morning.” Alex said as Ray opened one eye, wincing from the bright light.
“..Mrrrugghh…” Was his reply.
“Don’t worry, greeting aren’t necessary.” Alex said, pushing herself to her feel and walking over to him to pull back the covers.
“Oi!” He cried, trying to wrench the covers back from her hands, but she managed to throw the off the bed too quickly for his slow morning reactions.
“You have to get up some time. It is already 9:20.” Alex said coolly as Ray sat up, stretching his arms.
“Too early!” Ray complained. “Why are you up? Again.”
“Because.” Alex replied flatly.
“You still cant sleep?” Ray said, brow furrowing.
“Will you stop worrying? I got some sleep… I got up an hour ago.” Alex lied, badly.
Ray raised an eyebrow, but didn’t carry on the argument. Instead he got up and gave her a hug, “morning.”
“That took you a while to reply.” Alex said, hugging him back.
“I never asked, what did you do yesterday, while I was out?” Ray said, walking over to his open suitcase.
Alex flushed immediately and looked away, “Oh… you know, sat around… watched a movie.”
“Anything good?” Ray asked, though she doubted he was that interested.
“Umm… I can’t remember the name” Alex said, then she cursed herself for it, surely he would see through that.
Ray remained oblivious, however, picking out some clothes. “Well, what was it about?”
“Err…” Alex said, trying to make her mind work faster, unfortunately they seemed to be only focusing on one thing, or one person, in particular. She angrily pushed him out of her brain. “It was a romance, soppy crap. You know”
“Glad I missed it.” Ray grinned. “I didn’t know you were into romance movies that much.”
“It was the only thing I could find.” Alex answered. Wishing he would stop questioning her, he was bound to be getting suspicious.
“Cool.” Ray said.
His sleepy state seemed to be working in Alex’s favour, for the moment. She let out a sigh of relief and automatically checked to see that the notebook was completely submerged. It was. So she turned back to her drowsy brother.
“I’m just gonna go in the bathroom.” Ray yawned, turning towards the bathroom door.
“’Kay.” Alex said.
She watched him walk over to the door and waited for him to close it behind him.
Once he had she rushed over to the room’s phone, and picked it up. Just as she was about to dial she paused. This was ridiculous. He was just a guy. A normal, everyday guy. Who was gorgeous. No! Stop that! Oh god, she needed help. This was stupid. Really stupid. She should put down the phone. She should not be this affected by a boy. She would not allow it. Very bad Alex.
She dialled room service.
She hardly had time to prepare herself when, after two rings, it was answered. Damn efficient hotel.
“Hello. Room service.” A woman’s voice said through the phone.
“Hi… umm…” Jesus, what was she meant to say? Should she ask for him personally?
“Hello? Miss?” The voice asked, confused.
“Sorry… umm…” God, she was such an idiot.
“What is it, Isobel?”
Alex recognised that voice instantly, in the background. His voice. Her heart skipped a beat and she cursed herself. Shaking off her stupidity.
“Miss? Are you still there?” The girl, apparently named Isobel, asked.
“Yeah, sorry, I couldn’t hear you.” Alex lied. Thankful that she had stopped stuttering.
“Oh, sorry, we will have someone look into it. Apologies for the inconvenience. what was it you wanted?” Isobel said, a smile in her voice.
“I was just wondering if Frank was there?” Alex said, biting her lip. She was being way to forward and she knew it.
“Frank?” Isobel asked into the phone.
“What?” Frank’s voice said in the background, sounding thoroughly confused.
“It is for you.” Isobel said, she sounded like she was trying to suppress a laugh. Making Alex blush on the other line.
“Okay…” Frank said, his voice becoming clearer as he approached the phone.
Shi oh shit oh shit oh shit. What was she doing? This was stupid.
“Hello?” He asked, uncertainly.
“Hey, Frank, it’s Alex.” Alex said. Instantly regretting this call and glancing towards the bathroom, but she could hear the shower still running.
“Oh! Hi.” Frank said, his voice going up slightly higher. He coughed, embarrassed, “umm… why did you call?”
Good question, Alex thought.
“Oh, I just wondered if you wanted to come up and hang out this afternoon?” Alex asked, kicking herself. He must think she was insane, and incredibly eager. Would he read too much into this? Fuck it.
“Yeah!” Frank said, sounding happy, “that would be great. Wont your brother disapprove though?” He asked, a slight mockery in his voice now.
“I will get rid of him.” Alex said quickly. Damn. How was she going to do that?
“Alright then.” Frank chuckled. “I will be up around 10ish, can’t promise anything though, so don’t go anywhere.”
Alex rolled her eyes. “Yes, whatever.”
He laughed again. “See you.”
“Guess so. Bye”
And she hung up.

Franks POV

“Who was that?” Isobel asked, smirking as Frank hung up the phone.
“A friend.” Frank replied.
“Oh I see. A ‘friend’.” Isobel said, using air quotations.
“Yup.” Frank said, heading over to the couch to put on his shoes.
“Are you going to tell me?” Isobel asked. Handing him his coffee.
“Nope.” Frank replied, grinning to himself as he took the coffee.
“Well that is a little unfair.” Isobel said, pouting.
“Yup.” Frank said, again.
“Quit acting so bloody smug!” Isobel said, smacking him round the head.
“I‘m sorry, am I irritating you?” Frank smirked.
“Yes you bloody are!” Isobel retorted.
“Oh well, I can live with that.” Frank said, straightening up and sipping at his coffee, giving her a triumphant grin.
“Come on.” Isobel tried.
“I will tell you another time. I have places to be.” Frank said, stepping round her, heading towards the door.
“Have to run a few errands before you meet your date?” Isobel said, mocking.
Frank smiled treacherously at the comment, fortunately his back was turned to Isobel could not see his face. He shook his head for her benefit and opened the door.
Alex had phoned him, she wanted to see him. Why did this make him so happy? He shrugged it off. she was probably just lonely, there isn’t much to do if you refuse to leave your hotel room. It doesn’t mean anything. He was reading too much into things. Why did it matter anyway? She was just a girl. No big deal, right? He smiled and shook his head again. His brain could be very annoying sometimes.

Millions of annoying, childish questions flooded Alex’s head. She pushed them away firmly, she felt like one of the brainless girls in her school. Maybe that was the way she was heading. She shuddered at the thought. She just needed some company. She told herself. The only reason she had called was because she wanted to talk to a non-family member. Hat was all. Now all she had to so was start believing it.
She scowled to herself.
Then Ray opened the bathroom door, humming to himself. He went over to the hairdryer again and Alex waited patiently for him to finish. If only he didn’t have so much hair.
“Ray?” Alex said when he was finally finished.
“Oh god I know that tone. You want something.” Ray said, rolling his eyes.
“I would go through the whole, ‘no I’m not’ thing, but I can’t be arsed.” Alex said, shrugging.
“What is it?” Ray asked, turning to face her, half smiling.
“I just need a few thing that I forgot to pack.” Alex said, thinking fast.
Ray sighed, “trust you. What do you need?”
“Some toiletries, eyeliner, a book and a jumper.” Alex lied.
“Oh please don’t make me get you clothes.” Ray moaned, “you always hate everything I get.”
“No I don’t. And if I do then you can choose what movie we watch tonight.” Alex assured him.
“Tempting. But why cant you just come out and get it with me?” ray asked, desperate.
“I just don’t feel like leaving yet. Sorry.” Alex said, unable to look at him. This part was, at least, true, but she still felt bad for lying to him.
“It’s okay.” Ray said, giving her a hug. “I will go get it, just write down a list and I will see what I can do.”
“Thanks.” Alex mumbled. Guilt rising through her stomach as she grabbed a pen and paper from the bedside table.
“Okay.” Ray said, taking the paper and pulling on his jacket, “I will try. See you later.”
“Bye, and thank you so much.” Alex said, smiling and giving him another hug.
Ray looked confused by her sudden affectionate nature, but didn’t question it, and headed out of the door.
Alex quickly looked at her watch. 9:40. Bugger. He would be here in 20 minutes. Well 20 minutes ish. But she couldn’t take that chance. Plus ‘ish’ could mean earlier.
She mentally slapped herself. She was acting like a prat, and she knew it. He was just a guy. A guy named Frank. Totally normal. Besides if he turned up and she was all dressed up or something he would get freaked out.
Still, him finding her in her pyjamas couldn’t be good either, she thought, looking down. She would change into normal clothes. She looked through her bag, panicking. She knew she should have packed more stuff. That one earned her another mental slap. You moron. She picked out her black jeans and simple red top. There, super casual.
She quickly looked in the mirror. Just incase she had put something on backwards or her hair looked stupid. This was not for him. It was for her. Obviously.
She quickly brushed through her hair. Totally normal. couldn’t curse herself for that. Harmless.
Then she walked over and sat on her bed. Awaiting his arrival.
This was stupid, she could do something else while he was not here. He did not dictate whether she could do something or not. She pulled out the notebook from under the mattress and flipped over to a new page. This time she concentrated on what she was drawing. Another page like the one before could not be healthy.

A few minutes later Alex heard the ever so promising click of the lock as a card key was swiped through it.
Her stomach knotted instantly as his face popped around the side of the door.
“Surprise! Did you miss me?” He teased,.
“No.” She teased back.
He grinned and stepped into the room.

Aww, don't you hate it when they both like eachother but the don't realise the other one does and it drives you bloody crazy? Well you better get used to it :P Hope you liked this update. I have been up late writing this so you better appreciate, though it being late there may be a few spelling mistakes, so just tell me in reviews or something. Please do R&R, makes me so happy, even if it is a negative comment, I don't mind.
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