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Forgot That You Had Forgotten

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Gerard wakes

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Chapter 13:

The first thing Gerard realised was the deafening pump of the blood in his head. His eyes tightened as he tried to block out the noise. It was useless. He let out a groan and turned over.
A quiet laugh sounded from in front of him. His eyes snapped open. The light made his eyesight immediately blur. He blinked a couple times and the outline of a girl began to form.
Gerard sat up, sending his head spinning. His hand leapt to his forehead as he flopped back down, giving out another groan of pain.
He heard the laugh again and turned his attention to the stranger.
“Who…” He croaked, “who are you?” Gerard asked, desperately trying to remember the details of last night. He really hoped he hadn’t don’t anything stupid.
“Good morning to you too.” The girl said, “do you not remember anything?”
“I remembered drinks, lot of them, but not much else.” Gerard admitted. Sitting up slower and pushing himself up against the headboard of the bed.
“Well that is most of it.” She said, smiling at his puzzled expression.
“Please tell me I didn’t do anything stupid.” Gerard said, putting his hands up to his face.
“Depends what you count as stupid. You yelled at the bartender and I had to escort you up here and you were very reluctant for me to leave.” She said, trying to suppress a giggle.
“Oh… it could have been worse…I guess. You still haven’t answered my first question.” Gerard reminded her.
“So I haven’t. I’m Kerry. I was in the bar when you had your little…episode. And I helped you back up to your room.” Kerry explained.
“Oh… thanks.” Gerard said, face still scrunched up as he tried to remember and fight against the hangover symptoms. He looked down at himself, realising he was still wearing his jeans.
“Sorry that you had to sleep in them. But I thought it would have been a tad inappropriate to undress you, and you were certainly in no condition to do it yourself.” Kerry explained.
Gerard blushed, “oh. Okay…. What time is it?”
“Nearly 10:30.” Kerry answered.
“You didn’t have any plans today, did you?” Gerard asked, turning to face her, his wide eyes still trying to take everything in.
“Nothing that important, besides I promised I would stay.” Kerry answered.
“You did? Why?” Gerard asked, scratching the back of his head.
“As I said, you seemed pretty reluctant to let me leave.” Kerry chuckled.
“Sorry.” Gerard mumbled.
“It’s okay, do you want me to leave now?” Kerry asked, beginning to rise out of the chair.
“…No.” Gerard answered. He had no idea why, but he really didn’t.
“Alright then, but you might want to go have a shower, no offence.” Kerry said, a smile still set on her face as she watched Gerard’s expression.
“None taken…” Gerard said, stumbling out of the bed and drifting over to the bathroom.
Before he opened the door he froze, turned and gave Kerry a quick smile of thanks.

Gerard stepped out of the bathroom a while later, scrubbing his hair with one of the towels that had hung on the rack. He found Kerry still sitting and looking at the photograph that had been sitting on his bedside table.
“Hi, sorry, I’m being nosy.” Kerry said, setting the photographs back down.
“No, it’s fine.” Gerard assured her, coming to sit down on the bed next to her.
“Who is this?” Kerry asked, gesturing to one of the photos of two boys. One was unmistakably Gerard and, sitting next to him was a smaller boy wearing glasses and smiling at Gerard.
“That’s me and my brother, Mikey.” Gerard answered, smiling at the photo.
“You look really sweet.” Kerry said, grinning at him.
“Thanks.” Gerard said, “you really don’t have to stay here. I’m sure you have better things to do.”
“No, it’s fine,” Kerry said, looking around the room, a small and shattered frame in the corner caught her eye. She got up and walked over to it, picking it and the shards of glass around it, up. She looked up at him quizzically as she looked at the photo.
“Yeah…” Gerard said embarrassed, “sorry about that… I was in a bad mood.”
“Is this your girlfriend?” Kerry asked, surveying the pretty girl.
“What? How do you know about -” Gerard began.
“Oh, you mentioned her last night, sorry I forgot that you had forgotten.” Kerry interrupted. She walked back over to him and set the broken frame on the edge of the bed.
“Oh.” Gerard said, cursing the alcohol for his loss of memory, it was really scary to have a blank patch where you couldn’t remember what you had been doing. “Yeah she was my girlfriend.” A bitter taste rose in his mouth as he said it.
“Sorry, I am being rude.” Kerry said, feeling guilty.
“No your not. You’re just curious. I guess you have a right to be, I am a stranger after all.” Gerard said, smiling at her and turning the frame over so that it was facing into the covers of the bed.
“Well I am a stranger to you.” Kerry shrugged.
“I guess so.” Gerard said, smiling and cocking his head to one side, looking at her, “so how about we tell each other little bit about ourselves?”
“Alright. My name is Kerry Gilmore, I live in California usually, but I’m here for some interviews.” She started.
“You’re a reporter?” Gerard asked, surprised.
“Yeah, for various music magazines and shows.” Kerry answered.
“Wow, and you get to check into 5 star hotels?” Gerard asked.
“Not all of the time, my friend lives here and decided to fork out for me, I told him not to, but he was persistent.” Kerry said, shaking her head.
“Why didn’t you stay with him?” Gerard asked. Felling a pang of jealousy towards this guy, though he ignored it.
“He has a pretty full house, wife and kids, you know, so I didn’t want to intrude. He had offered, but I refused, so he set me up in this place.” Kerry said, rolling her eyes.
“Oh, I see.” Gerard said, not able to hold back a smile.
“So what about you? What do you do?” Kerry asked.
“I do drawings for comic books and things.” Gerard said, frowning, “though not very well.”
“Really?” Kerry said. She picked up his drawings, “these are good, I found them in your pockets.”
“Apparently not good enough.” Gerard said flatly, remembering Cassie’s harsh words the other night.
Kerry didn’t say anything, sensing that Gerard was distracted.
“So what about your home life?” Gerard asked, breaking the silence.
Kerry seemed to stiffen, “I live by myself, mostly. I used to live with my mother.”
“Yeah, I used to live with my mom and brother, but then I moved in with…” Gerard trailed off, glancing down angrily at the face-down photo frame.
“You don’t have to tell me.” Kerry said, sympathetically, “do you think you will go back now?”
“Not sure, haven’t really thought about it. I guess. Though my brother is travelling at the moment.” Gerard answered, thinking.
“Well then I’m sure your mother would like some company.” Kerry said, smiling at him.
“Maybe.” Gerard said, smiling at her.

It was a while later, Gerard and Kerry were sitting on opposite sides of the bed, laughing and talking happily.
“You seriously did that?” Kerry asked, astounded.
“Yeah, it seemed like a logical thing to do at the time.” Gerard answered, grinning.
“How is going to school as a girl logical?” Kerry asked, laughing.
Gerard shrugged. “Not sure, it was fun though. Everyone was really nice.”
Kerry laughed some more and looked him in the eyes, “you have some… odd stories to tell.”
“Not really, but when you talk to people, you always only tell the good stories, so it makes you sound a hellova lot more interesting.” Gerard reasoned, laughing with her.
“I suppose.” Kerry said, shaking her head.
They both jumped as there was a sudden knock at the door.
They exchanged a confused look and then Gerard rose from the bed. He walked slowly over to the door and opened it.
“Hello. Mr Way is it?” A policeman asked, he was taller than Gerard, though he looked like he was similar age. He gave him a small smile and removed his hat.
“Umm… yeah…” Gerard said, wondering why he was here.
“I am sorry to bother you, Mr Way -” The man began.
“Please, call me Gerard.” Gerard said.
“Gerard. I am Detective Bryar, or Bob if you prefer. I am here to talk to you about any crimes you may have witnessed in the hotel. This is just a routine check up.” Bob said, covering up, as instructed, the fact that they had cause to be there.
“Oh. Okay.” Gerard said, relieved that it was nothing serious. “Come in.”
Gerard held the door open and Bob stepped inside. He noticed Kerry who sat on the edge of the bed and gave her a small smile.
“You must be Miss Sturgis.” Bob said to her.
“No.” Gerard said, quickly, “she had to… leave. This is my friend Kerry Gilmore.”
“Oh, sorry.” Bob apologised.
“Not to worry, I am a guest here, also. Room 137” Kerry explained.
“Well that saves me one more trip.” Bob said, smiling. “I just need to ask you two if you have noticed any strange behaviour or have had anything go missing from your rooms?”
“Not that I know of, though I haven’t checked.” Gerard said, looking round the room, seeing if there was anything that he realised was missing.
“I did lose a necklace, but I’m pretty sure it will turn up, I haven’t checked properly.” Kerry answered, also trying to rack her brains.
“Well if you do notice anything missing please call the reception.” Bob said, noting down the information.
“Sure. No problem.” They said together, then they glanced at each other, exchanging grins.
Bob raised an eyebrow and looked smug about something.
“I am sorry to bother you.” Bob said, tucking the notebook away and placing the hat back onto his head. “Thank you for your co operation.”
“No worries.” Gerard said, getting up to open the door for him.
“Thanks.” Bob said, grinning as he stepped outside.
“That was odd. Guy seemed nice though.” Kerry said, once Bob had left.
Gerard raised an eyebrow, “pretty laid back, yeah.”
Kerry shook her head at him.
“Do you believe it was just a routine check?” Gerard asked, taking his previous seat on the bed.
Kerry grinned at the question. Excitement spreading across her face. “Not a chance, sounds like there is a scandal going on in the Hotel Bella Muerte. ”

Ooo scandal. Fun, fun, fun. Gerard has no idea about Mikey and the even bigger scandal. Shame. Oh well. Hope you enjoyed this. Sorry if there are any mistakes again. Please R&R
Thanks xxx GAMATCB
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