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Considerable Amount Of Will Power

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Mikey is still battling with himself when he gets an unsuspected visitor...

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Chapter 14:

Mikey pushed his glasses up his nose as he bent low over the document in his hand. He must have gone over the files a million times but he had nothing else to do and it distracted him from other things. He was straining his eyes to read the tiny words printed on the blinding white sheet of paper. He pushed it aside, angrily, realising that he wasn’t getting anything done. By this point the would have been searching the hotel for anything useful. But the loss of money had distracted him. And much as he hated to admit it, he was afraid of leaving the room in case he bumped into Gerard, that was one encounter he did not want to have.
He ran a hand through his hair. Even though he had promised himself not to think about the G word; no matter how hard he tried his brother seemed to have a brilliant talent for creeping back into his mind and catching him off guard.
He shook his head and pushed back his chair, standing up and walking away from the desk.
He sat on the end of his bed and rested his head in his hands. He let out a long sigh and tried to collect his thoughts. He needed to get his priorities straight, and right now that was the task that he had come here to do. No more panicking about Gerard, and no more fretting over the loss of money, the hotel would no doubt give it back to him so that he wouldn’t sue them. Thinking he was the millionaire that he clearly wasn’t.
He peered through the gaps between his fingers, his eyes lingering on the phone. He felt a sudden longing rise from the pit of his stomach to pick it up and ring Gerard. Explain to his brother everything, tell him what he had done, how he was ashamed, get his brother to help him out. Surely Gerard would help him? Though, what if he didn’t? if his brother turned his back on him, Mikey would be at a loss of what to do. Perhaps it was better that Gerard was left blissfully ignorant. It wouldn’t be fair to drag him into this mess anyway. Yet still, against reason, somewhere within him battled for Mikey to pick up that phone, dial Gerard and confess. He was definitely going to need a considerable amount of will power to crush it.
A sudden knock at the door ripped Mikey away from his own brain, and he was thankful for that. Shaking his head at his absurd thoughts, he got up and walked calmly over to the door. Whoever it was had torn him away from his maddening thoughts, and for that he was eternally grateful to them.
He pulled the door open to welcome the stranger.
His heart froze.
Standing in front of him was a man in a uniform that struck fear into Mikey; a police uniform. Had they found him out? Was he going to prison? Was this it? How had this happened.
No. He told himself, do not jump to conclusions. Stay calm. Play it cool, they never have to know. Pretend they have the wrong guy.
“Hello, officer. How may I help you?” Mikey asked coolly, making his eyes less wide and leaning casually against the door as he spoke.
“Mr Hunter, is it?” The man asked. Mikey appeared to have fooled him with his nonchalance, though he couldn’t be sure.
“Yes.” Mikey said, taking a second longer to react than he should have done and cursing himself for it.
“I am Detective Bob Bryar, and I am here to talk to you about the money that you reported as missing from your hotel room, yesterday.” The policeman explained.
Mikey immediately relaxed, not on the outside as he was already pulling that off pretty well. But inside his stomach unknotted and he had to suppress a sigh of relief escaping his lips.
“Yes, please come in.” Mikey said, shrugging back from the door and allowing Bob to enter his suite.
“Thank you.” Bob said, with a nod of his head, “can you tell me the exact details about when the money went missing?”
“Sure. Well I arrived in the hotel the day before last and I placed the money in the draw by the bedside table. I didn’t think much of it at the time, though now I look back I know I should have put it somewhere more secure. That was the last time I saw it. I went out to lunch that day and went back up to my room, but I had…” Mikey paused as he remembered what had happened when he had seen Gerard, the knot in his stomach returned, “other things on my mind. So I didn’t check it until the next day. I fell asleep quite early so anyone could have come in then or when I was out.” Mikey finished.
“Okay…” Bob said, writing down the last few notes of Mikey’s story on his pad, “exactly how much money was in the draw?”
“£1000 pounds,” Mikey replied, then remembering that he was playing a rich man who usually wouldn’t be too bothered about such an amount added, “though it is more the principle of the thing than the money itself. I don’t like the fact that someone can enter my room whenever they want.”
Mikey felt like a really posh asshole, but that was the role he had chosen to play, so he was just going to have to deal with that.
Bob just nodded, “is there anything else you can think to add, anyone who was around your room at the time?”
“Come to think of it,” Mikey said, suddenly remembering, “there were a couple members of staff tidying up here when I left.”
“Really?” Bob said, scribbling down some notes, “do you remember names or what they looked like?”
Mikey instantly felt a pang of guilt, “no.” He said solemnly. He couldn’t remember a thing about these people, he felt bad for them. He felt angry with himself; had he really become so absorbed in this that he had become one of these people who ignored everyone else and were only concerned with themselves? He shuddered at the thought.
“Well please contact us if you do remember anything at all.” Bob said, standing up.
Mikey quickly followed suit and walked him to the door, showing him out.
“Thank you for helping our investigation, call the reception or police if you have any more information that may help.” Bob said, delivering what appeared to be, a well practiced line.
“Of course.” Mikey replied as Bob stepped out. “Bye.”
“Goodbye.” Bob replied and then he walked away.
Mikey closed the door and walked back over to the bed.
This was really getting out of hand, he shouldn’t have drawn attention to himself. He certainly shouldn’t have picked such an intriguing character to play. He had wanted to play the role of a high and mighty millionaire, wanted to feel like he was something.. But all he felt like now was like a cheap fool. He had gone into this whole business with a blindfold on, and now he had taken it off he had no idea how to go back to the beginning and start again. He was well and truly lost. Worse still, the only person who he had a shred of hope for helping him, was the precise person he never wanted to tell.
Mikey Way, look what you have gotten yourself into.

I apologise for the short chapter but I have limited time and there wasn't much more to say on the subject, other than ramblings that would bore you to tears so I refrained. I hope you will forgive me and have enjoyed it.
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