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Time To Change Your Perspective

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Hello, I am so sorry that I haven’t written anything in ages! But it was for good reasons, I have been busy and have had a lot on my mind, I also had a Duke of Edinburgh walk this weekend. I don’t know if you are familiar with it, basically you walk on Dartmoor for 3 days and have to camp overnight. It snowed on the last day, was bloody freezing but so cool! So I hope you can forgive me! I have the holidays now so no excuses for not having enough time! Though I wouldn’t mind a little relaxation. Alright, enough about me, I know who you really want to read about…

Chapter 15:

“You have to be joking!” Frank said, laughing at Alex, who was looking at him incredulously.
“No I’m not!” Alex said, frowning at him as he was still chuckling to himself, “why is that so hard to believe!”
“Because. You just have to be lying!” Frank claimed, looking her in the eyes and suppressing another giggle.
“Why would I lie? What would be the point?” Alex said, an edge of annoyance in her voice.
Frank just grinned, “I don’t know… but still.”
“Well I can say, hand on my heart,” Alex placed her hand over her heart and returned Frank’s gaze, “that I have not.”
Frank raised an eyebrow, “okay I believe you.” His stomach made a little jerk, though he was confused as to why, he looked back up at her and returned to his previous grin. “Just.”
“What about you then? I can hardly believe you haven’t!” Alex said, glad to swivel the attention away from herself.
“Alright, I give.” Frank said, still smiling, “but just the one.”
“Really?” Alex said, raising her eyebrows.
“Well it is better than you!” Frank said on the defensive.
“I’m not judging!” Alex said, raising her palms mockingly, “cant you accept I am surprised?”
“No.” Frank said, back to grinning.
Alex rolled her eyes, “well I am.”
“So we are both unloved loners.” Frank said, laughing again.
“If you want to put it like that, yeah.” Alex said, smiling at him.
“Oh well, we are young.” Frank claimed.
“If that is an excuse!” Alex said.
“Well, it means we have plenty of time.” Frank said, grinning.
“To do what?” Alex sighed.
“Well, find love, make something of ourselves, stuff.” Frank said, lying back on Ray’s bed and turning his head to give her a half smile.
“Ooo, stuff, sounds great!” Alex said sarcastically.
“You know what I mean! I don’t know, see what is out there.” Frank shrugged.
“I guess, though at the moment, it doesn’t seem like much.” Alex said, copying Frank and lying back on her own bed.
“Well then, maybe you aren’t looking hard enough.” Frank suggested.
“Perhaps.” Alex said, “or maybe there is nothing to see.”
“Why do you have to be so pessimistic?” Frank asked her, a twitch in the corner of his mouth, but he stared straight up at the ceiling.
“I’m not usually… but recent events have changed my perspective a little…” Alex said, drifting off.
There was a pause.
Frank turned to look at Alex, who was looking away. He could see pain on her face, and wished that he could erase it. He felt bad for intruding on her and her brother’s sadness. He had no idea how Ray would react if he knew Frank was here. Frank knew Alex had not told him, which gave him reason to believe he would be upset about it, or Alex suspected he would. Frank had never met Ray, apart from pass him in the corridor, so he couldn’t tell. But for now he was much more interested in Alex. She seemed to be dealing with it a lot worse, that or Ray was just hiding it well. Whichever it was, Alex needed help, and he would do all he could to supply it.
“Time to change it back then!” Frank said defiantly, sitting up and climbing off of the bed.
“What?” Alex started from the sudden change.
“Come on, time to change your perspective and get you out of this groggy hotel room.” Frank said, walking over and standing over her.
“I quite like this hotel room.” Alex pointed out, heart beating faster at the prospect at leaving it, and with him standing over her like that.
“Tough. It’s no good for you.” Frank said.
“I think I can judge what is good for me.” Alex retorted, still staying exactly where she was and sounding a lot more confident than she was.
“Not from where I’m standing.” Frank said. Not letting it drop.
“Well then maybe you need to go find anther place to stand.” Alex said quickly, doing anything to stall this.
“Quit making excuses and lets go!” Frank demanded, a cheeky grin on his face.
“No!” Alex persisted.
“Alright, but I should warn you…” The grin spread wider across his face as he leant down lower. “If you don’t do it voluntarily, I have other ways.”
Alex eyes widened as she looked into his. Hers were wide with fear and his were bright with excitement. She didn’t like where this was going.
“So easy way, or hard way?” Frank asked, a sense of finality in his voice.
“Frank… I don’t…” Alex began.
“Hard way.” Frank stated.
“Frank - Frank! What are you - ”
But before Alex could protest Frank had lifted her easily from the bed and slung her over his shoulder. He laughed as she desperately tried to free herself, and walked toward the door.
“Let me go!” Alex screamed as she tried to release herself.
“But then you won’t come, and you need to.” Frank said, still gleeful at his victory as he reached towards the door handle.
“I will come! Just put me down! I can’t go out of the hotel like this!” Alex cried.
“How can I trust you?” Frank said, retracting his hand slightly from the door.
“You have my word! I promise I will come quietly. Just let - me - go!” Alex pleaded.
“Hmm…” Frank said, purposely stalling. “Alright then.”
Alex let out a sigh of relief as her feet were firmly on the ground.
“Are we going then?” Frank grinned mischievously.
“Do I have a choice?” Alex said, breathlessly.
“Nope.” Frank said.
“Fine!” Alex said, Frank opened the door and in a mock-gentleman style, gestured for her to leave first.
Alex muttered words under her voice, which were mostly profanities, which just made Frank more amused.
“Where are we going?” Alex asked as they went towards the elevator.
“You will see.” Frank replied, smug.
“Won’t you be in trouble for missing work?” Alex tried.
“You weren’t complaining when we were in the room talking.” Frank said, raising an eyebrow, very happy with himself.
“That didn’t involve leaving the room.” Alex said, bitterly.
“Gonna have to leave it sooner or later.” Frank said.
“Later.” Alex muttered as they stepped into the elevator.
Frank just laughed.
“You won’t achieve anything.” Alex assured him.
“We’ll see.” Frank said.
“I will be angry.” Alex warned.
“I can deal with that.” Frank said.
“I-” Alex started.
“Now, Alex, this is hardly what I call ‘coming quietly’” Frank said, suppressing laughter.
“You-” Alex began again, fuming.
“Ah - ah - ah!” Frank said, placing his index finger over her lips.
Alex felt a warn shiver shoot down her at the touch, but pushed it out of her brain in order to sustain her annoyance.
Frank grinned wickedly and leaned across to press the button behind Alex. Then the elevator doors slid shut.
Alex did not break the gaze between their eyes. Even though she desperately wanted to know the floor they would be arriving at. She did not want to cave. Frank retracted his finger, still grinning to himself and not breaking the eye contact either.
The silence was filled with tension, Alex tried to pierce him with anger. But anxiety, panic, slight excitement and another strange feeling she couldn’t put her finger on, distracted her from the initial emotion.
Frank remained with his face smug, though beneath it his own emotions bubbled out of control. Mainly confusion dominated, routing from the things he felt. Though he tried to ignore them; it was proving difficult.

The metal doors slid open, causing them both to unglue their gaze from each other.
Frank looked forward at the familiar scene, his eyes flickering back to Alex’s expression, which was priceless.
Alex stared out at the surroundings. Surprise drawn clearly on her face. The cold wind bit her, though she hardly felt it. She turned to look at Frank, still in shock.
“Why are you looking like that?” He asked her, triumphant. “Never seen a roof before?”
“No. I’m just. I wasn’t expecting it.” Alex said truthfully.
Frank grinned. “Want to take a better look?”
“Sure.” Alex said, feeling in no position to resist.
Frank held out his hand for her to take. She looked at it cautiously, her mind still not working fast enough. Something finally clicked into place as she slid her own hand into his, the shiver returning in a jolt.
Frank lead her over to a small building by the edge of the roof. An old bin stood beside it and it was a dull grey colour.
Alex looked at him curiously, but he didn’t say a word, he just gave her a quick smile, removed his hand, and made his way onto the bin, and on top of the small building. He turned around once he had reached the top and lent her his hand once again.
Alex gave him an analysing look, but followed his actions, taking his hand straight away, feeling sort if empty when he had taken it away.
Soon they were both sitting up on the grey brick and looking out at the dazzling view of New York City. Alex let out a long breath, admiring the sight.
“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Frank said softly, turning his head to look at her.
“Yes.” Alex said, the wind whipping her words away so they were hardly audible.
Frank frowned as she saw him shiver, “are you cold?”
“Just a bit.” Alex said, her teeth already beginning to chatter.
Frank smiled and extended his arm to her. Noticing the signal she huddled close to him, sharing his warmth.
“So, does it change your perspective?” Frank said, after a while.
“Something like that.” Alex answered. All anger had evaporated. But it was something other than the view that had caught her attention.


Frank and Alex walked back through the corridor, towards Alex’s room. Neither had said that much to one another. As they approached the door they noticed two figures standing outside the door. One was quite clearly Ray, he was facing away from them and he looked tense and panicked. Worry and guilt shot through Alex as she realised why he was like that.
The other man was dressed in uniform. A police officer. Had Ray called the police?
“Alex!” Ray had turned his head and caught sight of his sister. He ran towards her and pulled her into a bone breaking hug.
“Ray. What’s with the police man? What’s wrong?” Alex asked, worried as she hugged her brother back.
“He is here on an investigation or something. But I got back and you were gone! I was so worried! You didn’t even leave a note! Where did you go? Don’t ever run off like that!” Ray said very quickly, his voice fighting with relief worry and anger.
“I’m so sorry!” Alex said honestly, “I didn’t think.”
Ray frowned at her, straightening up, he glanced over at Frank who stood awkwardly behind her. “Who is this?”
“Oh, Ray this is Frank. Frank, Ray.” Alex said, feeling her cheeks turning red.
“Hi.” Frank said quietly, all former confidence seemed to have vanished.
Ray did not reply just looked at Frank suspiciously, not sure what to make of him, he looked back at Alex, still not speaking.
“I am sorry to interrupt.” All three of them jumped as the heard the police man’s voice.
“Oh, yes, sorry. Alex, this is Detective Bob Bryar.” Ray said, turning his attention to the man.
“Mr Iero, I presume?” Bob said, directing the question at Frank.
“Umm… yeah.” Frank said, taken aback by the direction of the question.
“All staff need to return to the staff room for questioning later. All will be explained.” He explained.
“Okay… bye Alex.” Frank said, he turned to walk back towards the elevator, but turned to glance at the three of them a couple times.
As he stepped into the elevator, his stomach felt like it was on a rollercoaster ride. For several, very different, reasons.

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