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Until Proven Innocent

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Chapter 16:

Frank and Isobel sat in the middle of the staff room. The other staff members sat around them chatting in nervous and excited voices about the interviews they were about to have.
Neither Frank nor Isobel talked, not to each other or anyone else. Occasionally they would glance up to the other, trying to read their expression.
Time seemed to pass by excruciatingly slowly, as each member of staff was called into the small side room, to receive their interview.
“Frank Iero?” The mans voice echoed around the room from the door that stood ajar. The voice belonged to the older police officer who seemed a lot more intimidating than the other.
Frank swallowed what felt like a rock in his throat and rose to his feet. He shot one last despairing glance at Isobel, then disappeared out of the door and into the room.

Isobel sat there, helpless. Waiting for Frank to walk back into the room, wanting to know how it had been, what they had asked. Anything. She did not feel as frightened as she probably should have. She hated the police, they always seemed so scary, like they were constantly judging you. Like you are always a suspect. Which, until proven innocent, they were.
She strained her eyes to look through the small window that entered into the side room. She couldn’t see anything, they had closed the shutters over the window, so she could have no way of knowing how her friend was coping.
A few of the waitresses from the restaurant were sat around a small table, chatting happily to each other about who the thief could be. Obviously they were all clean of a guilty conscious, or just hiding it very well.
Alice, the hotel receptionist came and sat next to Isobel, where Frank had been sitting previously, she had just come out of the interview room and Frank had just taken her place.
“How was it?” Isobel whispered. Neither of them had talked much in the year they had been colleagues, but Isobel felt the need to ask.
Alice raised her eyebrows at the sudden conversation, “umm… not too bad, just a little probing.” She shrugged.
“What has been going on exactly?” Isobel knew that if anyone would know, it would be Alice, not only was she the receptionist, who took care of all the phone calls and complaints and had a great connection to the hotel manager, but she was notorious for her gossip, which had gotten the hotel into a bit of trouble before now.
Alice’s face lit up at the question, “well, all I know is that several guests have been complaining that money and other items have been taken from their rooms. Including that gorgeous Mr Hunter, can you believe how young he is!” Isobel had to restrain from rolling her eyes, this was so typical of Alice, “Anyway, Louise decided to phone the police, if Mr Hunter gets really angry about it, he could sue us in no time flat!” She said this like it was a quality to admire, “So here we are. They came this morning and have been interviewing guests all day.”
“Really?” Isobel asked, thinking she should have some sort of input as she absorbed the information.
“Yes. Which reminds me…” Alice said, looking curiously at Isobel, she could see the possible information for more gossip bubbling on Alice’s lips.
“What?” Isobel said, waiting for Alice’s silent to end.
“You know that Fred boy you hang around with?” Alice began.
“Frank.” Isobel said, annoyed, a whole year, what is it with these people? Alice could easily tell you every guest in each room, but work with someone for a year who isn’t rich and famous, and she just isn’t bothered. Isobel doubted she even remembered her name.
“Yes, him, whatever.” Alice said, she had the nerve to sound annoyed that Isobel had interrupted her quizzing, “I heard he was with one of the guests when he was told to come down here. Do you know anything about it?”
Isobel’s brow furrowed. Which guest? Frank hadn’t said anything, then again he probably had other things on his mind. They usually shared everything with each other. Maybe it was those Gerard and Cassie people, he seemed to get on well with them. Otherwise, she couldn’t think who he would have voluntarily spent time with in this place. The two of them generally stuck together and stayed out of everyone else’s way.
Isobel looked up from her thoughts to see Alice practically bouncing in her seat; hungry for the gossip she seemed certain Isobel would supply, “Err… which guest?”
“Alex Toro.” Alice said quickly.
“Doesn’t ring a bell.” Isobel said, thoughtfully. Then she remembered the weird phone call that morning. That girl who had phoned up room service and asked for Frank. Was this the same one? Who was she? Why had Frank not mentioned her, it was very strange behaviour for him. Though she remembered him telling her that he would explain later, perhaps he was planning on it, but got distracted by this whole situation.
“Damn.” Alice said, her face had fallen from Isobel’s incompetence for gossip worth.
Isobel shook her head and turned away from the small blonde girl, who had decided now was a good time to touch up her nails. Unless there was a good bit of gossip or scandal behind something, Alice wouldn’t take any notice of it.

The silence remained a little while longer until Frank re-emerged from the room. Isobel looked straight up at him as soon as he did as she had been staring at the door ever since the conversation with Alice had ceased.
Alice herself rolled her eyes, getting up to search for another seat as Frank made his way towards them.
Frank looked very pale and nervous as he sat down next to Isobel. She gave him a concerned look and was just about to open her mouth to offer words of comfort when…
“Isobel Holder?” The man’s voice barked again.
This made Isobel jump, she gave Frank one more worried look and then followed the police man out of the door.

The interview room was not like the things you see in the movies. Dark with one blinding light set on the table. The light above was on and it lit up the two uniformed men that sat opposite Isobel. Her heart rate remained normal and she managed to control her facial features.
“Can you state your name please?” The older man asked.
“Isobel Holder.” Isobel replied, glancing at the microphone and tape recorder that sat on the small table.
They went through the normal details like DOB and that sort of thing. Isobel answered each one as simply and clearly as she could, wondering when they would get to the point.
“You are one of the cleaners in the hotel, yes?” The older one said, he was doing most of the talking, though the younger man stayed staring at Isobel, it was quite distracting really. He did have quite mesmerising blue eyes… Isobel snapped out of it. Now was not the time to gave into people’s eyes.
“Cleaning and Room Service, yeah.” Isobel answered.
“Which rooms do you clean?” He asked.
“Well, all of them, we don’t each have set rooms, we just do a sweep round three times a day. Morning, afternoon, evening. That occupies most of our day. There are quite a few of us so which and how many rooms we clean depends on who gets there first and how messy the room is.” Isobel explained as best she could.
“Do you get paid much?” He asked. Well that was a bit sneaky. Isobel tried to stay calm, even without the blinding light this was still nerve-wracking.
“Not loads, but enough.” Isobel said, choosing her words.
“Ever felt the need to take some extra money?” The man asked.
“No.” Isobel said.
“Do you know anyone who would feel differently?” The man pressed.
“No.” Isobel repeated. Not trusting herself to say anything else.
“Do you believe someone in the hotel staff may consider to steal money?”
“Not that I know of.” Isobel replied. She was not enjoying the questioning.
“Have you come across any guests that may be suspicious?”
“None that I can think of, though we don’t interact with the guests much.” Isobel said, her mind instantly flickering to Frank’s ‘friend’. she was glad that the questions were no longer directed at her or the staff, however.
“Have you found anything in the rooms that you though was suspicious?”
“Nothing out of the ordinary.” Isobel replied, though ordinary in this place was hard to find.
The police man sat back in the chair.
“Okay, Miss Holder, you are free to go.” He said, turning his head to his colleague, who was still watching Isobel.
Though when Isobel looked at him again, his eyes quickly flickered to the man beside him.
Isobel stood up, relieved to finally get out of this place. She stood up and nodded to both of the police men. Though the younger one kept his face down, perhaps embarrassed that she had noticed his stares. She was half flattered by this, but knew her main priority was to get out of this hell hole. She walked towards the door, hand shaking slightly as she placed it on the handle.
Just as she closed the door behind her she glanced in through the door window, and just caught the young police man giving her one last look.
Isobel quickly turned away and couldn’t hold back a small smile.


Frank and Isobel hadn’t said much to each other since the interviews, other than a few quick questions on how it had gone.
It was the end of the day, and time for them to escape the hotel, finally. They were both just packing away the last of their stuff and getting ready to head back to the apartment. Frank had been suspiciously quiet and Isobel had got tired of him refusing to bring up the subject.
“So, Alex Toro, huh?” She said.
Franks head snapped up, causing him to hit the back of it against the roof of his locker. He straightened up, rubbing the t where it had made contact and faced Isobel. Who was now laughing.
“Fuck, that hurt!” Frank cried.
“Who is she?” Isobel said, not letting him get out of it.
“Who is who?” Frank said, still distracted by his injury.
“Don’t play dumb with me.” Isobel retorted.
“Who’s playing?” Frank said, turning away again.
“Come on, you said you would tell me.” Isobel reminded him.
“I said I would tell you about the phone call, when did I ever mention someone named Alex Toro?” Frank said, being deliberately unhelpful.
“Alice told me that you were seen with her, I put two and two together.” Isobel explained.
“How very clever of you.” Frank said, revealing nothing.
“Yes, I thought so.” Isobel said, folding her arms, “now spill.”
Frank looked back at her and sighed. “Do I have to?”
“Yes.” Isobel said flatly.
“Alright. I met her yesterday, while cleaning the rooms. I didn’t expect her to be in and we got to talking and I dunno… it was nice. Then she called this morning and -” Frank explained.
“And you rushed to go meet her.” Isobel smirked.
“I didn’t rush!” Frank said.
“Of course, so where did you go then?” Isobel asked.
“Rooftop.” Frank said quietly, looking down.
“Oh, she must be special.” Isobel said playfully.
“I wanted to cheer her up,” Frank said, ignoring her mocking tone, “her parents just died.”
“Oh.” Isobel said, and stopped smiling, “poor girl.”
“Yeah, so am I off the hook?” Frank asked.
“Nope.” Isobel said, “you like her.”
“I do not!” Frank replied, a little too quickly.
“Ah ha! You so do!” Isobel smirked. “Frankie’s in love!”
“Shut up! I am not!” Frank retorted, going back to his locker, to hide his now red face.
“Don’t kid yourself! So, what’s she like?” Isobel said, beaming.
“None of your business.” Frank muttered.
“Never stopped me before.” Isobel said.
Frank sighed, standing up and slinging his bag over his shoulder. “Can’t we just go home?”
“Okay, I will pester you there instead.” Isobel said, getting her own bag.
Frank rolled his eyes as he held the door open for her, she passed by happily.
Frank let out a sigh, she would never let him live it down.

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