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Happy Birthday Gerard!

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April 9th :D

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Chapter 17:

There was a light tapping sound circling around Gerard’s head. As he moved into consciousness the noise grew louder.
Gerard shut his eyes tight, this sound was becoming increasingly irritating. The more he ignored it however, the louder and faster the noise became.
Gerard groaned and rolled over, turning his back on the noise, hoping it would go away if he ignored it. No such luck.
“Gerard?” A voice called.
That was odd. The voice sounded familiar. There was a short pause, then the knocking restarted.
“Go away!” Gerard said into his pillow, which he had now buried his face into.
The noise continued.
Gerard decided that there was no point ignoring it. He reluctantly opened his eyes. Well he felt better today than he had the night before, probably due to the lack of alcohol. He scrunched up his face and tried to focus his gaze on finding the direction of the noise. Sitting up, he managed to figure out that the source was the door on the far side of the room.
“Gerard? Jesus! Wake up!” The voice called out again, knocking remaining.
Now that he had struggled past the drowsiness, Gerard recognised the voice as Kerry. Why the hell as she here? What time was it? Gerard glanced at the clock. 8:00. She had to be joking! What could she want to make her wake him up this early?
Sighing, he forced himself to stand and dragged himself across the room to the thudding door. She was very persistent, it seemed.
Yawning, he wrenched the door open. “May I help you?”
“There you are!” Kerry said, shaking her head as she looked him up and down. He was dressed in shorts and a vest top and his hair was sticking out all over the place.
“Why are you up so early? And why are you choosing to make me be up early too?” Gerard mumbled, leaning his head against the door frame, working hard to keep his eyes open.
“I’m always up early, and you are up with me because we are going out.” Kerry replied matter-of-factly.
“We are?” Gerard asked, surprised.
“Yes.” Kerry replied.
“I’m a girl and it’s a Saturday. Where do you think?” Kerry asked in reply.
“Oh god.” Gerard said, comprehension dawning. “Shopping?”
“Afraid so,” Kerry said, beaming at his pained face.
“Why?” Gerard asked.
“Because, I am bored, and you owe me.” Kerry said happily.
“Fair enough.” Gerard said, shrugging. He did owe her.
“You might want to get changed first though.” Kerry reminded him.
Gerard looked down, “oh yeah. Come in, I will be with you in a sec.”
Gerard pushed the door open and Kerry ducked inside. He made his way over to the wardrobe, pulling out some clothes and headed into the bathroom.
“So, is there anything you need to get?” Gerard called from the bathroom.
“Not really, just wanted to get out.” Kerry replied.
“Cool. Can we get a coffee first?” Gerard asked, pushing the door open, now fully dressed.
“Sure, need one myself.” Kerry said, standing up and heading over towards the door.
“Great.” Gerard said, swinging his jacket round onto his shoulders and following her out the door.


Gerard felt a lot better now that he had got some coffee in his system. He and Kerry sat in Starbucks, slowly waking up.
“How come you were up so early then?” Gerard asked, making conversation.
“I don’t sleep too well.” Kerry said simply.
“How come?” Gerard asked, concerned.
Kerry shrugged, “just don’t. Nothing to worry about.”
“Alright.” Gerard said, sensing she did not want to press the matter.
“Do you want to take these?” Kerry said, gesturing at the plastic cups. “I feel like getting out of here, exploring the city.”
“Yeah sure.” Gerard said. They both stood up and exited the shop.
It was quite a cold morning, so they were both wearing a few layers. The streets weren’t as busy as usual because they were up too early for most people.
“Why do you want to explore the city? I thought you said you have been here a few times for interviews?” Gerard asked as they walked down the street.
“Yeah, but I don’t always get a chance to look around properly.” Kerry explained.
“How come you can this time?” Gerard asked.
“I came a few days earlier than I needed to, because the hotel was booked otherwise.” Kerry said.
“Cool, don’t you want to go to the Statue of Liberty, Empire State building, and all that?” Gerard asked.
“Nah. I’m not into the whole touristy thing.” Kerry shrugged,
“Alright, where do you want to go then?” Gerard asked, as they headed into a main shopping street.
“There.” Kerry said, pointing towards a clothes shop.
Gerard let out a small groan, but Kerry just smiled at him. She took his hand and lead him across the road and into the shop.


A few hours later and Kerry and Gerard were sitting on the grass in the middle of central park, shopping bags around them. The day had gotten warmer and a lot more busy. It was hardly a peaceful place to sit, will cars and people yelling, but it was still nice.
“What now?” Gerard asked, lying back on the grass.
“Stay here?” Kerry said, lying back herself.
“Sure.” Gerard said, watching the clouds pass in the sky above them.
“Oh hold on, I have to go get a newspaper.” Kerry said, sitting up.
“Why?” Gerard asked, not wanting to get up.
“To read the fucking news, duh.” Kerry laughed. “You can stay here, there is a stall just up there.”
“’Kay” Gerard said. Closing his eyes.
He felt as she got up beside him, he sort of missed her absence. Perhaps he was just getting used to her being around. He felt safer with her there, and a lot less likely to reach for a bottle. Though the pain that Cassie had left him in still remained. He couldn’t ignore it, even now, when he was out, having fun, and knew she was not coming back, and that she probably wasn’t working. The heart wants what the heart wants. Even if his heart was being very illogical. He sighed and looked back up at the sky. Lost in his thoughts, he hardly noticed Kerry until she lay back down next to him.
“Hi.” She said, unfolding the newspaper from beneath her arm.
“Hey.” Gerard said, “anything good?”
“It is the news, when do they ever report anything good?” Kerry asked.
“True, why do you read it then?” Gerard said.
“Find out what is going on in the world?” Kerry said sarcastically.
“Good point.” Gerard agreed.
Then Gerard glanced up at the front page of the newspaper. His eyes widened and he sat up.
“What?” Kerry asked, looking confused.
Gerard turned to her, eyebrows raised, “it’s April 9th, yes?”
“Yes…” Kerry said, still puzzled.
“It’s my birthday,” Gerard said, surprised. Then he laughed. “I forgot my own fucking birthday!”

Teehee, good old Gee. Happy birthday to him, wherever he is. He is such an inspiration to so many people, and I think he and the band have achieved their mission to save lives. They have helped so many and produced awesome music, I know I wouldn't bother to write this if it weren't for them and how much they have influenced me. And I am sure it is the same for many of you readers, and countless others. Anyway, I Hope he is having a great day, he deserves it :) I also hope you liked this chapter, please rate and review it, or just leave Gee a little birthday message, whatever, I am planning on printing out this story and sending it to them one day.
Thanks xxx HBGW!
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