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Finally Getting Under Way

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Mikey's being bad

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Chapter 18:

Mikey walked confidentially down the corridor. He had a plan, this thing was finally getting under way. No more distractions, and time to tell his heart and brain to shut up and leave him to his job. This new sense of priority made him relax. He knew he could do this. He had done it before and no amount of unexpected relatives, thieves and police showing up could deter him from his mission.
He walked calmly over to the front desk, where the young blonde woman remained from the last time he had been there.
At seeing him, she immediately snapped to attention, her hands shooting up to tuck her hair behind her ear and release a broad smile in his direction. Mikey returned it, a little taken a back at first, but trying to play it cool. He leaned casually against the desk.
“Hello, how may I help you today, sir?” The receptionist asked enthusiastically.
“Please, call me Kieran.” Mikey said, glad he remembered to use his fake name. He quickly glanced at her name badge, “Alice.”
He beam grew, if possible, even wider, “okay, Kieran. How may I help you?”
“I was just up in my room. Mulling over recent events. With the robbery and everything.” Alice nodded her head, clinging to each word. “Well, I thought, if anyone would know, you should, you seem to be very centred in this hotel and the perfect person to go to for help.”
“Yes, of course. Anything.” Alice said, absorbing the gentle flattery.
Mikey’s face fell for an instant, he did not like how easily this girl was being manipulated. Focus, he told himself. “That’s great.” He shot her another smile, “I was just wondering, if there was a more secure place to keep my money?”
“Oh, well…” Alice seemed to be battling with something.
“Yes?” Mikey asked, leaning forward and gazing at her brightly.
She flushed slightly in her cheeks, “there is a place, but I’m not sure if I am allowed to say.”
“Oh.” Mikey pretended to make his face fall and look guilty, “I wouldn’t like to put your job in jeopardy, sorry.”
He turned, hunching his shoulders slightly.
“Wait!” Alice called, before he could take a second step away from her. Mikey smiled and turned, putting a confused expression on his face.
“Yes?” He asked innocently.
“I’m sure… I mean if you are really worried… and if people found out I could say… well I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.” Alice stammered, saying it all very quickly.
“Are you sure?” Mikey asked, voice filled with concern.
“Absolutely.” Alice said, though she didn’t sound it.
Mikey smiled. “Thank you so much!”
“Here, I will take you, I will get Robbie to fill in for me.” Alice said, picking up the phone at the desk.
Mikey waited patiently for Alice to get a person to come up and take her place. Eventually she hung up the phone.
“Okay, all sorted, he will be up and minute, please, follow me.” She weaved her way out from behind the curved desk, and round the front to join him.
He followed her, she kept very close to his side. It made Mikey a bit uncomfortable, he felt bad for leading her on, but he just kept telling himself it was necessary and reminded himself why.
Alice lead him down a flight of stairs to what he could only assume was the hotel basement. It was darker down here, not nearly as glamorous as the rooms above.
“I know what you’re thinking. Bit dingy, isn’t it?” Alice said, a small laugh escaping her lips.
“Just a bit.” Mikey replied.
“Well, guests aren’t meant to come down here. Only the staff get the pleasure.” Alice said sarcastically, “costs so much money to keep the upstairs rooms functioning, they won’t fork out for us, they only do it up when the inspectors come over. Must keep our 5 star rating.” Alice rolled her eyes.
“That’s terrible.” Mikey said, frowning. Some people.
“Yeah, pays good though, unless you’re a cleaner and Room Service, then its pretty stingy. I’m okay though, so I don’t mind.” Alice said.
Mikey tried hard not to scoff. Charming. Maybe he didn’t feel so bad about this all after all, “Good for you.” Mikey said, giving her a false smile.
“Thanks.” Alice beamed.
She led him down the corridor, and eventually stopped at a door, where a guard was standing.
“Heya Alice!” The man beamed, looking Alice up and down. Alice was clearly thrilled about this.
“Hello Daniel.” Alice said in a sickly sweet voice.
“What’s he doing here? He’s a guest in he?” Daniel said in a heavy accent.
Alice gave Daniel a pathetic pout, Mikey couldn’t believe this guy would fall for it, “Please Danny, don’t tell anyone, he needs my help, I promised. You wont tell on me, will you.”
It wasn’t a question, Mikey noticed, Alice knew that this guy would fall for it. He would have felt angry at her, but after all. Wasn’t he doing the same thing?
Daniel sighed. “Oh okay then, but this is the last time, Alice.” He didn’t sound mad, and he smiled at her.
Daniel bent down and unlocked the door, which had a code. Mikey quickly memorised it, even though Daniel typed it fast. Then he pressed his finger onto a pad, which scanned it.
“High security.” Mikey whispered into Alice’s ear.
“High risk.” Alice shrugged.
Mikey understood, there must be a lot of money stashed here.
The door swung open and Daniel stopped them, reaching round and turning off something on the other side of the wall.
Mikey raised an eyebrow.
“Sensors, don’t want you flipping the switch.” Daniel explained.
Mikey frowned, he hadn’t managed to see the code, he could only hope it was the same. His attention was brought to the safe at the back of the room, built into the wall.
Alice lead Mikey over to it and turned another code into the lock, which Mikey also noted into his mind. The heavy metal door swung open and Alice turned to smile at him.
“Go ahead.” She said happily.
Mikey emptied some fake banknotes and dud credit cards into the vault. He wasn’t stupid enough to stash his actual money in here, it seemed like Alice may have done this too often, plus there was the rest of the hotel staff. And he knew there was a thief somewhere in the hotel, he didn’t just misplace that money, which unfortunately wasn’t fake.
“Thanks so much,” he said to Alice as they left and Daniel shut the door behind them.
“No problem.” Alice beamed.
“Hey Alice, I was wondering if you would want to go for dinner later?” Daniel asked, going red.
Alice didn’t even take her eyes off of Mikey to look at him. “Umm, I’m busy working tonight, maybe next time.”
Mikey raised his eyebrows, and headed back down the corridor. This thing would be a piece of cake.

Bad Mikey. I kind of love Alice in a weird sort of way, it's fun inventing bitches, they are fun to write about, and sometimes you need a good bitch in a story lol. Her and Cassie would have made great mates. Oh well. Enough about that, tell me what you think, I always need feedback to know where I am going wrong or right, or I may carry on doing something that annoys you, or stop doing something you liked. So please tell me.
Thanks xxx MWITFS
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