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Looks Like You're Not Alone

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Frank's pestered and Isobel gets a surprise

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Chapter 19:

“Come on! Why won’t you tell me?” Isobel insisted.
“Because!” Frank exclaimed, getting increasingly frustrated.
“That isn’t an answer!” Isobel insisted.
“It’s my answer!” Frank said, slamming the door to his run-down car. They had arrived in the hotel parking lot and Isobel was quizzing Frank to no end about Alex, she had been doing so all last night and all this morning, and Frank could only expect she would keep it up all the way through the day as well.
“Please!” Isobel whined.
“Why do you care?” Frank groaned.
“Because you are my friend, and this will bring us closer together.” Isobel said in a sing song voice, grinning merrily at the annoyance on Frank’s face.
“Bullshit. You’re just nosy.” Frank accused her.
“That too.” Isobel said, “so….?”
Frank sighed, “I don’t know!”
“Honestly! How can you not know? I’ve been asking you all night and all morning and you still don’t know?” Isobel asked, exasperated.
“No! Leave me alone.” Frank said, walking faster to try and escape her.
She jogged into step with him easily, “I think you just don’t want to tell me.”
“Really? What on earth would give you that impression?” Frank said, voice dripping with sarcasm.
“Pretty please?”
“Pretty please with a coffee thrown in?”
“Not even close.”
“You’re impossible!” Isobel said, turning round so that she stood right in front of him, blocking the back entrance.
“And you’re irritating. I deal with mine, you deal with yours.” Frank said, pushing past her and opening the door.
“You like her.” Isobel said confidently.
“How do you know?” Frank snapped, not looking at her.
“It’s obvious.” Isobel said.
Frank just scowled and entered the staff room.
“Whoa, Frank, what’s up?” A tall man with short blonde hair asked, stepping back as Frank pushed past, on a path dead on to his locker.
“Don’t mind him. He’s lovesick.” Isobel smirked.
Frank threw his bag down and glared at her, but his face had gone red and was too funny for her to fear.
“Aww. That is so sweet. Whose the… lucky girl?” The blonde man teased. Frank threw his keys at him, but he ducked.
Isobel went to retrieve them, “wow, do you have a temper on you this morning?” she handed him his keys pleasantly.
“Piss off.” Frank whispered.
“Ah, and the manners of an angel.” Isobel laughed.
“So, Izz, who is it?” The blonde man asked Isobel, as Frank clearly wasn’t going to answer.
“Her name is Alex and she’s a guest.” Isobel said, grinning.
“Oh, tut tut Frank. You know that’s against the rules.” He said, waving a finger at him and laughing.
“Shut up, Mark.” Frank warned, still not looking at either of them, but pulling a fresh uniform out of his locker.
“Don’t worry, I wont tell.” He said, sitting on the couch and putting his feet up on the coffee table.
“There is nothing to tell.” Frank answered, through gritted teeth.
“Lies.” Isobel stated, switching the kettle on.
“Will you two leave me alone?” Frank asked.
“Fucking brilliant.” Frank scowled, pulling off his shirt.
“You should use that move on Alex.” Isobel said, then burst into laughter. Mark joined her.
“Fuck you!” Frank said, pulling on the uniform shirt.
“Really, Frank, you should consider anger management.” Mark suggested.
“Fuck you and all.” Frank retorted.
“Thus proving my point.” Mark smirked. Isobel leaned over and gave him a high five.
“I hate you.” Frank said to both of them.
“And we love you, Frankie.” Isobel said.
Frank scowled again and slumped down into the couch, next to Mark.
“Can you drop it? Please?” Frank pleaded.
“Of course.” Isobel said.
“Really?” Frank asked, surprised.
“Definitely. Once you tell us.” Mark said, Isobel grinned and nodded.
“She is very nice okay. Can we leave it at that?” Frank said, saying as little as possible.
“You’re blushing! Bless.” Isobel said.
“Am not!” Frank insisted.
“You are!” Mark agreed.
Frank put his head in his hands and let out a long groan. Why did he say anything? He knew this would happen.
“Okay, we will let it go. For now.” Isobel said, “but later, I want answers.”
“Fine. Whatever.” Frank agreed, just relieved to have a bit of piece and quiet inside his head. Accept his head seemed to be full with one thing: Alex. Bugger.

Just then there was a knock at the door. The three of them exchanged puzzled looks.
“No one ever knocks.” Mark said.
“And we are the only ones this early.” Frank said.
“Well, not really, we’re usually late.” Isobel reminded him.
“Well you’re constant questioning kept me awake.” Frank snapped.
“I’m always early, and no one else is here for at least another 20 minutes.” Mark said, curiously, “not even Louise.”
They all stared at the door. Where the person behind it knocked again.
“Well, if you’re gonna just sit there!” Isobel said, frowning and Frank and Mark who sat on the couch like lemons. She got up and headed towards the door.
She paused just before, then opened it.
“H-Hello.” The door revealed the young police officer who had interviewed them all yesterday. He greeted her with a stutter, and his cheeks were slightly red.
“Oh,” Isobel said, eyebrows raised, “how may we help you?”
“Umm… I kind of wanted, to err… talk to you.” He stammered. Strange.
“Me?” Isobel asked. Taken by surprise. She glanced back at the two guys on the couch.
Mark was gesturing that she should go talk to him, whereas Frank was smirking, he was going to get her back with this later. Fuck.
Isobel turned her attention back to the man, “sure. Bob wasn’t it?”
“Yeah.” Bob answered. He stepped back and allowed her to walk out of the door.
Isobel closed the door behind her and then turned to look at him.
“I was just wondering… and I don’t want you to think I do this a lot. Because I don’t. And I’m not sure I should. You being part of the investigation and everything… but I just wanted to know. If you want to… and if you don’t that is totally cool, and…” Bob tried, he looked like he was really struggling with this.
Isobel’s heartbeat has picked up the pace. What was that about? Was this guy doing what she thought he was doing? Why? They had only met once. Maybe she was misinterpreting it.
Bob was looking down at the floor, “I’m sorry. This was silly of me, I’m sure you don’t want to. I’m not making any sense. I just thought… I don’t know what I thought. I’m being stupid.” He turned and started walking away, clearly embarrassed.
“Bob?” Isobel called after him.
He turned slowly, still not looking her directly in the eyes, “yes?”
Isobel tried to hide her smile, “do you want to go out sometime.”
A broad grin spread across his face, and his blue eyes grew bright, “really?”
“Yes, definitely.” Isobel said, matching his smile.
“Yeah. That would be great. Wow. Umm… I will come round when you finish work.” Bob said, he seemed to be a lot more confident.
“Sounds great, see you then.” Isobel said.
“Bye.” Bob said, then he turned and continued walking down the corridor, with a little bounce in his step.

Isobel shut the door gently behind herself when she entered and let out a little sigh.
“You look like you’ve just been drugged!” Frank laughed.
“Mmhmm…” Isobel said, not taking in a word he had said.
“Looks like you’re not alone Frankie.” Mark whispered, nudging him in the side and earning a punch on the shoulder in return.
Isobel ignored them both, she didn’t care in the slightest. She had a good feeling in her stomach and she definitely didn’t want that to leave.
“Isobel, will you snap out of it?” Frank asked.
Isobel ignored him again, and sat down opposite them.
“Isobel?” Frank asked.
“Izz?” Mark waved his hand in front of her face.
“Jesus Christ! And you say I’m bad!” Frank said.

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