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To My Chemical Romance

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Frank's POV

"Hello Chicago!" Bob sung as he stepped off the bus and into his hometown. "Oh how I missed you!"

"Bob. Stop being such a drama queen. Papparzzi is everywhere." Mikey said quietly.

"Awww. Your embarrassed of me?" Bob pouted.

"Yes." He huffed.

"Your no fun. Go buy some fun." Bob said, acting like a child.

Mikey rolled his eyes and continued walking into the venue with his hands stuffed in his pockets.

After our sound check, we left to go and find our hotel, not far from Bob's old appartment.
He was so familiar with the city, he could walk through every street with his eyes closed. He really loved this city. And who wouldn't. There's a starbucks on every corner.

We arrived at our hotel, not long after. It wasn't 5 star. Which is how we liked it. It felt so out of place when your given special treatment. I mean, we're from Jersey. We're used to being treated like shit. We actually liked it.

The repceptionist was a young guy. About 17-18. He had long, well chin leangth black hair with an emo bang, covering his left eye. He had the right side of his bottom lip peirced and his ears done 3 times. He also had an eyebrow ring on the same side as mine.

"Oh my god." I heard him say under his breath.
Gerard walked up, me closley behind him followed by Ray, Bob and Mikey.

"Ah. G-good afternoon sir. C-can I help you?" the boy, who's name tag read Corey asked.

"Um, yeah, hi. We have a few rooms under... Who's it under?" he asked.

"Mee!" Bob said in a high pitched voice.


"Bryar?" the boy cut in.

"That's us." Gee smiled.

Corey pressed a few buttons and pulled out 3 cards.

"Here you go, Mr Way." He said cheerfully.

"Thanks." Gerard started to turn away when the boy spoke up again.

"Hey, before you go could I umm... ask you to.. Please... sign this? I'm a huge fan." He asked, biting on his lip ring.

"Of coarse." Gerard grinned.
We all signed a small piece of paper and handed it back. We received a huge thank you.
It was always nice to see fans. That they acctually liked your music. Its an honour to have them.

Bob, Ray and Mikey were in two separate rooms on the 4th floor, while Gerard and I were on the 5th and sharing.

After Checking that no one was in the hall way, Gerard stopped infront of our door and kissed me on the cheek. His soft touch sent shivers down my spine.
He swung the door open and we entered the room that we would be staying in for the next two weeks, while Bob was visiting his family.
After throwing our bags aside, Gerard pushed me backwards until I hit the bed and my back collided with the lumpy mattrass. Gerard slowly and sexily crawled ontop of me and softly kissed my lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck, bringing his closer to me.
I felt his tounge slide in between my lips, making me moan. His skilled tounge massaged mine as they danced.
He placed his hand on my upper thigh and rubbed it with his thumb.
Just as I was about to add some deapth the kiss, we were interupted my a vibration, coming from Gerard's pocket.
I made a mental note to break his phone later.

"Hello?" he said kinda out of breath.
There was a pause as he listened to whoever was on the other end of the phone.

"Sounds great. We'll be down soon." And with that he hung up.

"Umm. Bob said there's a nice restaurant close by. He wanted to take us there." He stated.

"I'll take a raincheck on our kiss then." I sighed.

We changed our clothes into something a bit more dressy and found the rest of the band downstairs in the lobby.
Ray and Bob were sitting down talking while Mikes was taking a look at the "sights to see" section.

"Hey, you ready?" I asked.
They nodded and we walked out into the hot Chicago air.
The restaurant was only about 4 streets away.
It was a cute place called 'Giordanos'.
It was pretty packed, mostly with old couples or young families.
Bob lead us in. We were greeted my an old lady who took us to a round table, near the back with 5 seats.
The restaurant sold pizza's. Bob said Chicago was well-known for that.
We all ordered our own, exept for Mikey and Ray who were going to share a large.

"Well..." Bob started, taking his glass of water and raising it in the air. "I'd like to thank you guys. I know I probably sound like a complete weirdo right now but I don't care. Thank you guys, so much for letting me in this band. These past four years have been the best of my life. Its been an honour to be a part of it. To My Chemical Romance."

We all raised our glasses too.

"My Chemical Romance." We all said in unison.

"Wow. 7 years." Ray said, taking a huge gulp.

"I know. Its amazing." Gerard agreed.

"I remember when Gerard and first called me. I remember Gerard getting all angry after I told him I was already in a band." Ray laughed, reliving the memory in his mind.

"And I remember how Mikey was so hesitant to give us the name." Gerard eyed Mikey.

"Do you know how many kids' lives we've saved?" Bob smiled.

"Feels good doesn't it." Mikey laughed.

"Fuck yeah it does. I mean, kids from china. Europe. Everywhere. They look up to us. We're like... role models." I said.

"That's the whole purpose we started this. I couldn't have cared less if we became this successful. That was luck. All I wanted to do was change the world. I wanted it to make it that much better for at least one person. And I did. I'm proud of myself. I'm proud of all of us." Gerard said. I could hear his voice getting kinda shakey, like he was going to cry.

we pretty much just thanked each other for the rest of the night and shared memories. It couldn't have been better.


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