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Work is my escape

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After school, I met up with Jimmy.
"Where's Pansy?" I asked.
"She went to Mikey's house." She answered.
"Oh... cool."
"Yeah. So what happened in art?"
I shrugged.
"Nothing, I didn't go."
"You skipped?"
"Just so you wouldn't have to speak to Gerard?"
My younger sister shot me a 'tell the truth' look and I sighed.
"Yes. But I ended up talking to him, anyway."
"He followed me into the library."
"Well, good. Then what?"
"He read some of my poems."
"Which ones?"
"The one about suicide and the one about the old man."
Of course, being my sister and my best friend, she knew which I was talking about.
"And what'd he say?"
"He asked me what they were about. I told him about the second one, but I just couldn't tell him about Derek."
She nodded in understanding.
"He told me I could talk to him anytime, though."
"He also said that I am the first girl he's ever slept with in the literal sense."
The spunky black-haired girl tilted her head to the side, her brows furrowing.
"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"
I shrugged.
"I have no fucking clue, but he said that he's glad, because he really likes me."
Jimmy's frown changed into a grin in an instant and she hugged me tightly.
"Tammy, that's great!"
"Jimmy," I started, pushing her away a bit, "Just because he says he likes me doesn't mean we're going to go out."
She stepped back, her hazel eyes focusing as a glare.
"Tamika! I have gotten mad at you numerous times for blowing off guys, but this time, this time… ugh. If you blow him off I swear I’ll kill you myself. Gerard is probably the sweetest guy that’s ever shown interest in you, he’s gorgeous and from what I’ve seen and heard he really cares about you and he’s only known you three days."
"Exactly. Three days isn’t enough time for shit like that. I learned my lesson with Derek."
"And what did you learn?"
"That you can't trust guys, no matter how nice they seem, no matter how long you've liked them, you just can't." And anyways, soon he'll figure out who I really am and he'll dump me like a bag of bricks."
"And who are you, Tammy?" My sister snapped.
"I am a clingy, needy, selfish bitch. And he doesn't need to get involved with me, nor me with him."
Jimmy blinked a few times before storming off down the hall.
"You are being a fuck-tard right now, Tamika. Come and find me when you get your head glued on straight!"
I watched her go and sighed, walking down the hall and out the closest exit.
I walked through the parking lot aimlessly, my mind going over the fight with my sister. What did she know? She'd never been through what I had. She could never understand. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, shaking my head. Suddenly, I heard my name being called. My eyes shot open and I turned to see Gerard walking towards me from the other end of the parking lot, smiling.
"Tammy," He called, "Hey."
He stopped in front of me.
"Where ya headed?"
"No where as of now, but I have work soon."
"Oh? Do you want a ride?"
I shook my head.
"No, I can walk."
"Come on, its cold out. My car's right over there." He motioned in a general left direction and I smiled.
"Cool. So, where's Jimmy?"
"I don't know. She ran off in a huff about ten minutes ago."
He gave me a questioning look and I shrugged.
"Something about English or something. I dunno."
He smiled, nodding, then reached in his pocket. He pulled out a package of cigarettes and a lighter, offering me one. I declined and he lit his before putting the pack back into his (dying) leather coat. As he exhaled, he gave me a funny look.
"You know," He began, "You're weird."
"Thanks." I replied, rolling my eyes.
"No, I mean, you are... confusing."
"How so?"
"Well... sometimes, it seems like we're best friends and that we've known each other for ever, and sometimes it's like you want to push me in front of a truck... then, other times..." He took a long puff of his cigarette and I raised an eyebrow.
"Other times?"
"Other times, it's like we're going out." He replied, exhaling. I stared at him, surprised.
"Like when?"
He shrugged.
"Saturday, Sunday, today..."
"And that's about how long I've known you."
"We just haven't known each other that long and you're offering me a ride to work and inviting me over and stuff. Things are going really fast."
"Meh, I grow on people quickly."
I looked away and whispered, almost to myself.
"I don't want it to go this fast."
His smile faded and he leaned over to look at my face.
"You okay?"
I nodded slowly, then looked back up at him.
"I have to get to work. If you see Jimmy, tell her I'm there. I'll see you later."
Walking past him, I quickly began making my way out of the parking lot.
"Tammy, wait!"
"Bye, Gerard!"
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