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First Impressions Can Be Right In My Case

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Cammy meets some new characters that just walk into her life and claim her friends as their own. Quite frankly, she isnt happy with it. These characters are actually based on some of my friends.

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Like A Knife Part 7

“I’m glad we’re over this mess,” Ry told me, smiling as I sat on his bed.

“Me too,” I agreed, as we stood up. We decided we would go downstairs into his living room and hang out.

“I really want to play rock band…” Ryan told me, taking out his Sidekick. “I’m going to text the guys. We need more people.”

So he did, and by ten minutes later, all of Panic and Fall Out Boy was in the living room. I watched as Pete walked in, with a new face I had never seen before. She was about five foot five, with black hair and side bangs. She wore dark blue skinny jeans, purple Converse All Stars, and a long sleeved shirt with think black and purple stripes. Typical Pete type girl, with eye liner and a grin on her face as soon as she stepped in the doorway. Looks could be deceiving, as I had found out many times before.

“Guys, this is Chelli,” Pete introduced her. She waved a small, modest wave and smiled. Suddenly, another girl ran in the door. She was dressed almost the same, except with beautifully curled brown hair, red Converse, a small pink hoodie with a red heart stitched in the front, fingerless black gloves, and again, eye liner. She stood next to her friend and waited to be properly introduced. “And the is Adrianna.”

“Hey, make yourselves at home,” Ryan answered. “I’m Ryan.”

We all knew they both knew who he was. Any girl who wore skinny jeans and hoodies knew who Panic at the Disco and Fall Out Boy were. They always had that type of crowd; It was just the vibe they sent off from their music.

“I’m Cammy,” I said, gesturing towards myself. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, too,” Chelli answered, shaking my hand. “You can call me Moony.”

Moony? That’s strange…But oddly suiting. She didn’t seem like the typical teenage girl, and neither did her friend, Adrianna. She approached me, but decided against shaking my hand.

“It’s a pleasure,” She said in a friendly tone, glancing over at Brendon, who was setting up Rock Band.

“I’m Brendon,” He said, as he started the X box. He smiled in satisfaction as the game started.

“I call singing!” Both Patrick and I chimed at the same time.

“You go ahead,” Patrick quickly, handing me the microphone, being one of my best friends.

“No, you…” I told him, pushing the microphone away.

“Any day now…” Spencer complained, standing at the drums, letting Andy know he would play second.

“You sing. It’s fine, really,” Patrick insisted, handing me the microphone. I took it finally, and watched as Chelli and Adrianna took a seat on the smaller couch of the three on the other wall.

We played through our song and let the others have a turn, including the two new girls on the third time around. It was hard to watch them play along with my friends like they had known them as long as I had. I worked for these friendships, and they had barely known them for an hour before they were acting like family. And what was worse was watching all of the guys admire them from a distance and watch with large eyes at their quirky attitudes, while they never looked at me like that.

I sat with a straight line instead of a smile on the couch next to Spencer and Joe.

“Are you all right, Cams?” Spence asked me, putting his arm around my waist. We could always act that way around each other and not feel awkward about it. I guess I liked it better that way.

“Yeah, Spencey,” I replied, hugging him, with a fake tone of happiness. I prayed it wasn’t too obvious. The story about me and Ry must have gone around our make believe family already, and I didn’t want any more drama added to the fire.

They made me feel uncomfortable. I couldn’t help but feel strange with two other girls in the house when normally I’m the only one. I guessed I’d just have to get used to them.

As soon as their song ended, they sat back down on the couch, Brendon in between them.

“Brendon, can you sing me a song?” Adrianna asked, clearly swooning over him.

“Pretty please?” Moony asked (Formally known as Chelli). They batted their long, eye liner coated eye lashes and used their huge eyes to trick him into doing it.

And Brendon, being the boy at heart that he is, agreed. I watched as he gave in and threw a few notes at them with his amazing voice, and as both of them watched in wonder. I really hoped I could get to like them.

“You have such a good voice!” Adrianna exclaimed.
“So, Moony, Adrianna, where did you guys meet Pete?” I questioned, fast to change the subject.

“At the mall,” Moony answered, batting her beautiful lashes at Pete. He smiled back at her, and it was obvious they were interested in each other.

Ry sat down on the couch next to Adrianna. “Do you have a nickname we could call you?” He wondered, rather randomly.

“Addi is fine. But you can call me whatever you like,” She answered sweetly.

He has a girlfriend, I wanted to burst out. But I held my hyperactive tongue.
It was strange, wanting to at least stick up for Keltie, as after all she really was Ry’s girlfriend, but it didn’t feel right, so I corrected myself.

Never mind, I thought to myself. He’s mine anyway.
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