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Authors Note

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Clearing a few things up

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Okay, well by the sounds of half the reviews from the last chapter, I've confused a lot of people with the plot. I thought that in this authors note, I'd recap the previous story and this one sor far, hoping to clear it up for you.

Emmi saw PATD at the 07 Reading and Leeds festival, after winning tickets in Australia. She hooked up with Ryan and fell pregnant. She wasnt back to Australia and finished her University course. She moves to the US with the boys, and aborts the baby at a later date. She tells the boys how her 'parents' died in a car accident. We find out later, a few days after Emmi turns 21, that her parents were in actual fact a foster family, and that her biological father lived in Australia with her twin sister, Alexia. Alexia visits Emmi for their birthday, and the Panic boys find out the truth about their family.

However, on the side of all this, Emmi is having an affair with Cobra Starship frontman, Gabe Saporta. You readers don't know why just yet, although I have left plenty of clues; but Emmi's best friend Ember, and Ember's little sister Stevie do. (This will be leared up in later chapters.)

After an appauling end to an amazing photo shoot, Emmi stays with Gabe for a couple of days, where we learn a little more of their affair, and how Emmi and Gabe are getting closer.

I hope this clears things up a bit more. If you're still confused, don't be ashamed or scared to ask.

xox Emmi RyanRossLuver
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