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Chapter 31

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Ryan and Pete get cozy...

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When christmas was over, and everything was opened, and lunch had been served, and candy had been eaten and their christmas tree had been thrown away, the five friends sat down on the old, worn sofa and made themselves comfortable.
Patrick sat on the end of the couch next to Pete, who sat next to Ryan, who sat next to Andy, who sat next to Joe. It was one crowded sofa, but they made it work.

"Hey, who wants to play truth or dare?" Joe finally asked, breaking the silence.

Andy shook his head violently. "No, no and no! Do you need me to remind you of what happened last time we played that game? Remember..."

"Yeah yeah, so what? It was only one bedroom. Just think of it as a fire drill. It wasn't anything that serious." Joe replied.

Patrick laughed. "Nothing that serious? Joe, our livingroom was a gigantic flame! You seriously can't say it wasn't anything serious."

"Yeah dude, we almost had to call the fire department." Pete added, resting his head on Patricks shoulder.

"Fine!" Joe said loudly.

"Then what do we do?"

"Well, I don't know about you guys but i'm going to bed." Andy said getting up from the couch.

Patrick nodded. "That doesn't sound like such a horrible idea."

Pete quickly latched on to his waist before he could move. "Don't leave Pattycakes. I'll be lonley without you."

"Don't worry Petey, i'll be right in the next room. Goodnight my love!" Patrick smirked and dashed off into the other room.

Pete frowned and crossed his arms in dissapointment. "Well, I guess it's just the three of us."

Joe shook his head. "Hells no. More like the two of you. I'm gonna go play with my Starwars action figures. I mean hello, they're not gonna play themselves.." With that, Joe got up, and left for his bedroom.

Pete sat with a pouty look on his face, and Ryan sat very still on the other end of the couch.

"So..You and Patrick..Are you guys like, dating?"

Petes pouty face turned to a suprised face. "Um...Well, yeah I guess so."

Ryan nodded. "Thats cool. You guys look cute together."

Pete smiled slightly. "Thanks. So...What about you? Got a girlfriend? Or..Possibly a boyfriend?"

Ryan shook his head. "I had a girlfriend but the relationship ended after three years. She said I wasn't mature enough. Whatever the hell that means."

Pete listened intently, letting Ryan know he was interested.

"Well...It lasted awhile. I mean, the first two years were amazing. Everything seemed one hundred percent perfect, all until..."

Pete tiled his head. "What? What happened? You can tell me."

Ryans stare was painful and sad. "She found someone else. Someone with more money, better looks, a nice car. Everything that I didn't have."

Pete embraced his new friend in a hug. "Sorry man. Love sucks sometimes."

Ryan sighed. "Yeah, but I guess if it didn't work she wasn't right for me."

"Yeah, of corse. I'm sure theres someone out there for you. I mean, have you seen yourself? Your like John Stamos mixed with Tom Cruise. Any girl would love to tap that ass."

Ryan blushed and laughed. "Wow..uh, thanks?"

"Your welcome. Now, whos up for a marathon of Indiana Jones movies? I know I sure am."

Ryan nodded. "Sure. I'm up for it. Lets get this party started."


The next morning Patrick walked out into the livingroom and found Pete and Ryan sleeping on the couch. He was a bit disturbed by this, and jelousy took over. He was trying to convince himself that they had only accidently fallin asleep like that, but was that really it?

Making himself noticed, he cleared his throat. Pete jerked awake, along with Ryan.

"Morning sunshine." Pete mumbled. He sat still for a moment and realized he was laying on something squishy. Tilting his head up, he saw the brown-eyed boy he had talked with last night. Ryan starred back down at him and the two met eye to eye.

"Um..." Pete took a seat off of Ryan and rubbed his eyes.

"Wow, I guess we must've passed out last night after the second movie."

Ryan nodded. "Yeah. I was pretty tired."

"Pete?" Patrick intervened.


"I'm going to go into town today and get some grochreys. You coming?"

Pete shook his head. "Well, me and Ryan were gonna hang out here and finish our movie marathon. Sorry Pattycakes."

Patrick shurgged and walked out the door without saying his goodbyes.

Awwww, how sad. Isnt it sad...Kinda? Oh well.
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