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Killer Past

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"Someone's last wishes?"

I froze, without turning my head, I looked around. I hadn't recognized the voice, but it wasn't anyone's from AFI, since they were all back at the stage.

"Look at me when I speak to you!!" His voice rang out over top of the music as he turns me around and holds a loaded gun to my forehead.

I finally recognized him, my ex. I had broken up with him two months prior. Ever since that he has tried every way under the sun to kill himself, but now he finally snapped and turned on me.

"My life has been an endless pit without you!!" He took the safety off of the gun. i seemed to be frozen where I stood. I had a feeling of guilt as if his works somehow rang true, yet I knew they weren't, but they still affected me.

Almost everyone in the room was frozen with fear, unsure of what they should do.

"And I finally found my way out.." He pulled the trigger...


And everything wen't black.

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