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There were screams of terror as no one could tell who the victim was, or even if there was a victim.

I could hear a fight going on withing the blackness. I noticed the lights go out right as my ex pulled the trigger.

As I stood in the same spot, only two question-like thoughts were able to enter my mind. Why amd I still alive and why did his words affect me like they did?

Hands carefully gripped my shoulders after the fight had stopped. I flinched slightly at the unfamiliar hands that held onto me.

"Jenny, are you okay?" It was Jade, he must've thought I was his girlfirned. When he pulled me into a hug, I jerked back.

"Jade, I'm not your girlfriend."

I could tell I confused him by how long it took him to reply.


Everything became lit again in a matter of instances. I flinced at the lights, but when I looked back up for Jade, he wasn't there. Instead he was back by the stage, with his girlfriend. Again I felt completely alone.

Then it hit me, the reason my ex's words hurt me like they did was because he spoke the words I thought when I broke up with him. I also realized I was uch farther from earning a hello or even a smile from Jade.

I walked out of the club without a second thought.

Once out in the parking lot my arm was gripped onto by another unknown individual. I winced slightly before turning around to see no one other than Jade's girlfriend with tears in her eyes.

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