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Touched by an angel.

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I'm on a roll with these updates. I really want to get to the good part. You guys are going to love it.

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Brendon woke from his sleep the next morning. He looked around for Grace but didn’t find her. His room looked much different. It was a big room; it was not his rehab room. The bed was much bigger than he was used to. He rolled over and rolled onto something. That something was completely covered in the blankets and its pillow was over its head. Brendon pulled up the blankets and quickly put them back down: It was a naked girl. Brendon picked the covers up again and smiled. “Not bad Urie.’ He mumbled.

‘Get off of me Bden. I need to pee.’ She said from under the pillow. Brendon rolled off as she threw the pillow off her face and reached down for his button down shirt. Brendon was too embarrassed to look up at her. Brendon sat on the bed looking around the room as his mind floated back to Grace. He heard the toilet flush before the girl washed her hands and walked back into the room. It was then that Brendon looked up, screamed, and fell off the side of the bed.

‘I know I don’t look my best in the morning B but you don’t have to be an ass about it.’ Grace said as she walked over and sat down on the bed and looked over at where Brendon was staring at her from the side of the bed. Brendon crawled back onto the bed and looked at her. She gave him a weird look before lying back down.

‘Lay down with me it’s only 6:30.’ Grace whispered as she pulled the covered back up to her neck and laid her head down on Brendon’s chest. Brendon shut his eyes, after determining that it was just a dream. He was still in rehab.

The next time Brendon opened his eyes he was in the same room except this time he was looking down at himself and Grace sleeping in bed together.

‘What is going on here? This is ridiculous.’ Brendon complained.

‘You know, dreams are the keys into the soul.’ He heard a man’s voice from next to him.

He looked over and saw a man he’d never met before but his voice was strangely familiar, ‘Who are you?’ Brendon asked as his cheek grew hot.

‘Brendon, I think the question is who are you? The boy that I saw a few weeks ago was not the real Brendon. The Brendon that I created was someone to bring good to the world not bad.’

‘God?’ he asked in amazement.

‘She’s an amazing girl,’ he began, ‘It’s a shame she’s not with us anymore.’

‘I know she’s beautiful, inside and out.’ Brendon said looking at her, ‘What is going on?’

‘Brendon, when I sent Grace to you I didn’t just send her to you for you. I sent her to you for her. She needs someone like you in her life.’

‘I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but she’s dead. I’m a little late.’

‘Brendon, sometimes things are not always what they appear.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I’ll give you three questions but after that I’m not answering anymore.’ He said.

‘What is this?’

‘This is a dream of the future.’

‘Give me a little more than that please.’ Brendon begged.

‘Brendon, dreams are you deepest part of your subconscious. I know that you want to be with Grace and in your dreams you are with her. You’re happy with her and everything is okay again.’

‘What are we?’

‘You are husband and wife here. She loves you with every bit of her heart. You saved each other Brendon.’

‘What is the big thing that’s going to happen after I get out of rehab?’

‘You’re going to wake up Brendon.’

‘Brendon wake up!’ he heard someone say as they shook him awake.

‘Brendon, sweetheart, wake up please.’ Mrs. Urie said as she shook her son’s shoulders gently. Brendon sat straight up in bed and looked around to see the three boys, Pete and Patrick from the record label and his parents.’

‘What is going on?’ Brendon asked sitting up straight in bed.

‘We’re getting you out of here honey, you’re doctor thinks you’re crazy and I will not have someone like him around my son with his antics.’ Mrs. Urie said.

‘Mom, are you sick?’ Brendon asked, ‘The record label said I had to come or I would be let go.’

‘Brendon you turned a total 180 as far as we’re concerned, you’re back.’ Pete said as he picked up some of Brendon’s things.

‘Now honey come on let’s get out of here before someone finds us.’

Brendon got up and looked around for Grace but didn’t see her anywhere. He was quickly taken out of the room by his parents and quickly rushed to the car. Brendon sat in the car as they traveled back to Nevada from Utah. He had yet to see Grace at all as he rode in the back of his parents Tahoe. He felt himself feeling a little empty because she wasn’t with him any longer.

14 hours later they pulled up into the drive way of his parent’s house. After the boys promised to come back the next morning everyone said good bye as Brendon’s father helped him upstairs with his stuff.

‘Try to get some sleep tonight honey; we’ll discuss everything in the morning.’ Mrs. Urie said.

‘Goodnight mom.’ Brendon said shutting his bedroom door before turning around and jumping out of his skin to see Grace sitting on his bed.

‘Are you trying to give me a heart attack?’ Brendon gasped.

‘Maybe.’ She smirked.

‘What are you smirking at?’

‘You broke out of rehab.’ She said standing up and walking towards him. Brendon saw a glimmer in her eyes he had yet to see before.

‘My family and friends broke me out of rehab.’

‘I know, I saw.’ She laughed as she held the collar soothing out the invisible wrinkles in his pajamas.

‘So I’m not in trouble?’ he pouted.

‘Why would you be in trouble?’ she laughed.

‘I broke out of rehab before I was supposed too. By tomorrow it’s going to be in every tabloid in the country. I didn’t make it the six weeks.’

‘Well you know I saw that dream you had.’ She said as she pushed him back onto the bed and sat next to him. Brendon was a little confused on this sudden aggressive behavior but after hearing that she had seen the dream there was no doubt in his mind as to why.

‘You saw that?’

‘I was in the dream,’ she chuckled, ‘you screamed at me.’

‘You startled me.’ He retorted.

‘Well you know what dreams are don’t you?’

‘They are the key into the soul; they show you what you really want.’

‘And what do you really want Brendon?’

‘What do I really want? I want for everything to be okay again. I want you to be alive again. And I want us to be together.’ There was no point in lying to her now if she had already seen everything.

‘So make that dream come true Brendon.’

‘How am I supposed to do that? There is one key part missing from it all and that’s you. Grace you can’t come back from the dead.’

‘But I can come back from a dream.’ She whispered.

‘You know, when I was in school I was never one to pick out symbolism and now is no different. I don’t know what you guys mean with these double meanings. What do you mean by that Grace, I’m so confused.’

‘Brendon, it’ll all become clear soon. You know what you need to do to get what you want so do it. Maybe if you do it right you can change history.’ She smiled as she picked up his hand.

‘So you saw the dream?’

‘Oh I saw the dream, not bad Urie.’ She chuckled.

‘Alright alright laugh it up.’ Brendon laughed suddenly finding himself a little nervous.

‘It’s okay; I think it’s kinda cute,’ She said softly, ‘Yeah, a little weird that you keep dreaming about me naked but other then that.’

‘Well when I’ve got a pretty girl around all the time what do you expect?’

‘So you dream about all the pretty girls, that you meet, naked?’

‘No just the ones that haunt me.’ He joked.

‘Oh funny.’ She laughed. Brendon put his arm around her shoulder.

‘I think that I would give anything to have you here with me, alive and well,’ Brendon said looking down at her, ‘You’re so amazing on the outside but also inside, you’re such a good person.’

‘I’m not that great.’ She whispered.

‘But you are.’

‘There are a lot of things you don’t know about me Brendon. I’m sure I have some skeletons in my closet…some place between my favorite shoes and my jeans, I’m sure they are there.’

‘It doesn’t matter. You’re amazing. I think I’m falling in love with you.’ He whispered. Grace looked up at him. He gazed into her gorgeous blue eyes for any sign she felt the same way. She smiled at him before leaning in to kiss him.

Let’s just say it was a little like a horribly rehearsed first kiss. The execution was perfect however something went horribly wrong when the couple’s lips touched. There was a loud crack of lightening from outside the window as Grace jumped back as did Brendon.

‘I feel like my lips are on fire.’ Brendon mumbled touching his lips with his finger.

‘That wasn’t supposed to happen.’ Grace said getting up from the bed.

‘What wasn’t supposed to happen?’ Brendon asked watching as she paced the room.

‘We weren’t supposed to try to kiss and we weren’t supposed to have feelings for each other.’

‘For each other? You feel the same way?’

‘Brendon, we can’t do this.’ Grace said as she turned around to look at him.

‘I know I just wish we could.’ He said softly.

‘Brendon whatever happens I have to tell you that I’ll never forget you. You know what you need to do, please do it.’

‘Grace why are you talking like this? What is going to happen?’

‘Brendon, we weren’t supposed to fall in love. I can’t stay with you.’

‘What do you mean you can’t stay with me? I need you; I can’t do this on my own.’

‘Brendon you have three amazing friends that are willing to do anything for you. You have a family that loves you more than anything. You have people surrounding you who were worried about you; use them.’


‘Brendon if I’m not here in the morning fight for me.’ Grace said as she held his hands in hers.

‘What am I fighting for? What is going to happen to you?’

‘I won’t know until you go to sleep.’ She said as a tear rolled down her cheek and landed on Brendon’s finger. Brendon looked up at her one more time and laid his head down on the pillow. She lay down next to him. He looked at her until his eye lids were too heavy to hold open before, ‘I love you Grace.’

Grace watched as he slowly fell asleep. She found herself being taken over by the emotions she had never felt. It was as if someone was ripping out her heart and stomping on it.

‘Why are you doing this? Hasn’t there been enough pain felt?’

‘You are doing this all on your own Grace.’

‘I just don’t understand.’

‘When I sent you to Brendon, I didn’t just send you for his sake but for your sake too. Grace you have been all over the world and experienced things some people don’t experience during a life time but the thing you’ve never felt is true love. I don’t pretend to not know that what you and Brendon have is true but this is not how it is supposed to happen.’

‘Then what is supposed to happen?’

‘Only Brendon knows what is supposed to happen. You just have to let him do it on his own. If it’s meant to be then I’ll see to it.’

‘Do I have to leave him?’

‘Your time is up here, it’s time for you to go.’

‘Where am I going to go?’

‘That, my dear, is up to him.’ He said before the room was left in darkness. Grace let more tears fall as she brushed her hand through his hair. She bent down and softly kissed his lips.

‘If you love me then fight for me Brendon.’ She said softly before she too began to disappear.

Ryan was soon awoken from his peaceful sleeping to a girl standing in his bedroom. He was startled and jumped pulling the covers up to his chin.

‘I’ll never understand why boys do that it’s not like you have anything we shouldn’t see.’ Grace began.

‘Who are you? Why are you in my room?’

‘You’re dreaming Ryan, I’m not really here. But now that I am here, I have a favor to ask you.’

‘Who are you?’

‘My name is Grace and I’m in love with Brendon.’

‘Figures. Can’t even have my own dream.’

‘Help him, take care of him, he really needs you now.’

‘What are you talking about? He’s fine.’

‘He’s about to do something a little crazy but you have to believe him, you’re his best friend he needs your support.’

‘If this is some weird trick of his to get me to say it’s okay for him to sleep with my girlfriend it’s not going to happen.’ Grace chuckled as she walked over and sat next to Ryan.

‘Ryan, you are one of the greatest and most influential people in Brendon’s life. He needs to now and in the near future.’ She said taking his hand into hers, ‘Be there for him, it’ll all pay off in the end.’

Ryan looked at the beautiful girl sitting on his bed, nothing she said made any sense to him but something was telling him she knew what she was talking about so he agreed. ‘Okay.’ He said softly.

‘Thank you Ryan, hopefully I’ll see you again.’ Grace said before kissing Ryan’s lips and getting off his bed, ‘Now lay back down and go back to sleep.’ She smiled. Ryan did as he was told and was fast asleep by the time his head hit the pillow. Grace watched him a few minutes before leaving letting fate step in.
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