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Constructed Reality

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Brendon meets the real Grace.

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Brendon woke up the next morning in a strange room. It looked like a hotel room. He quickly sat up in bed but staggered backwards as the throbbing in his head took over.

‘Here I got you some Advil and some water.’ Ryan said setting it down on the table by the bed.

‘What happened last night?’

‘You got trashed and decided you wanted to play homicide and drive. Lucky thing Pete took the keys from the valet before you could get them. You passed out on the steps outside.’ Ryan informed him as he sat at the end of the bed.

‘Last night was my last drink.’ Brendon said standing up.

‘You say that every weekend.’

‘I’m serious this time. I had the weirdest dream.’

‘I know it involved a girl named Grace.’

‘How do you know?’

‘You’ve been saying her name all night.’

‘You’ve been here all night?’

‘Someone had to make sure our lead singer didn’t die.’ Ryan said.

‘Lead singer, Where is our manager? I need to go to Boston.’

‘What are you talking about?’ Ryan asked as Brendon threw his clothes back on.

‘I need to go to Boston. There is someone there that needs me.’

‘Man, I think you’re still drunk.’

‘No, I’m not. I need to go to Boston. You can either come with me or sit here thinking I’m crazy but either way, I’m going to Boston.’ Brendon said grabbing his sidekick before starting out the door.

‘So what are we going to Boston for?’ Ryan asked as they walked down the strip going to club where they partied at the previous night.

‘If I told you, you would probably think I’m crazy and this is not the time to lock me up in Rehab.’ Brendon said as he got the keys to his car and started towards the parking lot.

‘Bden you know you can come to me for anything and you can tell me anything and unless it’s that you got a random 14 year old pregnant I’m going to support you.’

‘Get me on a flight to Boston and I’ll tell you on the way.’ Brendon said as he got into the car and started back to his apartment.

‘Hey Charlie, its Ryan. Brendon and I need to take a trip to Boston; can you set that up for us? Thanks.’ Ryan said before hanging up the phone and getting into his own black Mercedes.

‘Alright Brendon, I got you on a flight to Boston now tell me what is going on.’ Ryan demanded.

‘I had gotten into an accident when I decided to drive last night. The record label said that if I didn’t go to rehab then they would drop me. The same night of my accident a girl in Boston was also in an accident. Her name was Grace Brady and she was killed in the accident. She was like my guardian angel. She came with me to rehab and she was with me all the time. God, she was so beautiful. She was an amazing girl. I fell in love with her and when we kissed our lips seemed to catch fire. Then she had to leave. We weren’t supposed to fall in love. She kept telling me to fight for her, if I loved her to fight for her.’ Brendon said.

‘That still doesn’t answer the question as to why we are going to Boston.’

‘She lives in Boston. She was in a car accident last night and I’m the only one that can save her. If I don’t she’ll die tomorrow.’ Brendon said.

‘Alright well off the record, you’re fucking crazy.’ Ryan said.

‘Well that may be but if I can save her then I don’t mind being crazy.’

The rest of the flight to Boston was boring. It was a long flight and Brendon had no idea what he was going to do. He was hoping that everything would just come to him when he stepped off the flight…

which didn’t happen.

‘Charlie rented us a car to use for the weekend seeing as how you probably wouldn’t have settled for a cab. We need to pick it up.’ Ryan informed Brendon as they walked out of the terminal.

‘I don’t really care what we drive around as long as we get to her before she’s gone.’

‘So now what?’ Ryan said as he and Brendon sat in white SUV in the airport parking lot.

‘I guess we can go to her house.’ Brendon said as he started down the streets of Boston.

‘How do you know where she lives?’

‘I don’t,’ Brendon stopped in the middle of the parking lot and dropped his head down on the horn, ‘I don’t know how I’m going to do this.’

‘Whoa!’ Ryan said as he looked at the navigation which was pointing out the directions on the screen.

‘YES!’ Brendon shouted as he floored the gas in the direction of Grace’s house.

‘This is too weird.’ Ryan mumbled as he looked out the window.

‘So what are you planning on doing Romeo?’

‘I don’t really know but it’ll come to me.’

‘Holy….’ Ryan trailed off as Brendon pulled up into the drive way of a very large luxurious house, ‘what do her parents do? Own the country?’

‘She lives with her brother. He’s an NFL quarter back.’

‘Hang on wait; this isn’t Grace Brady as in tom Brady’s little sister that was in a car accident last night and has a 10% chance of living is it?’

‘That’s her!’ Brendon smiled as he shut off the engine and the boys got out of the car.

‘What if no one is home?’

‘Then we’re back to the drawing board but shut up someone is coming.’ Brendon snapped as the door was opened by a beautiful brunette holding a baby.

‘Can I help you?’ she asked.

‘Hi, I’m a friend of Grace’s she isn’t here by chance, is she?’ Brendon prayed that maybe all of it was a bad dream.

‘Honey, have you not heard? Grace was in an accident last night.’

‘No I’ve heard I was just hoping it wasn’t true.’

‘I’m sorry sweetie; do you want to come in for a few minutes?’

‘That would be great; I’m just about to head up to the hospital to see her. Is her brother there?’

‘Of course, he hasn’t been back since it happened. I’m Bridgette by the way.’ She said holding out her hand.

‘Brendon and this is my friend Ryan.’

‘It’s nice to meet you boys, how do you know Grace?’

‘We’re old friends.’ Brendon covered.

‘Well I’m afraid she’s in bad shape. I was just about to head down to the hospital if you’d like to come with me you won’t have to get through all the security and stuff.’

‘That would be great.’

‘Let me just grab John’s diaper bag and car seat.’ She said as she walked out of the room.

‘Oh my god, Brendon she’s a model.’

‘What are you talking about?’

‘That’s Tom Brady’s ex girlfriend, she’s a model.’

‘Great, would you focus here? We’re here to save Grace not drool over her brother’s girlfriends.’

‘Alright we’re all set, let’s go.’ She said as she followed the boys outside, Brendon stopped and grabbed his acoustic guitar out of the back of his SUV just incase.

‘So is this Grace’s nephew?’ Brendon asked.

‘Yeah. Tom and I broke up but Grace is still like a little sister to me. She loves John.’

‘He’s cute.’

‘Thank you. So did you guys fly to Boston to see Grace or were you in town already?’

‘How could you tell we weren’t from here?’

‘I’m from the west coast too; it’s not hard to tell.’

We flew out here to see her.’ Brendon said softly.

‘Well I’ve got to warn you, she’s not in the best shape. Her three best friends were all killed on impact; she was the only one left fighting.’

‘She’s going to be okay.’ Brendon told himself.

‘That’s right think positive.’ Bridgette said as they pulled up into a parking spot outside of the hospital.

Brendon walked into the hospital with Ryan and Bridgette as a knot formed in his stomach. He prayed to God that something would come to him between now and the time he saw her.
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