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Miracles in love.

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A true, undeniably priceless love.

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‘Well Grace you may be the first miracle I’ve ever seen.’ Her doctor said the next day as her mom helped put on a pair of shoes.

‘She’s not a miracle, she’s an angel.’ Brendon said as he sat next to her holding her hand.

‘So she needs to come back in a week for check up and to get her stitches out. She’s not going to be very strong at first; she needs a lot of rest and no strenuous activities, she’ll need to go get her arm in a cast later this week once the swelling goes down, and be sure to get those cuts cleaned at least twice a day.’

‘Thank you doctor, you’ve done so much for us.’

‘You’re welcome Mrs. Brady.’

‘Ready to go home sweetie?’ Mrs. Brady asked.

‘Yeah, so ready,’ she sat down in the wheel chair, ‘can’t I walk? I don’t want to be pushed around in this thing.’

‘Honey only until we get to the car, calm down.’ Mrs. Brady said as she started out of the room while Brendon carried Grace’s bag.

‘Where is Tom?’ Mrs. Brady asked Bridgette who sat in the driver’s seat on Tom’s SUV.

‘He’s with John and Giselle. They are at the house.’ Bridgette said. Brendon helped Grace into the car before walking around to the other side to get in next to her.

The drive home was uneventful. Grace was just glad to be going home. She was tired of the hospital, tired of the food, and really tired of that bed.

‘Alright sweetie, can you walk up the stairs or do you want me to set you up on the couch.’

‘Mom, I’ll be fine. I want my bed.’ Grace said as she slowly walked into the house with the help from Brendon. As Grace walked into the house she stopped to watch everyone walking around, to watch John crawling around the living room, and to hear the football playing in the background. ‘I’m so glad to be home.’ She thought her to herself as Brendon guided her to the stairs.

‘So now that we’re here together and alive we can kiss right?’ Grace asked as she sat on the bed with Brendon.

‘Oh you know it.’ Brendon said before pressing her lips against hers in a much, much needed kiss.

‘Grace broke away from the kiss as she chuckled a little bit, ‘What are you laughing at? Am I a really bad kisser or something?’

‘No. This is crazy.’ She laughed.

‘I’m not really following but I’m not sure if I like where this is going.’


‘If you’re going to tell me that you don’t want to be with me then don’t tell me.’

‘What?’ Grace asked looking over at him.

‘If you are going to tell me that you don’t want to be with me please don’t tell me that, I don’t think I can handle that.’

‘I do want to be with you. Brendon, you saved me. I remember the dream Bden you saved me. I love you.’

‘What dream?’ Brendon asked.

‘That’s not funny.’

‘Did you have the same dream?’

‘I was in the dream, how do you think I got you to stop drinking?’

‘Whoa! This is weird. We had the same dream.’

‘We’re soul mates Brendon.’

‘Does that mean we get to spend more time making out?’

Grace laughed before her parents came into the room, ‘Hey sweetie.’ Her dad said.

‘Hey daddy.’

‘So we were thinking about going out to dinner do you think you’re up for that?’

‘Yeah, I think I can manage.’

‘Good, I think we need to get to know your friends a little better.’ He said as Brendon remembered Ryan was still there.

‘I forgot Ryan.’

‘No, no he’s okay. He’s downstairs playing with John. That kid needs a baby.’ Mr. Brady said looking over at his wife as they started out of the room.

‘They are going to ask a lot of questions tonight at dinner. Be ready for it.’ Grace said.

‘What do you mean?’

‘They are going to ask if we’re together, how we met, what your intentions are stuff like that.’

‘Well those will be easy to answer,’ Brendon began, ‘as my girlfriend, my intentions with you are all dirty intentions until we get married.’

Grace laughed before kissing him again, ‘your girlfriend huh?’

‘Well you don’t think we flew all the way out here for you and Brendon to just be friends do you?’ Ryan asked from the drive way. Ryan walked into the room and sat down on the other side of Grace as Brendon laced their fingers together.

‘Hi, Ryan.’ Grace smiled as she laid her head on his shoulder.

‘Hey Grace.’ Ryan laughed.

‘Thank you.’

‘For what?’ he asked looking down at her.

‘For getting him here.’ She said looking over at Brendon.

‘You’re welcome Gracie-face.’ He laughed.

‘Hey are you guys ready to go to dinner?’ Tom asked peeking his head around the corner.

‘Yeah.’ The three said. Brendon held onto Grace’s hand as they started out of the room and down the hall.

‘Where are we going to eat?’ Grace asked as she sat in the back seat between Brendon and Ryan.

‘We’re going to the place.’

‘Yes! I love that place.’ Grace said excitedly.

‘What’s it called?’ Ryan asked.

‘The place.’

‘That’s the name of the restaurant?’

‘Yeah, the place. It’s freaking awesome.’

‘Whatever you say.’ Ryan said as Brendon ran his hand up Grace’s leg taking her hand into his and kissing it gently.

‘So Brendon, it’s so sweet of you to fly from the west coast when our little girl is in the hospital.’ Mr. Brady said as he winked at Grace while she rolled her eyes.

‘It wasn’t a big deal, I love her.’ Brendon said looking down at his empty appetizer plate sitting on the table.

‘So Brendon tell us a little more about yourself.’ Tom said.

‘Well I’m twenty years old, I’m from Las Vegas.’ Brendon said trailing off and looking at Ryan and Grace for any sort of help before realizing Grace couldn’t help him, she didn’t know much about him either: except that she loved him.

‘He’s the lead singer of an amazing band.’ Grace added in.

‘You’re dating a rock star?’ Tom asked in disbelief.

‘Guess so huh.’ She smiled.

‘Where are your parents? Do you have brothers and sisters?’

‘My parents live in Las Vegas, where we were raised. They still live in the same house. I have three brothers and a younger sister.’

Dinner was relaxed, much of the opposite of what Brendon thought it would be. Ryan and Brendon spent most of dinner laughing at Grace’s dad and brothers. They were having a blast as dinner was winding down.

‘I need to call Alyssa, Holly, and Rachel; why haven’t I seen them?’ Grace asked Tom and her mom as she walked out of the restaurant towards the car.

Tom stopped and looked at his mom, ‘Oh man, I’m ready to get home.’ Her father said as they all avoided the subject of Grace’s friends as they piled in the car. The car ride home was silent. No one wanted to talk; in fear of telling Grace the horrible news…her three best friends were dead.
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