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Chapter 34

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"Kiss me, lover boy."

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Patrick awoke the next morning with a tattooed arm sprawled across his sleepy face. A year ago, things like this would have bothered him to no end, but since sharing a bed with Pete, he had no other choise but to get used to it.
By this time he also noticed a leg had been wrapped around his middle, keeping him from getting up out of bed. Honestly, there was no need for a bed anymore. Pete usually made himself comfortable on top of Patrick more than anything else.

Patrick removed the arm from his face and placed it on his chest. Inching closer to the edge of the bed, he tried to keep all noise to a minimum.

"Oh no you don't." a voice mumbled in his ear.

Patrick turned to see Pete smiling. The grip around his waist soon got tighter, until he knew there was no way for him to escape.

"Morning sunshine." Patrick greeted.

Pete opened his eyes slightly, all the while keeping that priceless smile on his face. "Morning hot stuff. How did you sleep? I slept like a baby."

Patrick thought about that question and realized he too had slept like a baby. "As did I, king Peter. Suprisingly enough, I am getting used to you smothering me in my sleep."

Pete giggled, removed himself from Patrick, and stretched. "Wanna go to breakfast?"

"Sure." Patrick replied almost immediately, letting his grumbling stomace do the talking.

The two friends made their way out of bed, got dressed, and went downstairs. Both Andy and Joe were missing from the house, and left a letter on the coffee table in the livingroom.

"Went to play arcade games. Be back when all evil has been vanquished. Your lovers, Joe and Andy" Patrick read aloud.

"Noobs." Pete replied.

"Guess it's just you and me. Ready to go?"

Patrick nodded as he put on his jean jacket. Pete followed him out of the door, and into the car where they drove to the nearest IHOP. When they arrived inside, the place was packed full of people, but they managed to find a seat near a window.

They both ordered Blueberry pancakes.

"What are you similing about?" Patrick finally asked, referring to Pete's non-stop grin.

"Nothing, i'm just happy thats all."

Patrick cocked an eyebrow. "Why are you happy? Oh no, you tapped a kick me sign to my back didn't you!"

Pete took a moment to respond, then finally said " No. I'm happy because i'm with you."

Patrick leaned back in his chair and smiled. "Yeah. I am pretty great aren't I?" He said as more of a fact than a question.

"Your amazing. Now kiss me, lover boy." Pete leaned forward across the table and met Patrick half way.
When they were done, the whole room was staring.

"What are you looking at? Go back to reading your STRAIGHT magizines, and talking to your CLOSETED friends, would ya!?!" Pete hollered across the room. Everyone else turned they're heads away and went back to they're conversations.

Patrick's cheeks went a bright shade of red, before bursting out laughing.

and laughing................

and laughing............

and laughing......

"That was too good. Kudos....Major....Kudos." Patrick weezed, fanning his face with his hand.

Pete grinned and began laughing as well, and by the time they were both done laughing, they're pancakes were cold.

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