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Chapter 35

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Pete ALMOST tells Patrick something important.

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After paying for the check, they left the restraunt in search of something interesting to do. The closest thing to interesting that they could think of, was a walk in the park. When it was settled, they did just that in hopes that it would be more interesting than it sounded.
Pete exited the car, then Patrick, and the two of them started conversation.

"Do you think he'll come back? Ryan, I mean." Patrick asked as he grabbed hold of his boyfriends hand.

Pete thought long and hard about that question. "Honestly, I don't really know. I'm thinking at some point or another he'll want to come back to get all of his stuff. But then again, I think he took what I said pretty seriously..."

Patricks stare left the ground and turned to Pete. "What exactly did you say to him?"

Pete shurgged. "I think something along the lines of...I never want to talk to you again?"

"Yikes. Putting our problems aside, I think we might want to look for him. It was him who the Dandies were after. Who's to know if he's safe? Do you think he can handle himself? He did say he was only 19."

Pete rested his head on his friends shoulder as he continued to walk, and responded. "I honestly don't know. He seems like a bright kid, but I guess your right. Wanna wait until later when Joe and Andy are home and then we can all go look for him?"

Patrick nodded and smiled. "Sounds good Captin."

After a few moments of silence Pete spoke. "Hey Patrick?"

"Yeah Pete?"

"I think.....I think...I..."

Patrick stopped and pulled Pete onto a nearby bench with him. "What is it? You can tell me."

"I think....I...I"

Patrick tilted his head and waited. "You think you what?"

"I think... I like your hat. Thats it. Your hat. Its nice." Pete said quietly.

"Um, thanks but i've had this hat since i've known you." Patrick giggled in confusion.

"Well right, yeah. You see, but, i'm just noticing how nice it looks on you now."

Patrick continued to smile even though Pete's comment really didn't make any sense to him. "Ok, well thanks. I like your hoodie."

Pete smiled and replied. "Do you wanna head back to the car? I'm getting kinda cold."

Patrick nodded. "Sure thing Peanutbutter."

"What did you call me?" Pete questioned.

"You know, like i'm the Jelly and your the peanutbutter. Together we make a sandwich? Are you following? Like, without peanutbutter it wouldn't be a PB and J, and without the Jelly, there would still be no sandwich."

"Hey, didn't I come up with that?" Pete asked following Patrick to the car.



I think it would be fitting to say that this story is going along pretty well, wouldn't you? And while we're on the subject of stories, I think they should have an Atreyu category. Thats my favorite band! Leave reviews.
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