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FReRaRd:: The MCR tour bus crashes, taking the lives of Bob, Mikey and Ray. A very random idea. Please read it :)

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I Miss Rhi...

This is a random dream I had, one night. Its very odd and the first chapter might not explain all you need to know. So bare with me.

1st thing you need to know, is that this is not a typical Frerard. Its all I can reveal.

2nd I don't mean to Religiously descriminate anyone. I am a confused believer in God. Remember, This is all fiction. I do believe their are people out there that have the ability that Frank has in this story, however Franklin Anthony Iero, does not. Well not that we know of anyway. So bottom line, please do not hate me if the religion is not your own. Fiction, my friends. Fiction.

3rd, This story is dedicated to Ray a.k.a lilrainforest XD she helped me a shit load in this story. So, thank you Ray!

last, Here it is. Enjoy and please please pretty please review. Bats Eyelashes. Reviews equal faster updates (:

I Wish I Were A Ghost

Chapter one; Immortality

Frank's POV until further notice

Yet another trip to the Christ Church Cemetary. The fifty-second week, if you want to be accurate. Fifty-two weeks since the tragedy that caused the break-up of our band, My Chemical Romance. Fifty-two weeks since the ill-fated crash, of the tour bus that stole the lives of our three closest friends. Yes, that's right. Fifty-two days, Three hundred and sixty-five days, twelve months, one year or whatever you wanted to call it. They were gone.
Today Gerard and I, as we do every week, pay our respects.
The sweet aroma of the roses in my hands filled the silent car as we drove along the familiar road and into the small car park.

Gerard inhaled deeply before looking at me, our eyes locked. I leant in, towards him, lightly yet tenderly kissing him. His lips tasted like coffee and metal, which was probably from my lip ring, he was softly licking.
We smiled as we pulled away. These kinds of kisses said a thousand things, yet nothing in particular.

We exited the car, greeted by the instant gush of cold New Jersey air. It smelt of dirt and ashes. Just the way I liked it. I breathed it in and entered the buriel ground.
I handed Gerard twelve of the thirty-six roses I held in my hands and was rewarded with a light peck in the cheek. He fastened his pace and sped to the grave of his brother.

Gerard. Gerard Way. Gerard is my flawless boyfriend of three years. The love of my life, and no matter how un-original or cheesy that sounded, it was true. Our relationship was a secret to our remaining fans. It was a secret to everyone exept our family members and of coarse the band. It sometimes felt uncomfotable with Gerard, knowing that whatever we did was seen by his brother, Ray and Bob. They were very understanding, with Gee and I but they always felt uncomfortable with us making out around them. I mean, who wouldn't? And I may not be a big believer in God, or whatnot, but I know they see us. From where ever they are.

I arrived infront of the graves of Mikey, Ray and Bob. Gerard sat next to Mikey's grave, softly speaking to his brother. I can imagine Mikey, sitting on top of his tombstone, listening and laughing to the stories Gerard told of what happened in the week with his comic book store, or a funny joke he heard. He was always so close to Mikey, but took the loss very well. Not breaking his soberity, or turning into someone else. He was still the same Gerard just with three huge chunks missing from his heart and life, but all together the same.
A smile spread accross my face as I saw him wave one of the red roses around as he softly spoke.

"Are you gonna talk to us or stare at your boyfriend all day?"
I snapped my head back to the stones infront of me when I swear to god, I heard Ray's voice.
My heart pounded against my cheast but there was no-one there.
I let out a breathy laugh. My imagination.

I stepped closer to the tombstones, placing twelve red roses on Ray's grave on my left and a dozen yellow roses infront of Bob's on my right.

"When I die, don't make my funeral sad. I want pink roses! And ballons! Pink balloons! None of that sappy shit." I laughed at the memory of Bob saying that, 4 months before he passed, after the funeral of a relative. Unfortunantly, the rose farm was out of pink, so we bought yellow. Bob also told us that he would rather be burried with the best friends he has ever had, not in the busy city chicago.
The other boys also wrote their wills early, seeming that we lived in Jersey, anything could happen.

I sat down, in the middle, folding my leg under the other or how Gerard would call "indian style".
I read the inscriptions on the 'halloween' headstones. 'Halloween' meaning, the un-original long, cemi-circles.

"Underneith The Mud, Lies The Dust Of Robert Nathaniel Cory Bryar,

The Beat Of His Drum Plays On.

December 31 1979 - August 17 2006"

A Tribute To His Memory; Raymond Manuel Toro-Ortiz,

A Star On Earth And A Star In Heaven.
May he rest in peace.

July 15 1977 - August 17 2006"

I sighed and closed my eyes to prevent tears from falling. I missed them so much. Playing guitar isn't the same unless it was played with Bob on drums, Mikey on bass, Ray on lead and Gerard singing his heart out.

"Hey guys." I whispered, my voice terribly shaky.

"I know you can hear me. I hope you can. Can you?" As I said this, it reminded me of 'Helena', our song.
I replayed the lyrics in my mind.

Can you hear me?
Are you near me?

I softly whispered the words to not only myself but to ask them. I waited for some sort of reply. Some sort of action that would tell me they were. Nothing. There was no wind blowing. No sort of animal appearing. But there was a feather laying infront of me. Probably from a pigeon or something. Not really a sign.

I sat in silence just thinking of what I wanted to say out loud but not saying it.

"Swap?" I heard Gerard's voice behind me. I turned around to see him smiling sweetly at me.
I nodded, helped myself up and parked myself next to Mikey.

"Here Lies The Body of Michael James Way,

'How Wrong We Were To Think That Immortality Meant Never Dying.'

September 10 1980 - August 17 2006"

'How wrong we were to thing immortality meant never dying.' One of Mikey's favourite songs. And how right he was.
Immortality. The word doesn't mean much while your alive. When you say 'immortality' you think 'living forever.' I know Mikey's imortal. I can feel his soul, all of their souls.
I know they're with us.

I held my head in my hands and cried hystericaly. Just cried while I pondered on these thoughts.

"Frankie?" I head a whisper above me. It sounded like Mikey. But when I looked up, all I saw was Gerard. Not that Gerard was a bad thing.

"C'mon baby." He extended his arm to help me up. "Lets go home."

I left my hand in his as we said goodbye to our friends, and the many others doomed to a life of immortality.


Now, I know what you're thinking. 'Another sappy death fic.' I know there's a lot of that going around. The plot turns around in the next chapter. I promise. This story is somewhat humorous, not always sad. I'd love it if you rated and reviewed. Tell me what you think aye? I'm going to try my best to balance out both of my stories now.
Alright, again. Thank you to Ray.
And again, Sorry if this offends you in any way.

Oh, Christ Church Cemetery, is a real cemetery in bellville :) I've done my research.

Kay review! Now!
I need reviews otherwise I won't continue. Alright, thanks :D

Andria (AJ) Xx...
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