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A/N I realise that the last chapter was slightly...sudden, and there wasn’t really enough build up to it. But...I’m writing this; maybe it’ll improve the ending.

The young man sat in the reception, his head was hung and it was resting in his hands.

He couldn’t have been very old, about 16, 17?

He had been waiting there for a while.

He had made a very important call.

To save someone’s life.

Although he thought that they were dead.

He had to try.

He had attempted to kill them. The other person was supposed to have killed him.


Things didn’t go that way.

The amount of drugs that the other boy had put into the needle weren’t enough to kill him.

He had done it on purpose, and this young man, hadn’t even suspected it.

He sat there, perfectly still, silent, while tears dripped down his face.

He knew that the love of his life probably wasn’t going to make it.

He had killed him.

He had let himself live and killed his love.

He had killed Brendon.


Brendon was dreaming.

It was a beautiful dream.

About love and happiness.

But at the end of his dream, he was killed.

He could’ve died with the one person he loved, but he chose to let them live.

Brendon didn’t understand the dream, it was...too complicated and most of the people in it, he’d never even seen.

He didn’t understand any of what happened in the next 10 minutes.

There was a sharp pain to his chest.


And again.

Then suddenly, blinding white light flooded his vision.

He was gasping, he couldn’t breathe properly.

His neck was numb.

People were bent over him, calling his name, from their uniforms he guessed they were doctors.

“Bren....Brend...Brendon!” A voice suddenly broke through his reverie.

“Y...Ye...Yes...?” He choked out...his throat felt dry, like he hadn’t swallowed in a while.

“Can you tell me what year it is?” The doctor asked softly, Brendon told them what year it was and they nodded. “Very good.”

The room suddenly seemed less cramped when most of the medical staff left.

Then they left, and he just lay there, wondering what had happened.
And then he slept.

And then he dreamt of love and happiness again.


Ryan stayed in his seat as a doctor sat down opposite him.

He didn’t bother looking up; he knew what the verdict would be.

“Um...Ryan...Is It?” The doctor asked.

“Yes.” He spat out.

“May I ask how Brendon came into contact with such a large amount of sedatives?” The doctor’s voice was high, persistent and very, very annoying.

“I...don’t know.” Was all that Ryan could say. It was the truth after all. He didn’t know where Brendon had got them.

“I see...” The doctor replied and noted something down on his clipboard.

“He’s dead. Isn’t he?” Ryan muttered mutely. His voice sounded dead and unresponsive.

“Hmmm? What was that son?” The doctor inquired. “As for the state of his health...”

Ryan glanced up sharply. His hopes rising slightly.

“Brendon’s conscious but at the moment he’s sleeping.” The doctor sounded bored and quickly stood up. “If you want to see him, go in but don’t wake him.”

It had to be a lie.

Some cruel joke.

A punishment for killing Brendon.

Ryan couldn’t help himself; he stood up and walked quickly and impatiently to the room he had seen Brendon go into.

Ryan’s breath stopped.

All that could be heard was the moderate beeping of the heart monitor.

There he was.

Asleep on the bed.

Brendon Urie.

Ryan stepped silently closer.

He couldn’t believe it.

He watched as Brendon’s chest rose and then slowly feel as he breathed.

He stood as close as he could and studied Brendon’s features.

His skin was paler than usual.

A lot paler.

But it didn’t matter.

As long as Brendon was alive.

He pulled a chair up beside the hospital bed.

He watched him sleep silently.

He gasped as suddenly and without warning, Brendon’s soft eyelids fluttered open.

He was awake, right there.

In front of him.

“Brendon?” Ryan whispered and moved closer.

He gently took Brendon’s hand in his.

Brendon’s expression contorted slightly, his eyebrows knitted together in a strange kind of frown.

“Brendon?” Ryan whispered again. His tone changed from joy to worry. “What’s wrong?”

There was a long pause.

“Um...” Brendon’s voice was shaky and small, but still beautiful.

“Yes?” Ryan tried to sound reassuring like Brendon did when Ryan needed to speak.

“I...Um...I...D...” Slight tears began to trickle from Brendon’s eyes.

“What is it Brendon?” Ryan sounded completely worried now, his voice shaking slightly from anxiety.

There was another long pause.

Then Brendon’s voice piped up.

“I don’t know who you are...”
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