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Chapter 19

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bob, bob, gerard.

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I let out a small squeak and they both looked at me with a smile. I grinned awkwardly back to them.

“Hey” I greeted them and bit my bottom lip.

“Um… Mary, I just came to ask if you have thought about what I said to you earlier” Gerard said and he half looked at Bob’s confused face. He smirked.

I breathed out. “What thing?” I acted stupid. I don’t think he told me to think about what he said.

“The thing that we were talking about”

“Um…” my tongue went up to the roof on my mouth. “I thought there was nothing to think about”

“Um… I’m just gonna go downstairs and see what their cooking” Bob excused himself.

I slumped my shoulders. Great. I rolled my eyes and looked at Gerard. “I told you that I don’t want to do anything with you” I said.

“But… I’ll change I promise”

I sighed. “Gerard, why don’t you first go change then we’ll think about it” I said. Maybe that way he can get off my back.

“Ok” he looked excited.

I scowled at him and went downstairs.

Ok it felt like some cupid just attacked me with one of those heart arrows thing, because I just cant seem to focus on eating alone. I kept looking up at Bob, I don’t know why. Maybe to gain attention. Or maybe to show him that ‘I LOVE YOU BOB!” thing. But I still didn’t know why.

“Mary are you ok?” Dylan asked as he watched me.

My eyes widened and I tried to look innocent as I gobbled a huge part of steak, “I’m totally fine, why?” I asked. Damn I shouldn’t have asked him that!

“Oh, its just that you keep on looking up and I was just wandering what you were looking up at, the clock or Bob” he raised his eyebrows.

“Oh…” I frowned in bewilderment. “No I just checking the clock that’s all” I shrugged my shoulders.

I turned to Bob who looked at me. I swear I think he smirked at me too. I focused back to my plate of unfinished steak and tried to concentrate on eating it.

I slammed the TV remote control on the coffee table and growled from the back of my throat. I looked across to Gerard who just sat and gazed at the blank TV screen with a surprised expression on his face. His cheeks were slightly red.

“Whoa dude, you’re like famous!” Frank jumped on his feet and laughed. “This is so cool! Now the people think you guys are dating!” he grinned but when he turned to see my nasty snarl his grin faded. “Which is so not cool” he sat back down.

I narrowed my eyes. If Shelly was here but isn’t because I told her to go home, she would be laughing at my face. I turned to the blank Tv screen. When I tried to straighten things out with the reporters and the public, it’s just gotten worse. Now they think that I somehow won Gerard from Shelly and now Gerard’s name is everywhere. I sighed and massaged my temple.

“Bro we can be famous!” Mikey sat up from the couch that he slumped on and adjusted his glasses. “You’re known to the public now. All we have to do is do a gig or two and everyone will know our band!”

“Oh” Gerard watched my facial expression which was emotionless and turned back to his brother, “Not now Mikey” he said.

“What’s your band’s name anyway?” Dylan asked as he grabbed a handful of chips and stuffed it in his mouth.

“No clue yet” Ray sighed.

I rolled my eyes.

“Um… one question though” Ray said.

We all looked at him.

“Are you guys together or not? Because all this paparazzi shit is confusing me:

I sighed. It’s not like we make out in front of them. Bob abruptly stood up and went to the kitchen.

I stood up too and followed him. Gerard could tell them that we aren’t dating. I hope. I bit my bottom lip. My real problem was that I didn’t Bob to get the wrong idea.

Bob looked a little startled when I walked in the kitchen. He was sitting at the table with his fingers intertwined.

“Hey” I slightly nodded and sat with him at the table.

He gave a quick smile as a greeting.

“All these shitty rumours are killing me” I said and pushed my hair back.

“Well some people don’t think it’s fake rumours” he said.

My eyes widened, “Well, it’s not true” I sounded like I was trying to convince Bob that it wasn’t true rather than talking about the people. “I mean, I’ll just grab an interview with a popular TV show or something and tell the public that it’s wrong” I sat back on the chair.

“So you and Gerard aren’t back to dating?” his eyes widened.

I smiled; he looked so cute with his blue eyes looking all innocent. “No we’re not dating”


I smiled at him and watched him play with his fingers.

He looked up at me, “What?” he asked.

I shook my head, “Nothing”

He narrowed his eyes as if he was analyzing my thoughts. His facial expression changed, “I’m
sorry about what happened before. I should have… forced you”

“It’s cool” I grinned.

He narrowed his eyes again and his hand moved slightly to the side, “It isn’t cool Mary. I shouldn’t have done it”

“Yes I know. But we make mistakes all the time”

He sighed and leaned towards me, “Is there a reason why you’re being so nice to me?”

I leaned towards him and moved his blonde hair aside. “No, why did you ask?” I smirked.

We stared at each other for like so long until my dear Dylan interrupted us.

He looked shocked when he saw us but then immediately came in between us and his eyes threw daggers at Bob. “What’s happening here?”

I sighed and nudge Dylan, “It’s cool Dylan. We were just talking”

“Are you sure?” he asked not looking at me but at Bob.

“Yes!” I pushed him out of the kitchen and mouthed ‘sorry’ to Bob. I growled at Dylan.

“What? I was trying to protect you” he said.

“Yea, you were. I was just fine Dylan”

“Mary, you cant ever be fine with that… rapist in the same room with you!”

I sighed, “Please Dylan, stay calm”

He narrowed his eyes at me. “I know what’s happening here”

“And what is it?”

He raised an eyebrow, “I just need evidence to tell you”

I sighed.

Just when Dylan walked off Gerard came to me looking all distressed.

“I hate to ask you this, but… have you seen any plastic sleeve lying around?”

I raised my eyebrows, “With white powder in it?”

“You know where it is?!”

“Yea” I put my hands on my hips.


“You think I’m going to tell you where that crap is?”

“Please Mary. Just once” he begged.

“Ok, but there’s no more of it”

He frowned, “What do you mean?”

“I had to dispose it”

“You threw it away?”

“No, why would I do that? I just tried it” I smirked.

All of a sudden his face turned to fury and grabbed my arms. “Why did you do that?!”

My eyes widened in fear I couldn’t speak from the fright.

He pushed me against the wall and pushed onto me with his body; crushing me. “Why did you take it?! I don’t want to lose you that way! You could have died! You know that?”

I was going to say that it was ok I took it before but I gasped. “Please Gerard, you’re squashing me”

He reduced the pressure on me but still stared at me in fury.

“I didn’t take it. I was joking” I breathed.

He look traumatized and he stepped back. “Why would you joke about that?”

“Sorry, I didn’t know that you cared that much” I shrugged.

“What?” he frowned, “I’ve always cared about you Mary”

“Sorry” I sighed. “Well I care about you so no more drugs”

He narrowed his eyes at me. He gazed at the floor for a moment then scoffed and walked off.

I slumped my shoulders and stared into the atmosphere. When Gerard was in fury that just scared me. I mean. It kinda showed me how he cares about me. But… yea… Hmph… problems, problems, problems.

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