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Chapter 20

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hopefully this time Mary has straightened out the shit with the reporters.

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“Coffee?” Dylan asked as he gave me a latté.

I nodded tiredly and took the latte.
We both walked to his car from the TV studio. I just had my hopefully last interview for awhile
I hope. They asked me heaps of questions and I told them what I had to. They even asked what Gerard’s occupation was and for Mikey’s sake I told them that he was in a band.

I moaned when I took a sip of my latte, it warmed my throat and stomach and soon it will warm me up. I hope now they can see that I’m innocent.

I strapped on my seatbelt and gazed at my latte.

“So, I was thinking that we can go to a restaurant or something tonight” Dylan said as he leaned on the steering wheel and watched me.

“Really?” I looked at him with a smile, “That’d be great. I want everyone else together again to have a dinner together”

“Um…” he sat up uncomfortably, “I was actually talking about us”

“Oh” I stared into space for a moment before looking back at Dylan, “But we have guests in the house”

“Well last time I checked you didn’t count them as your guest and now you do? You told me that they were going to stay for a few days but its been close to two weeks!” he looked distressed.

I was taken aback. “I…” I pressed my lips together and frowned. “I don’t want them to leave yet. I don’t want then to leave with a grudge against me”

“They don’t have a grudge against you”

“How do you know?” I narrowed my eyes.

“Because I speak to them unlike you, and I agree with them too. You’re so focused on your own problems that you forget about everyone else. You’re so selfish and you run away without caring about people worrying about you”

I frowned at him. I couldn’t believe that my own best friend is being a bitch to me. I growled
and opened my door.

“Where are you going?” Dylan sat up and watched me.

I turned back to him with a nasty glare. “You’re right. I am a selfish bitch”

“No I didn’t mean that”

I got out of the car with a scoff. “Yes you did. And I understand, really”

“Mary get back into the car now” he demanded.

“What else would you like me to do, Sir Dylan?” I said in sarcasm.

He sighed and looked away.

I know I was being a bitch but he was being a bitch too. I slammed the door shut and started
walking through the huge car park. I sighed when I heard Dylan get out of his car and follow me.

“Mary, please just get in the car. I’m sorry” he called out.

I looked at him as I kept on walking. “No! go home!”

“Woman, I’m talling you to get back!”

I growled in fury. “Don’t call me woman! I have a name! I aint your wife! Thank God I’m not!”

“I heard from your wonderful friends that you run away too much because you’re a coward of a
bitch! Get back!”

I gasped and turned to him. I wasn’t surprised that he was already close behind me.

He stopped right in front of me with a smirk

I frowned at him but didn’t say a thing. It was true. I am a coward. I suddenly broke into
tears. I am so weak. Crying shows weakness.

Dylan’s face expression changed and automatically hugged me.

I cried in his chest.

“Mary don’t listen to those nasty words I said” Dylan said as he gently squeezed me.

I kept on sobbing. Dylan whispered sweet words to me as I sobbed. After a few minutes I stopped sobbing, well I tried to stop sobbing and let go of Dylan.

“I’m gonna hang out awhile” I said without looking at him as I stepped back.
“Ok, I’ll go lock the car and-“

“No, I wanna hang out alone” I interrupted him.

He looked rejected. “But Mary…”

“I’ll be fine” I said and walked off.

I heard him sigh in disgrace.

I kept on walking till I reached a busy road. I knew what road it was but I kept on forgetting
the name of it. I think it was George or Pitt street. I caught a taxi easily, the driver was awestruck when I told him to drive me anywhere. I gazed out the window just thinking about anything really. I slightly frowned. They were talking behind my back, Mikey who I thought was an innocent cutie, Frank whom is funny and cute, Ray who was always there for me, Gerard who… I was blank there, Bob who… I was blank there too. I sighed. I thought they were all the type that wouldn’t back stab, but I guess I was wrong.

“Um... miss, may I ask you something?” the driver asked as he looked at me in his front view mirror.

I was a little startled that he spoke. “Yea” I answered.

“Are you by any chance Mary-Anne Bryar?” he asked.

My eyes widened. “Yea I am” I smiled.

“Wow” he awed. “You’re actually extra beautiful in person!”

I blushed and thanked him.

“Really, I so believe you. Shelly is being a bitch. I can tell that you and Gerard don’t like each other, well you don’t anyway” he frowned in concentration, “But that blonde hair guy in the background seems to like you anyway”

“Blonde hair guy?” I asked.

“You know, kinda longish hair, covers his forehead. He’s kinda big built”

“Oh, you’re talking about Bob” I smiled.

“Ok, Bob then”

“You mean you think Bob likes me??” I suddenly got engrossed in the conversation. I didn’t even
know why I was asking this random guy is he liked me I mean what would he know anyway?

“Yea… his eyes held passion and stuff and when he saw you trying to get everything straight with Gerard he seems jealous” he smirked. “What, you think he doesn’t? I mean it’s all clear there man”

I shrugged, “I don’t know” I absently gazed at the taxi meter.

It was more than $100, so I decided that I should go back home.

The sky was dark by the time I arrived home. I slowly closed the front door behind me and went into the living room where everyone was standing up all looking curiously at me.

“What?” I said innocently.

“Did something happen between you and Dylan? Because he was so aggressive when he came home” Ray explained.

“It doesn’t matter” I shook my head and walked to the kitchen.

“There’s stir fry in that plate. I saved you some” Bob startled me when he spoke.

I didn’t know he followed me in here.

I spun around to him and saw him walking with his hand gliding over the bench top. “Thanks”

I grabbed the plate and put it in the microwave.

Bob slid next to me and leaned on the bench tp, “I cooked it” he grinned.

“Really?” I smirked, “I like stir fry”

“I know. It seems you haven’t changed since”

I chuckled. “Maybe” the microwave beeped. I placed the plate on the table.

“Go on taste it, I want to see if my cooking improved” he grinned.

“Or has gone bad” I chuckled and sat down at the table.

“Hope not” he smiled and sat across me.

I took a bite of the food as Bob watched me. My eyes widened at the delicious taste.

“Omg, it’s yuck right?” he looked scared.

I shook my head and gulped it down. “It’s so yum! Your cooking’s improved!”

His face brightened up with a grin. “Really?”

“Yep” I smiled.

We laughed. We talked. We joked. It was like old times.

So here it is lol. I know nothing much is happening here lol. But I'm sorry :(
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