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‘BANG. SPLASH. BAM. 14 Less Zombies To Worry About.’

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This one has a basketball game in it ;P

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23. ‘BANG. SPLASH. BAM. 14 Less Zombies To Worry About.’

“Aaaaaand – yesss. Score!” Defne yelled in triumph.

Mikey grunted in front of her, lowering his lanky arms to his sides. “How do you do that?”

She grinned at him complacently and rubbed her right wrist pointedly. “It’s all in the wrists, Mikey boy.

The bassist made her a face and jogged towards where the basketball had landed to start the game once more.

“Come on, Mikey, throw in the towel already!” a voice yelled from the side of the ballpark. It was Gerard, his enormous sunglasses adorning his face. He was currently munching on some delicious Doritos while watching his little brother get beaten by a girl a little taller than his legs. It was embarrassing really… But Mikey hadn’t been so bad at the beginning. No, he had been really effective under the hoop. But then Defne had started stealing the ball from him. And yeah, there was no chance she could score anywhere near the hoop – cause, wow, Mikey really did have long arms – so she moved outwards. And well, three point throws were worth three points…

The younger brother caught the ball and shot the elder a dark look. “I’m not giving up!” he shouted.

“Mikey, dude, really, she’s kicking your ass. Spare yourself more humiliation.” Frank chimed in from beside Gerard.

The bassist only huffed and started dribbling again. Defne caught up with him, following him everywhere he went like an over-enthusiastic shadow. She wasn’t very successful at screening but once she got the ball, she moved without giving him any time to recover. She was fast. And her shoots nearly always hit the target.

In the end, Mikey did give up – with the aid of his supposed-supporters: Frank, Gerard and Bob had all told him to get the hell away from the ball because he was discrediting their family’s honor. The real reason was different, though: Bob and Frank had persuaded Zack and Matt for another match, thus they needed the hoop and the ball. Of course, they had felt sorry for Mikey, too.

So, as Defne and Mikey finished their little match, the other guys filled the space they had just emptied. And another game began.

Gerard slapped his slightly pouting brother’s back. “Good job, bro!”

Mikey just rolled his eyes at him. So the singer pushed him away making a fake disgusted face. “Now go take a shower, you stink!”

The bassist faded from sight slowly, murmuring unintelligible words under his breath all the time.

Gerard stared after him for sometime in amusement and then slipped off his shades as he walked up to Defne who was wiping the sweat off her face with a towel.

“I think you bruised my poor little brother’s ego.” he announced grinning.

She looked up with a nonchalant expression on her face. Her cheeks were pink from all the jumping and running around. She was breathing in big gasps and pants.

“Well, he asked for it himself.” she said, her face abandoning the nonchalance for a smirk.

Gerard laughed. “Yeah, but still… I kinda feel bad for him.”

“No you don’t.”

“I do!” he objected, opening his eyes wide in practiced innocence.

“Then why did you make fun of him, huh?” she asked, her nose in the air.

His eyes widened in shock, this time. “God, do you hear everything?

She nodded while grinning evilly. Gerard responded her with a devilish grin of his own and grabbed her hand. “Okay then, you’ll definitely wanna hear this.” he said as he dragged her out of sight. They ended up behind the tour bus. Defne looked up at him in curiosity, eager to hear what he would say.

Instead, Gerard smirked at her one more time and cupped her face in his hands, planting his lips against hers. She was dumbfounded for a moment. Then she came to her senses and started kissing him back. He backed her up against the bus and leaned against the front of her body, while attacking her mouth hungrily.

Her cheeks were hot in his palms – from both the exercise she had had and the passion of the moment. Her slightly wet t-shirt clung to her torso as his left hand moved down to hold her from the waist. She let out a low moan and used her hand at the back of his neck to bring him closer. Then she indulged those hands in his soft tangled hair as her tongue played with his mouth, bringing helpless pant-moan-like-noises from the back of his throat.

Defne had only just recovered from her cold. She had missed three shows and all that while she had been forced to rest and eat. It had been boring. And after that first morning, she hadn’t let Gerard kiss her. That had been one of the most challenging decisions she had ever made. She had needed lots and lots of will power. But to look from the bright side, Gerard hadn’t gotten sick – it turns out that he had a rather strong immune system.

And now, the newly-reunited couple was under a rather amorous spell that prevented them from keeping their hands off of each other for any considerable amount of time. They were both so eager to explore: To wander around and discover just where they needed to touch each other in order to make the other shiver or cry out in anticipation. To taste. To smell. To see. But that was never enough: To touch. To hear…

They broke the kiss in desperate need of air, their chests rising and falling rapidly. Defne held Gerard’s head in place with both hands as he rested his forehead against hers. He clung to her arms and smiled against her cheek. He let his little pink tongue wander out and licked the tip of her nose. She giggled childishly.

“You’re so beautiful.” he whispered to her ear, still smiling.

She chuckled against his neck and leaned back to look him in the face. “You know, you said that with such conviction that I’d actually believe you if I wasn’t covered in sweat and dirt.” she said and stuck her tongue out at his surprised expression.

He took a wet lock of her hair and twisted it between his fingers. “You could be covered in mud from head to toe, for all I care. But still, it wouldn’t be enough to hide you – you’d still be beautiful.” he whispered. His eyes were full of trembling bright circles of light, just like over-emotional anime characters.

Defne ducked her head shyly. “You’re the beautiful one here.” she whispered, moving closer to him. “Not me.”

And she hugged him tight.


Defne fidgeted on her seat as the cameraman angled his camera to be able to capture her face better. This was the first time she was attending an interview all by herself and she couldn’t help but be nervous. Those traitorous friends of hers had left her all alone at the hands of an interviewer. Though she – the interviewer – seemed like a rather nice girl.

“So, here we are with Defne Yalcin from Soul Purpose.” she announced towards the camera with a big smile. Then she turned her attention towards Defne.

“Hi Defne!”

“Hi.” She tried to smile.

“Did I pronounce your last name right?”

“You were fine. It’s pronounced Yul-chen.”

“Okay, so, the tour seems to be going great and we’ve heard that you’ve been offered quite a few contracts, is that right?”

“Uhh, yeah. The tour’s been really awesome, so far. The atmosphere, the crowd, the adrenaline… they all come together to give us this giant morale boost to work harder, to try harder and to do better. And about the contract offers… umm, we’re really not sure about anything at the moment, we’re still in thinking mode.”

“Isn’t there even the slightest inclination towards one of the offers?” the interviewer asked, grinning pointedly at her.

Defne laughed.

“Nope. We’re totally objective right now.”

“Hmm… Okay. Since you don’t seem to want to talk about a future record, I have, right here…” she moved her hand to search behind her chair and pulled out a CD. “… your one and only record. Yeah, right here!”

The singer was dumbfounded. Her mouth opened in a silent “o” and then slowly lifted up in a shocked smile. “Wo-oow! Where the hell did you find that?” she asked.

The interviewer shot her a smug look. “You’d be surprised if you knew what more I can find…”

They both chuckled and Defne had to ask:

“No, really. I mean… I had no idea that record was still around!”

“Well, apparently, it is. So, it really has this interesting, eye-catching title: ‘BANG. SPLASH. BAM. 14 Less Zombies To Worry About.’ What does that mean exactly?”

“Ummm… I don’t know if what I’m gonna say is gonna make any sense to you, but. But, uhhh, there are 14 songs in the album. And… all of these songs have something in it, some bad memory or such, about a member or two of the band. So, basically “the zombies” symbolize these bad memories. And by writing these songs, performing them live and recording this album we broke those zombies’ holds on every one of us. And we hoped that we could help other people break free from their own zombies as well, so…”

She looked down at her clasped hands and gave a little sigh.

“Oh… That’s really – I don’t know what to say to that! So original and beautiful…”


“So, is there anything else you wanna say about the record?”

Defne looked up, blinking blankly at the camera.

“Uhmm… I dunno. We’d really wanted this to be. To be, you know. We’d wanted this album to meet our expectations. But, umm, too many things got in the way. During the recording process. And it all came out in such a rush that… I mean, I can’t honestly say that any of us is completely satisfied with the record. The songs, we all love. But, uhh, it shouldn’t have been this way. Like I said, so many things got in the way. Nearly all of us still had school… And I guess, it just wasn’t the right time. We were trying to get out of the oven but we weren’t even close to being baked, yet…” she finished, shaking her head.

“Are you saying that you regard your first album as a failure?” the interviewer pressed.

“No. Not a failure. But. Not Soul Purpose, either.”

“Right. So, you just mentioned school. That’s the main reason you came here in the first place, isn’t it?”

“Yep. I came to the US on a scholarship to complete my MS degree.”

“At Stanford, right?”

Defne nodded.

“Wow! So, did you? I mean, complete your degree?”

“Yeah, actually. It’s been almost two years since I submitted my thesis.”

The interviewer’s eyes widened. “Wow, guys, we’ve got ourselves an interesting rocker, here! How old were you again?”

“I’m gonna be 24 soon.” she answered, smiling.

“Just, how did you do all these in such short time? I mean, you’ve been here for like what –four years? You completed a degree, recorded an album and right now you’re on your second US tour. That’s just – unbelievable!”

“Well, I didn’t do it all by myself. I only got the degree. The rest is group work…”

“Yeah, I know. Your lead guitarist, Zachary Stiefel, he did the same, too, right? You two met at Stanford.”


“You know what, I’ve never seen a crazy band like you! What are you all, geniuses or something?” the interviewer mocked.

Defne chuckled, leaning back in her seat.

“No, we just love what we do.”

“Okay, then. Why don’t we just jump to the juicy parts? Since we’re having this cozy little chat between girls, you wouldn’t mind if I ask you a few questions about the guys, would you?”

She squinted at the interviewer, trying to read her.

“Umm, I guess it depends on the questions.” she responded with a cheeky grin.

The interviewer winked at her.

“Hmm, let’s see. Why don’t we start with the cliche question? You’ve been touring with the boys for two years, now. Are they dirty?”

Defne smirked. “Yeah, well they definitely lack some certain personal hygiene skills but I am not really the one to criticize. I mean, I’m not the most neat and clean person, either…”

“Really? Are you scruffy?”

“Ummm, well. Ye-ah. I don’t clean up or tidy my living space very often. I’m quite messy, actually. But if I wasn’t like this. Umm, let’s say if I was like my mother, who is a very very hygienic and tidy person, this band thing wouldn’t have worked from the first place. I guess I would have murdered the guys brutally and hid their bodies in our stinky van during the first month of tour. And thus, there would have been no Soul Purpose.”

“Wow, they stink that much, huh?”

Defne laughed out loud.

“Heee, yeah. To be honest, they do. But as long as there are no dirty socks lying around, we’re all cool with each other.”

“Nice agreement you’ve got there!” the interviewer let out as she chuckled. After regaining her composure, she started talking again. “So, what can you tell me about My Chemical Romance?”

Defne frowned.

“Umm, do you mean… do they stink, too?”

The interviewer gave a loud burst of laughter.

“Actually, I wasn’t asking about that, but we’d like it if you could answer that!”

The singer giggled, her cheeks blushing a rosy color.

“No way! I already told you about my own band mates, I’m not gonna disrepute any more people.”

“Okay, I guess that really is too much to ask. Just tell us how they’re like, then. You know, as an eye from the inside?”

Defne stared into the eyes of the interviewer, drifting into memories of the past months.

“They’re… they’re really. Great. It’s all I can say. I mean, they’re so warm and… and friendly. And you know, sometimes hyper and shy. I was really shocked to see we all got along so well… I mean, they have thousands of fans all over the world but they’re still… a bunch of really really sweet, humble guys with a passion for music.”

The word “sweet” made Defne think of Gerard. Her smile grew big. He really was sweet.


The day had been so exhausting and they were so very tired that no one was simply able to sleep when he/she just laid down on a bed. They needed to do something to officially announce the end of the day. So everyone gathered up in the front lounge at night to watch a movie, which turned out to be Sleepy Hollow.

Frank placed the DVD in the player as Mikey rubbed Bob’s hurting wrists. Apparently the drummer had been going a little too hard on them lately. His right wrist had gotten swollen after their basketball game and he was sure he hadn’t done a dangerous move to cause that reaction. So people had forced him to go see a doctor. But what a stubborn drummer, he was... He had talked his way out of going to the hospital. Yet, here poor Mikey was, rubbing his wrists in the middle of the night.

The others were all scattered around the space: Ray was at the far end of one of the couches, so that his afro didn’t block anyone’s view of the television, while Zack was sprawled out on the other couch, Devon next to him and Matt already dozing off slightly with his head in the bassist’s lap. Chris was the closest to the television, lying on his belly on the floor, propped up by his elbows and staring at the screen intently. Not having been able to claim a spot on the comfy couches, Gerard and Defne were sitting cross-legged on the floor behind him, their knees and shoulders brushing against each other every now and then.

The tiny guitarist got hold of the remote and took his place on the floor, leaning his head against the armrest of the couch and pressed play to start the movie.

Tim Burton’s name appeared on the dark screen, followed by a couple drops of blood.

Some eyes stayed transfixed to the television, some glazed over in sleep and some fluttered shut, throughout the movie.

Gerard made sure no one was paying attention to him or Defne before gently covering her hand, which was placed on the floor, with his own. The other singer’s dark eyes left the screen to lock with his. She smiled at him coyly and wiggled her fingers in his hand, biting her lip. He once again checked to see if the awake ones were looking their way and leaned forward to press his lips against hers in the sweetest way possible.

No one saw the end of the movie.

But it didn’t bother anyone, too much. They had all seen the movie lots of times before, anyways.

As the credits started to appear on the black screen, their white hesitant light flashed on the couple on the floor: Gerard’s head safely nestled against Defne’s chest. Her head resting on his. His arms tight around her waist. Her arms holding his torso close to hers. Legs tangled with each other’s.

Luckily, they didn’t get busted this time:

They were the first ones to wake up.

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