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Disney has never been this hot.

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A cool, calm New Jersey Night. Four people huddled around a TV set in the living room of a New Jersey home. Four grown New Jersey men all on the edge of their seats, three crying and one damn close to it. Four grown men watching Bambi. “Is she dead?” Frank whispered, his hands over his mouth. “Is he gonna find her?” He adds, to no one in particular. I wiped my watery eyes and looked around at the other guys, trying to stifle my laugh. Ray was curled up, hugging a pillow, with his knees pulled up to his chest. Mikey was wiping his eyes, and Frank looked… Horrified. I looked back at the screen. It was spring time, and the music was happy again. I yawned, and stretched and stood up. “Yeah, I’d say it’s bed time for ole Gee. Night guys.” I said. I turned and slowly walked to the basement, still listening to the movie. “They’re Twitterpated.” The TV said. “Twitterpated?” It replied. I kept walking till I heard a non TV voice, and felt a hand on my shoulder. “Hey, can I sleep down with you, on your couch? Ray’s sleeping on the living room couch…. So….” Said Frankie, looking… Was that nervous? He was fiddling and twisting his fingers. “Sure” I laughed “I’ll meet you down there, but can you do me a favour and bring down some coke?” He nodded and walked to the kitchen as I turned and headed down the stairs to my room. I pulled my jeans off and headed over to a cupboard, pulling out a blanket and spare pillow and tossing them to the couch for Frankie, just as he appeared at the bottom of the stairs. “you know what Gee?” He said, handing me a can of coke. “I’m not tired at all.’ I laughed and replied “ Are you ever?” He looked thoughtful, and then shook his head. I giggled and turned on my little TV. “Aw I don’t feel like TV.” Frankie crooned, switching it off. I could feel my tummy knotting up and butterflies being released from their cages to beat their wings around my intestines as Frankie moved closer. His eyes were above my head, but mine were on him. “What about Monopoly?” He squeaked. I shook my head “Monopoly sucks.” I replied, sitting down on my bed. “Strip Monopoly?” He offered. I shook my head again, laughing. “Okay, Mr Friday the 13th!” Frankie giggled and said “Scrabble?” I gave him a thumbs down and then stood up, reached up to the shelf above his head and then brought it down to his eye level. “Strip Disney Trivial Pursuit.” His eyes widened his eyes and smiled. “Ask me a Bambi question!” Frankie said, as I unpacked and set up the board. “No, don’t!” He said, suddenly fearful. “I didn’t see the end!” I smiled up at him and patted the floor next to me. “Ok. I’ll be Mikey Mouse. You, are Snow White.” I said to him. He nodded. “We’re gonna play the game regularly, if you land on the coloured corner you get pie, but if you get a regular question wrong, it’ll cost you clothes, and right, well, you get some clothes back, and the other person has to take some off. Understood?” I continued. Frankie giggled and crossed his legs. “Ok you roll first.” I said humbly, handing Frank the dice. He bowed and rolled, to get himself a 4. “Ok. 1234 yellow. Villains.” I grinned and picked up a card. “Okie Dokes. Finish the lyric: Cruella De Ville, Cruella De Ville, if she doesn’t scare you…” Frankie scratched his chin and looked thoughtful, before smiling wickedly and singing loudly and off key “IF SHE DOESN’T SCARE YOU, NO EVIL THING WILL!” I rolled my eyes and stuffed the card back in the box, and nudged the dice back towards him. “No no Gerard, you said if I get a question right, your clothes come off. So come on. Or rather, off.” He still had that crazy smile on his face, and I rolled my eyes. I was only wearing boxers and a shirt. Great. I pulled off the shirt and could feel myself turning red as his eyes moved down my upper torso. “Come on, it’s not a gallery. Roll.” I urged him. He poked his tongue out and picked up the dice, throwing them lightly. 6. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… Villain again, or Orange. What’s orange, Gee?” I shrugged and moved his piece to the orange picture of a glass slipper. “Ok. Where does Pinocchio get a ticket to go to, meeting Lampwick along the way?” Frankie bit his lip, and then shrugged, throwing his arms up in defeat. “No idea.” I grinned and he pulled his shirt off. And I was pretty shocked… He had been dieting something fierce… Last time I saw him topless he was developing the tiniest beer gut, but now, I could count his ribs… If I didn’t want to get a hard-on, anyway. I tried my best to look away, and grabbed my own shirt. “Uh-uh you said nothing about getting your closes back when someone else answered a question!” Frankie scolded. I rolled my eyes and picked up the dice, throwing them roughly and cursing under my breathe as I did. “5!” Frankie chirped. I moved my Mikey Mouse over to a green square. “What’s green?” Frankie picked up a card. “Mulan” He said. “Right. Who are the Chinese at war with? Oh come on, they make them to easy.” Frankie said loudly. But I didn’t know. I had never seen Mulan. Cold sweat was beading at my forehead as I contemplated having to strip naked before topless Frankie who would soon surely be naked too. I silently chastised myself for not wearing shoes, socks and a sweater. And jeans. And a hat, glasses, braces and scarf and pantihose! I scratched my head, and opened my eyes, and jumped. Frankie was right in front of me, right up in my face. At first neither of us did anything, and then I gulped, as Frankie’s hands moved down to the waistband of my boxers slowly, and he leaned in impossibly closer and whispered “You lose, Gee.”

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