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The Surprise Visitor

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!!!!Chapter 14!!!!!

Kelsey and Benji arrived in Detroit five hours later, which was 5am. They grabbed their luggage and rolled it out of the airport. They walked up to a taxi that was waiting outside for them. The taxi driver helped them with their things and got back in and drove them to the hospital. They got out and headed inside the hospital.

Hannah was waiting in the waiting room for Kelsey and Benji. She saw them walk in, ”oh my god guys I'm so happy you guys are here!” she said hugging them

“I know I just have to be here for Hilary.” Kelsey said and smiled
Hannah nodded, ”Yeah I understand.” she said as they headed to the elevator

They got inside the elevator. Hannah looked over at them, “Hilary is sleeping right now but once she wakes up she'll be happy that you guys are here”

“Awesome” Benji said smiling

The elevator reached the third floor and all three of them got out and started walking down the hall. Benji and Kelsey followed. Hannah soon stopped in front of a door and opened it revealing Hilary laying in the hospital bed sleeping with all kinds of machines hooked up to her and different medications that were being put into her body. She also looked extremely pale.

Hannah seated herself next to Hilary as Benji and Kelsey sat down by Britney and Eminem who were fast asleep on the couch. Hannah looked over at them, “Well I guess all we can do is sleep until she wakes up”

Kelsey looked at Hannah, “how long has she been sleeping?”

“She’s been sleeping since about one. We came in at about midnight and they gave her some medication to take so she could relax.” Hannah said looking at Kelsey, “the baby's under a lot of stress right now”

“Yeah I bet” Benji said as Kelsey laid her head on his shoulder

“Do you know what caused Hilary to snap?” Kelsey asked

Hannah nodded, ”yeah I do. She found the article in the People Magazine about Joel being with Nicole Richie.” she paused and continued, “and that hurt her a lot. She wouldn't stop crying”

“I just got done yelling at Joel before we came here” Kelsey said, “we went over to his house to tell him about Hilary and we found Nicole there with him. I didn't even know about them until tonight. I was pissed”

Benji looked at the girls, “I don't know why Joel is being this way.”

Hannah sighed, “well let’s just hope he grows up” she said looking at them, “Hilary was in the process of forgiving Joel and getting back together with him but I don't see that now”

“Yeah we'll have to see I guess” Kelsey said resting her head on Benji's chest

Benji put his arm around her nodding in agreement.

A couple hours passed and everybody was awake except Hilary.

Eminem looked at everyone, “lets go out to for breakfast since Hilary wont be up for a couple more hours”

“I really don't wanna leave Hilary” Kelsey said looking at him

Eminem looked at her, “I know that none of us want to leave her but we all need to go eat something.” he said as everybody stood up, “we’ll bring something back for Hilary so she doesn't have to eat the hospital food”

Everybody got up and walked out of the room and headed to the restaurant. A half hour later while they were gone Hilary woke up. She yawned looking around, “where is everybody?” she asked herself. She laid her hand on her stomach rubbing it trying to go back to sleep.

She was almost asleep when the door opened. Eminem, Britney, and Hannah walked in. “Hey Hilary!” Hannah said walking over to her, “guess who's here to see you?”

Hilary looked up at her, “who?” she asked

She looked over at the door and Benji and Kelsey walked in. Kelsey walked in with a bag in her hand she looked over seeing Hilary, “Hilary!!” she yelled running over to her hugging her

“Kelsey!” she screamed hugging her, ”oh my god I'm so happy you guys are here!”
“We had to come see you!” Benji said hugging her

Hilary hugged him back smiling, ”Aww thanks you guys!”

Eminem walked up, “Hilary we got you some food to eat for breakfast” he said walking up with the bag

“Daddy I really can’t eat that” Hilary said pushing the bag away, “I’ve eating way to much fast food and its not healthy for my baby”

“That’s right I forgot about that” Eminem said, “I’ll go have our cook make you something okay?” he said walking over to her and kissed her forehead

Hilary smiled, “okay daddy”

Eminem walked out the way as Kelsey spoke, “Hilary are you sure you're ready to come back to LA?”

“Yeah why wouldn't I be?” she asked looking at Kelsey

Kelsey looked down then at her, “because of Joel”

Hilary took a deep breath, “I’ll be fine. Look I've been fine for the past what two and half months that we've been split up. I'll be fine”

“Alright I was just making sure” Kelsey said and smiled

“We just don't want this to happen again” Benji said looking at her

“Yeah I know but seriously guys I'll be fine” Hilary said yawning

The nurse walked in smiling. She looked at Hilary, “how are you feeling?”

“I'm good” Hilary said smiling

The nurse walked up to her, “that’s good to hear” she looked at the others, “Can you guys please leave the room so I can check Hilary over?”

“Yeah we can” Benji said as they all got up and left the room.

The nurse check over and looked at her smiling, “Well you seem to be doing pretty good. And the baby is doing extremely better than it was last night. Just continue resting and letting the baby get better”

Hilary nodded, ”alright thank you so much”

The nurse smiled, “no problem” she walked over grabbing her stuff, ”oh yeah there’s a young man in the waiting room wanting to see you”

Hilary looked at her confused, “who?”

The nurse looked back at her, “I think his name was Joel. He didn't think you would want to see him but requested that I asked you”

“Wow well...” Hilary said looking around, ”yeah I guess he can come in”

“Alright. I'll send Joel in” the nurse said walking out of the room.

About five minutes the door opened and Joel walked in. he smiled a little and sat down next to her, ”hey Hilary”

“Hey Joel.” she said looking at him, “I’m surprised your here”

“Of course id be here.” Joel said looking at her, ”how’s the baby?”

Hilary cleared her throat, “the baby's doing great”
Joel smiled, “that’s great to hear.” he looked down, “look Hilary I know why you almost lost the baby” he said looking up at her, “it was because of me”

“Joel don't say that” Hilary said looking at him even though she knew clearly it was part of the reason

Joel shook his head, “no Hilary I'm not dumb. It was my fault you almost lost our child” he looked down, “and I just wanted to say that” he paused looking at her, “I’m really sorry”

Hilary smiled a little, “I know Joel. Its ok”

“I didn't mean to make you upset... please forgive me” he said looking at her

Hilary sighed, “Joel its ok. The baby's fine. That’s all that matters”

“Alright” Joel said. He didn't want to argue with her since she needed to rest
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