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Back 2 LA! Joel's Surpise For Hilary

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hilary gets back to LA after getting from the hospital and joel has a surpise for hilary....

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!!!!!Chapter 15!!!!!

1 Week Later

A week has passed and Hilary was finally out of the hospital. She was doing well and the baby showed a lot of progress. She wasn’t in danger anymore of having a miscarriage.

Today was the day she was heading back to LA to continue living her life with her friends. Hilary was sitting on the floor packing her suitcase. She got up and walked around making sure she got everything she needed. She grabbed her suitcases and rolled them out of her room. She reached downstairs and rolled the suitcases in the kitchen leaning them against the wall. She walked up to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of water, “daddy! I'm ready!” she yelled

Eminem came walking into the kitchen, “I can’t believe that you're leaving! I loved having you around” he said giving her a hug

“Yeah I'm gonna miss you too daddy!” she said hugging him back, “if you ever need me just give me a call.”

Hilary pulled away smiling. She kissed him on the cheek and walked over picking up her handbag, “wow I can’t believe my two weeks went by so fast”

“I know” her father said picking up his car keys, “Hilary can you please at least come visit me once a month or so since you're pregnant?” he walked up to her, “I don't want to miss out on your pregnancy since I already missed the first two and a half months.”

Hilary smiled, ”yeah I can try daddy! If not ill send you pictures of my growing belly” she said as Britney walked in

Britney walked up, “good bye Hilary! I hope to see you soon” she said hugging her

“Good bye Britney” she said smiling pulling away, “take care of my daddy”

Britney smiled, “of course I will”

Hilary smiled as Hannah came walking in, ”oh my god Hilary I don't want you to leave me!” she said hugging her

“I know but I got to get back to my job and stuff” Hilary said hugging her, “But ill try to come visit at least once a month or once every two months”

“Alright!” she said kissing her cheek

Hilary smiled, “I have to get back to LA for my doctors appointment.” she gave Britney and Hannah another hug, “bye girls see ya later! I love you guys!” she said grabbing one of her suitcases

“Bye!” the girls said watching her

Eminem walked up and grabbed her other suitcase, ”alright Hilary lets go” he said as they walked out of the kitchen. They walked out to the car put the luggage in the car and headed to the airport. They reached the airport and got out rolling the luggage behind them. Hilary gave the people her luggage and turned to her father, “bye daddy I'll miss you!” she said hugging him.

Em pulled her into a hug, “I’ll miss you too baby” he pulled away, “take care okay? And if you need any help or need to get away from LA you are welcome to come back okay?”

Hilary smiled, “yes daddy I know”

“And if you need any money for the baby and the baby nursery or anything just call me okay?” her father said watching her

Hilary nodded, “yes daddy I will.” she gave him another hug, “I got to get going or I'm not gonna get on my flight” she said pulling away

“Alright bye baby” he said kissing her forehead

She walked away and turned around smiling. She blew him a kiss and boarded the plane.

Em smiled, “I’m going to miss her” he said to himself as he watched the plane take off

Back In LA

Five hours later the plane landed in Los Angeles, California. Hilary got off her plane and grabbed her luggage. She walked out of the airport and up to a cab that was waiting for her. The cab driver got out and helped her with her luggage. He got in and took of towards her house. About ten-fifteen minutes they arrived at her house.

She grabbed her luggage and thanked the driver and started walking up to the house. She took her keys out and unlocked the door walking in. all the lights were off which meant Kelsey wasn't home. She walked in and sat her luggage in the kitchen. She walked into the living room and laid down on the couch turning on the TV. She watched TV rubbing her round pregnant belly. She was in the middle of watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air when she heard a knocking at the door and hearing the door open. This meant it was Benji, Joel, or Billy. “Come in!” she said loudly

Hilary watched the door as a male came walking in with short spikey black hair. He had gorgeous ice blue eyes and was also very tall and thin. Hilary's face lit up, “Billy!” she yelled getting up

“Hilary!” he yelled hugging her

“Billy I haven't seen you in forever!” Hilary said pulling away and sitting down on the couch

Billy sat next to her, “so how are you? How was Detroit? How’s the baby?” he asked smiling

“Well to answer your first question I'm fine!” she paused and smiled, “to answer your second question. I loved Detroit! It was so much fun. I missed it. And I missed my family and stuff. It was awesome to be back there” she turned to Billy, “and to answer your third question. The baby is doing great.” she said placing her hand on her stomach, “the baby is good as new”

Billy smiled, “That’s great to hear! I'm just happy that the baby is okay”

“Uh huh” Hilary said smiling

“Well” Billy said looking at Hilary, “I just came to see if you were okay. I'll be over later tonight” he said getting up

Hilary stood up as well, ”alright! Bye Billy!” she said giving him a hug

He hugged her back, “bye Hilary” he said smiling and pulling away. He waved as he left

Hilary went back to watching TV. About an hour later Hilary heard the door opening once again. She looked at the door as Kelsey came walking in, “Hilary!” she yelled running towards her

“Kelsey!” Hilary yelled hugging her

Kelsey pulled away, ”oh my god I'm so happy that you're home! I've missed you!”
“Yeah you're telling me!” Hilary said smiling, “so how are Benji and Joel?”

Kelsey smiled, “well Benji is doing fabulous and Joel is doing good. He’s shaped up a lot!”

Hilary smiled, “that’s awesome!” she said as a knock came from the door, “I’ll go get it” she said walking over to the door

She walked up to the door and opened it revealing Joel, ”hey Joel”

“Hey Hilary” he said smiling, “I came over here because I want to show you something”

Hilary looked at him confused, ”Umm... okay” she said watching him

“Well let’s go” Joel said smiling

“Kelsey! I'll be back! Joel has to show me something!” Hilary yelled in the house

“Okay!” Kelsey yelled back

Hilary shut the door following Joel to his car. They got in and headed to his house that they once shared together. He parked the car and they got out. They headed to the door. He opened the door letting Hilary in. Hilary walked in looking around. Not much has changed since she left. Joel walked up, ”alright lets go upstairs” he said pointing at the stairs

Hilary smiled and walked up the stairs after Joel. She followed Joel into one of the guest bedrooms, “what’s going on?” she asked herself as Joel turned around to face her

“Okay, while you were gone I did something and I hope you like it” Joel said, “now close your eyes”

Hilary smiled uneasy, “okay..” she said closing her eyes.

Joel opened the door and led her into the room. He stopped, “Okay Hilary open your eyes” he said

Hilary opened her eyes seeing the guest bedroom changed into a baby nursery. The walls were painted a baby yellow since they didn't know the sex of the baby. There was a white round baby crib in the middle of the room. There was a dresser on one side of the room and a changing station on the other. There were also various pictures on the wall as well as toys. Joel also had a baby pink rocking chair as well as a baby bouncer, jumper, swing, car seat, stroller, and lots of stuffed animals. There were too way too many things to name. It was just simply gorgeous

Hilary gasped, “Joel! Oh my god! Its so gorgeous!”

Joel smiled, “I’m glad you like it!”

“Did you do this all by yourself?” Hilary asked walking around the room

“Yes but I did have help from Benji, Billy, and my family.” he said looking at her, ”oh and Kelsey helped too”

Hilary walked up hugging him, ”oh my god Joel its so gorgeous! I absolutely love it!”

Joel hugged her back, “Sweet” he said smiling, “I painted the nursery baby yellow for now until we find out the sex of the baby. Then I’m gonna repaint it.”

Hilary wrapped her arms around his neck, “you are so sweet you know that? That’s one thing I miss about you” she said tilting her head to the side looking at him

Joel looked at her flashing his sexy smile. He slowly pulled her face towards his. Their lips connected as Joel kissed her softly. They're kiss soon deepened. Hilary grabbed his face pulling him closer to her kissing him harder. Joel kept kissing her as they made their way to his bedroom.

They stumbled in his bedroom as Joel slammed the door shut with his foot. They fell back on the bed but was careful not to hurt the baby with their lips still connected. Joel pulled away kissing her neck. Hilary gasped for air as Joel continued kissing her neck. He kissed his way down her neck and back up kissing her lips. Joel ran his hands up and down her body. Hilary ran her hands down his chest slowly until her fingertips found the end of his shirt. She started tugging at his shirt. Joel pulled back breaking the kiss, “Hilary are you sure you want to do this?” he asked gasping for air.

Hilary kissed his lips and pulled back breathing hard, “yes Joel. I'm sure. I'm positive.. Please just continue” she said grabbing his shirt and pulling him down on her.

Joel smiled down at her and started kissing her again. Hilary tugged at Joel's shirt and broke the kiss taking it off and throwing it across the room. Joel grabbed Hilary's shirt pulling it up and over breasts and up over her head and tossed it on the floor.

Hilary rolled over so she was on top of Joel. She kissed his lips and started planting kisses down his neck and chest. She stopped above his pants undoing his belt. She pulled it off and threw it on the floor and started undoing his pants. Joel lay there watching her. She unzipped his pants and started tugging at them. She pulled them off and threw them on the floor leaving Joel only in his boxers. She smiled at him crawling on top of him kissing him.

Joel rolled her over so he was on top. He started kissing her neck lightly sucking and biting her skin, “Joel” she moaned tilting her head to the side. Joel pulled away smiling at her as he started undoing her pants. He pulled them down and off and threw them on the floor. He smiled down at her, “you are so beautiful Hilary”

Hilary wrapped her arms around his neck smiling up at him. Joel smiled down at her putting his hands behind her unsnapping her bra slowly pulled the straps down her arms. He pulled it off throwing it across the room and looked down at her revealing her breasts. Hilary looked up at him smiling as Joel took his boxers off and started sliding her underwear down and threw them on the floor.

Hilary looked up at him with wanting eyes. He looked down smiling at her spreading her legs and entering her slowly. Hilary wrapped her arms around Joel tighter as he started faster every given minute.

Hilary started biting and kissing his neck. She pulled away as Joel kept going faster. Hilary dug her nails into Joel's skin as they were both reaching their climax. Hilary started gasping for air as Joel started sucking and biting her neck, “Joel! I'm going to come!” she screamed digging her nails into him

Joel started moaning, “shit.. Hilary..” he started slamming himself harder into her making her scream and moan louder. Joel slammed himself into her one last time as they both comed. Joel collapsed on top of her being careful not to hurt the baby.

Joel looked down at her, “Hilary... I..” he paused but continued, “I love you Hilary” he said breathing heavy

“I... I love you too Joel” she said smiling breathing heavy

Joel pulled himself out of her and laid next to her on the bed and kissing her lightly on the lips

Hilary smiled laying her head on his chest as they soon fell asleep in each other’s arms
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