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But It Felt So Right...

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!!!!!Chapter 16!!!!!

The Next Morning

The sun shown through the windows as the sun rose up into the sky. The sky was robin egg blue and the clouds white as snow. Hilary stirred in bed. She yawned trying to open her eyes but shut them because the sun was shining in on her. She rubbed her eyes and sat up clutching onto the thin sheet that was covering her body. She looked around observing the room realizing she wasn't in her room. Her eyes fell on someone laying next to her sleeping peacefully. Her eyes got big and her jaw dropped,”oh my fucking god” she said to herself looking at the figure sleeping.

She looked around the room seeing her clothes on the floor. She got up quietly still clutching onto the sheet walking around the room,”Hilary you are so stupid” she said scolding herself as she quietly picked up her clothes

She tip toed into the bathroom and took a quick shower and pulled her clothes back on that she had on the night before. She brushed her hair and looked at herself in the mirror. She fixed her smudged eye liner and was about to turn to leave when she something caught her eyes. She looked in the mirror looking at the side of her neck. She ran her finger along it,”oh great! Thanks for leaving hickeys on my neck Joel” she said to herself and picked up the sheet and opened the bathroom door quietly. She looked out the door and scanned the room. Her eyes fell on the bed where a figure was once sleeping was now not in bed,”No no no!” she said hitting her forehead with her hand

She really didn't want to have to talk to Joel. She made a huge mistake. She walked out of the bathroom and placed the sheet on the bed. She walked over to the night stand picking up her phone and decided to check her messages. She had 5 missed calls. Three were from Kelsey, one was from her father, and the other was from her twin sister Hannah. She sighed to herself shutting her phone and putting it in her Louis Vuitton handbag that was laying on the nightstand also.

She grabbed her handbag taking a deep breath. She had to go face the music. She walked towards the bedroom door and walked out. She turned to her left walking down the long hallway which came to stairs. She went down the stairs quietly looking around for any sign of Joel,”So far so good” she thought to herself still scanning the room. She walked out of the family room and into the dinning room. She heard noises coming from the kitchen. She walked in leaning on the door frame.

Joel was standing in his boxers with no shirt on putting dishes away humming a song to himself. Man did he look sexy! Hilary smiled to herself watching him. She cleared her throat hoping to get his attention. Joel looked over at her,”oh hey Hil” he said blushing a little from embarrassment

“Hey Joel” she said smiling uneasy

Joel went back to putting the dishes away,”so can I get you anything to eat or drink?” he asked

“No I'm good” Hilary said shaking her head

“Are you sure?” Joel asked looking at her,”I bet the baby is hungry”

Hilary smiled a little,”actually I feel sick to my stomach”

Joel's face got full of concern,”are you okay?” he asked walking towards her

“Yes Joel I'm fine.” she said looking at him,”when I'm up early in the mornings i usually don't feel all that good. But its perfectly normal”

Joel put his hand on his chest,”oh good. I was worried for a second” he said grinning

“No really I'm fine its ok” she said smiling,”i just came to tell you I gotta leave. Kelsey's been calling me like crazy she probably thinks I died or something.”

“Oh alright” he said,”I wish you didn't have to leave” he said smiling

Hilary pulled her handbag strap onto her shoulder,”Sorry Joel.” she said looking at her feet then back up at him,”I'll see you later okay?” she said walking towards the door

“See ya Hil” Joel said watching her

Hilary turned around and smiled,”bye Joel” she said walking out of the kitchen.

Joel watched her as she left out the front door. He sighed to himself and went back to putting the dishes away.

At Kelsey and Hilary's

Hilary pulled up to the house she shared with Kelsey. She grabbed her Louis Vuitton handbag and walked up to the front door. She opened the door walking in shutting it behind her,”Kelsey?” she yelled

“HILARY!” Kelsey screamed running out of the kitchen and ran up to her grabbing her shoulders,”Oh my god I thought you died or something!” she said hugging her

“Geez Kelsey I'm fine” she said hugging her back

“Where were you” Kelsey said pulling away,”Hilary! Oh my god!”

Hilary looked at her weirdly,”what?” she asked

“What are those on your neck?” Kelsey said looking at her

“Umm” Hilary said looking at Kelsey,”nothing”

”Hilary Ann!” she said crossing her arms,”were you with Joel?”

“Yes but nothing happened” she said walking away from her and into the living room

Kelsey followed her,”whatever! If nothing happened then you wouldn't have hickeys on your neck!”

Hilary sat down on the couch,”what?” she said looking at Kelsey

Kelsey sat down,”come on Hilary don't lie to me I'm your best friend!”

“Fine” Hilary said looking at her,”well I went to Joel's as you know and yeah”

Kelsey's eyes got wide,”oh my god you two had sex together!”

Hilary nodded,”yeah I guess”

“But... but why? How?” she said looking at Hilary in disbelief

Hilary sighed,”Well when I got over there he showed me on of his guest bedrooms. He turned it into a baby nursery and I thought that was the sweetest thing ever. And well you know how my hormones are”

“I cant believe you had sex with Joel! Weren't you mad at him?” Kelsey said looking at her,”wow” she said smiling

“Kelsey I couldn't help it! It just felt right and yeah!” she said rolling her eyes

Kelsey smiled,”you wanted it all along and you liked it!”

“Leave me alone I'm pregnant!” Hilary said crossing her arms looking away from her

Kelsey scooted closer to Hilary,”come on admit it!” she said smiling

“No” Hilary said looking at her,”Theres nothing to admit”

“Hilary!” she said getting closer

“No Kelsey” Hilary said looking away

“Hilary! Come on!” Kelsey yelled

“Fine! I liked it!” Hilary said looking at her,”are you happy now? I liked it and loved it and it was fucking amazing!” she looked away,”plus its not like you haven't had sex with Benji yet”

Kelsey smiled,”Ha! I knew it” she paused looking at Hilary,”and yes I have had sex with Benji and I loved it!”

Hilary rolled her eyes,”Okay I'm not having this conversation.

Kelsey sighed,”You regret it don't you?” she asked

Hilary nodded,”Yes I feel like I made a mistake but it felt so right last night.” she looked down at her hands,”I miss being in his arms. I really loved Joel with all my heart but I got hurt and I don't want to trust him anymore but I still love him”

Kelsey scooted by her and put her hand on her back rubbing it,”Hilary I think you're scared you're going to get hurt again. Thats why you are having second thoughts on it. And thats understandable”

Hilary put her face in her hands,”yeah thats exactly what it is. I'm just gonna wait it out a little longer and see what happens” she looked up at Kelsey,”and not to mention he hasn't even broken up with Nicole Richie yet!”

“He's probably in the process” Kelsey said still rubbing her back,”its okay Hilary just give it a little more time.”

“Yeah you're right” she said rubbing her face,”I'm gonna go back to bed” she said getting up

Kelsey watched her,”are you feeling sick again?” she called after her

“Yeah. I got up way too early” Hilary said looking back at her

Kelsey got up,”you go up onto bed I'll bring you some water up”

“Alright. Thanks Kelsey I love you” she said walking out of the room

Kelsey smiled,”i love you too!” she yelled walking into the kitchen to get Hilary some water.
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