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Don't Doubt My Love For You

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!!!!!Chapter 17!!!!!

*3 Months Later

Hilary came walking out of the doctor’s office. She had on white terry cloth maternity pants with a white terry cloth maternity hoodie shirt with a baby blue tank top underneath it, which showed, off her big baby bump she had. She was now five and a half months long. She walked down the sidewalk and got into Kelsey's car.

Kelsey looked at her, “so? What is it?”

Hilary looked at her smiling with excitement, “I’m having a baby girl!” she squealed

“Yes! Oh my god I'm so happy for you!” she said hugging her

Hilary pulled back, ”yeah I know it’s so awesome! I get to buy all these cute girl clothes! Its going to so rock!”

Kelsey squealed with excitement, “now you can let your father know what you're having!” she said as he started to drive down the road

“I know! He’s going to be so happy!” Hilary said looking out the window, “this baby's going to be so spoiled”

Kelsey smiled, “totally I'm so going to spoil her!”

Hilary looked at her and smiled, “Who isn't?” she said looking at the road

“Yeah you got a point” Kelsey said and giggled and continued watching the road

At Kelsey & Hilary's

The girls got into the house and sat down around the kitchen table. Hilary sat there thinking. She had so much stuff to do before the baby arrived. She doesn't even have the nursery done let alone baby stuff she needs besides what she got when she was in Detroit. She looked up at Kelsey, “Kelsey I have SO much stuff to do still!”

“I know but Hilary I will help you okay?” Kelsey said walking over to Hilary handing her a bottle of cold water

Hilary took the water, “thanks Kelsey. I don't have any of my baby things I need for my nursery. I don't even have my nursery painted yet! And I don't know whether or not I want to live in a house by myself or if I should stay here you know?” she said looking up at Kelsey.

“Hilary, I really don't mind you being here. Plus I love having you here. Its not so lonely here.” she said smiling, “You can stay here until
you find a boyfriend or whatever I seriously do not mind. I LOVE your company!” she said smiling

Hilary looked at her smiling, ”Alright I'll stay. But I just need to sit down and think of everything I need” she said getting up to get paper and a pen.

“Alright!” Kelsey said watching her, “if you need any help just let me know”

Hilary nodded and sat down and started scribbling stuff down on paper. About fifteen minutes later she put her pen down and looked up at Kelsey, “I have like a trillion things to get!”

Kelsey took the paper from her, “don’t worry Hilary I'll take care of it okay?”

“Alright” she said rubbing her face, “we’ll see” she said getting up, “I’m going to go get ready so we can go meet the guys”

Kelsey stood up, “me too” she said following her upstairs

The girls went upstairs and got dressed. They came back downstairs dressed all pretty. Kelsey came downstairs wearing a short red sundress with red stilettos. Hilary came down wearing a baby pink maternity smocked v-neck dress with black stilettos.

Hilary walked over and grabbed her purse, “I hope we don't stand for very long since I'm in stilettos. I know I shouldn't be wearing them but I love them!”

“You’re crazy!” Kelsey said smiling as she grabbed her purse, “Lets go!”

Hilary followed Kelsey outside and the girls got in the car and headed to the restaurant.

Awhile later they arrived in front of the restaurant called Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills. The girls got out and headed inside. They got inside and found Benji waiting for them. They walked up to the table and sat down.

Hilary looked around, “where’s the other two boys at?”

“They’re on their way.” Benji said looking at them, “they’re taking forever”

Kelsey smiled, “I see that!”

Hilary looked at the two of them, “so how is your guys' relationship going?”

“Its been going great! I love it” Benji said smiling

Kelsey started blushing, “Benji stop you're making me blush!”

“Aww!” Hilary said laughing

They all started laughing as Billy walked in with a girl. He walked over to the table holding her hand, “Hey guys. Sorry we're late” he said sitting down with the girl sitting down next to him

“Hey Billy” Hilary said smiling, “who’s this?” she asked looking at the girl

Billy smiled at the girl, “This is my girlfriend Linzi” he said looking at them

“Hey Linzi its nice to meet you” Hilary said, “I’m Hilary”

“And I'm Kelsey” Kelsey said smiling

Linzi smiled, “its nice to meet you guys too” she looked at them, “Billy’s told me so much about you guys”

“I hope its good stuff!” Hilary said laughing, “I’ve got a pretty fucked up relationship right now”

Joel came walking through the door. They all looked over seeing he also had a girl with him. They started making their way towards them

Hilary rolled her eyes sitting back straight in her chair. Hilary and Joel's relationship hasn't been so good lately. They really haven’t been getting along like they should be since they have a child on the way.

Joel walked over to the table and took a seat as the girl he had with him did also. Hilary looked at the girl sitting in front of her. She had blonde hair that went past her shoulders. She also had pretty dark brown eyes and tanish skin. She was also about the same height as Hilary and was very thin. Hilary wanted to puke just looking at the girl that was sitting in front of her. If you haven't guessed the girl sitting in front of her was the one and only Miss Hilary Duff.

“Hey guys” Joel said smiling

“Hey” everyone said except for Hilary

Hilary Duff looked at everybody smiling, “thanks for having me guys!”

Everybody nodded smiling or somewhat forcing a smile.

Their food came and they quietly sat there eating. Awhile later they were all done. Hilary looked around watching Joel and Hilary Duff being all lovey dovey and it made her want to puke once again. She looked around at everyone and put her napkin down on the table, “I’m going to go outside and get some air. I'll be back in a couple minutes” she said getting up

“Alright Hilary. Just be careful” Billy called after her

Hilary nodded and started walking. She walked through the restaurant and got outside. She stood up against the building looking around. There were some people arriving and leaving the restaurant as she stood outside. She looked over to her right and rolled her eyes as she saw paparazzi outside in a distance taking pictures. She rested her hand on her stomach acting like she didn't see them.

A few minutes later someone came walking outside, “hey Hilary” a male voice said

Hilary looked over seeing Joel standing beside her, “what do you want?” she asked

“I just came to see how you were doing” he said walking in front of her

“Why do you even care Joel?” Hilary asked, “you don't fucking care”

Joel sighed, “Hilary yes I do care”

Hilary shot him a glare, “obviously Joel you don't! If you did fucking care you wouldn't be doing what you're doing!”

“What are you talking about!” Joel yelled a little

Hilary rolled her eyes, “don’t play dumb Joel” she looked up at him, “I’m tired of you playing games with me”

“What!” Joel said looking at her in disbelief

Hilary picked up her handbag that was resting against the wall, “Joel you need to figure out what you want. I'm done playing your games. You tell me you love me then you tell me you hate me. You need to decide what you fucking want. Either me and your soon to be baby or that fucking tramp in there!”

Joel rolled his eyes, “Hilary you're being ridiculous”

“No I'm not Joel!” Hilary spat back, “I’m done! I'm sick of this! I thought you cared about me and the baby!” she got walked up to him, “you were the one begging me to come back to you! You were supposedly in love with me but you don't fucking act like it!”

“You don't seem to love me” Joel said crossing his arms

“What!” Hilary said walking up to him, “are you fucking serious?” she screamed and backed up a few steps, “Joel I fucking love you with all my heart! If I didn't love you I wouldn't fucking be here and I wouldn't be fucking carrying your god damn child!” she started getting teary, “I cant believe you would doubt my love for you.... “ She paused sniffing back tears, “Joel you know much I fucking love you!” she shook her head looking at him, “you know what? Just forget about it!” she yelled with a few tears down her face as she turned away and started walking back towards the restaurant

Joel grabbed her arm, “Hilary…”

Hilary yanked her arm away, “don’t fucking touch me! I hate you!” she screamed at him

“Hilary please I love you I really do” Joel said grabbing her hand

“Whatever Joel I'm sick of your fucking lies and games! I'm done!” Hilary said yanking her hand away from him and started heading towards her car

“Hilary!” Joel said walking after her

“Fuck you Joel!” Hilary screamed still walking away from him

The other five came walking out as they heard the two of them screaming at each other. Kelsey ran up to Hilary and stopped her, “Hilary what’s wrong?”

“I'm leaving I'm fucking out of here!” she said with tears running down her face

Kelsey hugged her and looked at the others, “guys we're heading back home. You can come over later if you want but we're leaving” she said walking Hilary to the car.

Hilary Duff came running up to Joel and grabbed his arm, “Joel is everything okay?” she asked

“Its fine” Joel said pulling his arm away walking towards his car with Hilary Duff trailing behind him.
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