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Chapter 22

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some competition eh? Mary aint happy! Oh and so is Bob.

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“I’ll be right back” I said before I disappeared out of the room.

I ran upstairs just to go to the loo; well not really, I was just hoping maybe I might bump into Dylan or Gerard on the way. I heard muttering by two people as I reached the bathroom door. It was coming from Dylan’s room. I felt cheeky so I tiptoed right next to the door frame and listened hard.

“I don’t get it really. I tell her that I love her and shit. She believes me at that moment but when that son of a bitch comes into the scene it’s like she’s a whole new different person!”

I shivered. It was Gerard talking. I knew that he was talking about me. I mean who else would he be talking about? Ok maybe it could be Shelly. Yea maybe… I bit my bottom lip, but who could that son of a bitch? I slightly gasped. He was talking about me, and the son of a bitch that he mentioned was certainly Bob! I was going to growl but I didn’t because Dylan started talking.

“Nah, last time I talked to Mary she told me that she loathed him. So maybe she’s just confused. I shouldn’t be telling you this but she was just so upset when you slept with Shelly”

I pressed my lips together in fury. How could he say this? Now Gerard’s gonna think I secretly like him or something.

“Really?” Gerard gasped. “You’re serious right?”

“Yep dude”

“Oh that’s just cool!”


“But what?”

But what? I leaned in curiously to hear more clearly.

“But you got a competition ahead of you”

“What? With whom?”

“Me, of course”

I could imagine Dylan smirking now.

“What, you?”

“What? I’ve liked her a long time you know”

“Really? But she sees you as a friend”

“Yea, I know. But I’ve been making moves on her; I think she’s getting the message”

I heard Gerard growl.

“You’re not going to get her. Not when I’m here” Gerard spat.

Dylan chuckled. “Whatever you say, my man”

I heard them shifting so I quickly tiptoed to the loo. Just when I closed my door so silently they got out of Dylan’s room and headed downstairs.

I breathed out a sigh of relief. This definitely sucks. I walked in front of the mirror and checked myself out. I look rather good for the first time. I really didn’t have make up on just light eyeliner outlining my green eyes. I’m not a big fan of make up at home. I mean who needs it? Its just gonna clog up your pores anyway. I let my fingers run through my black long hair and found a few strands of hair in between my fingers. I sighed. I was stressed and when I’m stressed my hair falls out. I shivered at the thought of being bald as I washed my hands in the sink. After I dried my hands, I blankly stared at the shower door. How could Gerard and Dylan speak about me behind my back? They treat me like I’m some rag doll or I’m cheap or something and I sure don’t like that. So now they think that both of them are in the competition of trying to win me over. I frowned. At least they don’t think that I like Bob. I hope. I narrowed my eyes and smirked. This means war. I am so going to play around with them so bad. I grinned and let out a giggle. This is so going to be so fun!

I came back downstairs and smelled pizza. I followed the smell into the big dining room.

“Whoa, you guys ordered pizza then” I said as I sat in one of the chairs.

I noticed that Dylan and Gerard raced each other to sit on either side of me. I secretly smiled. Dumb arses.

“Yep. I got real hungry that I didn’t want Bob’s ugly cooking so I suggested ordering pizza”
Frank grinned with cheese hanging around his lip ring.

I laughed. “That’s nice”

“I’ll pay you back when I get famous”

I grinned, “Sure I’ll be writing in a notebook of how much you owe me”

“Here, Mary. I got you a slice of pizza” Dylan grinned and handed me a plate of vegetarian pizza.

“No dude, Mary doesn’t like vegetarian pizza!” Gerard interrupted and pushed the plate away from me.

Well he was right. I wasn’t really a fan of vegetarian pizza.

“Then I’ll take it” Frank grabbed the plate and started digging into it.

“She like BBQ chicken” Gerard smiled and placed the plate in front of me.

I smiled at him, “Thank you Gerard. You remembered”

“Yea sure honey, I remember every word that you say” he smirked.

I giggled and took a bite of the pizza.

“Murderer!” Frank shouted at me with his index finger pointing at me.

“Yes Frank, I am a murderer” I said uninterestedly.

“Think of all those chickens that gave life for that small pizza slice!”

“Shut up Frank or I’ll kill you for my next pizza”

He gasped, “You wouldn’t!”

“Oh watch me” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Everyone! Beware of Mary, she may end up killing one of you if you get to her nerves” Frank
announced and sat back down and ate his vegetarian pizza.

I laughed.

After dinner I was lumped on the couch just staring at the TV which was playing some CSI thing show.

“Hey Mary” Gerard came out of no where.

“Hey” I said tiredly.

He sat next to me and stared at me.

“Um… Gerard watched something else, not me” I said without looking at him.

“I’m so sorry. It’s not my fault that you’re so beautiful” he said not even pausing from
staring at me.

I turned to him. “Well sorry Mr. Way, let me go get make up and try looking ugly”

“Aww, sweetie don’t, I like staring at you”

I sighed.

He looked over me and I turned to look back to what he was looking at.

It was Dylan who just came into the room, he was frowning at Gerard.

I turned back to Gerard to say something but instead his lips just crashed onto mine. He pushed me back which led to me lying on the couch with him on top.

Damn, I knew exactly was he was doing. He was trying to show Dylan that he won me over.

So not cool. I frowned and pushed him away from me.

He sat on me with an apologizing face but I knew he didn’t mean to be sorry.

“Get off me Gerard!” I yelled at him in fury.

He looked surprised and held his hands on the air as he slowly got off me.

I growled at him and stomped off. I found Bob staring at the scene from the door way to the living room. I gave an apologetic face to him before I stomped upstairs to my room.

My fingers glided over the fabric of my blanket as I stared absently out my window. It was cold. Spring was here but it was still chilly. In October it was always cold. I hummed the tune of Before the Dawn by Evanescence absently before I actually realized that I was what I was doing. I was actually thinking. Just thinking about the guys. They’ve been here for close to a month and they’re not complaining of going back home. Didn’t they already get sick of me? Are they using me just to get their band famous? I sighed. I wanted the old times back. Oh how I regret the time where I abandoned them. I was stupid, just plain stupid. Well at least Frank is normal around me, but I’ve realized that Mikey and Ray kept themselves hidden. They were both distant. I slightly smirked when I remembered a time back when I was 17 where Gerard introduced us to his girlfriend that he cheated with me on, I was devastated and Mikey was there to help me. I remember I was crying in his chest for a long time.

[I raised my head and looked up at him. “I must look like shit” I said as I dried my eyes.

“No, never say that” Mikey said.

“And I soaked your shirt” I smiled.

“Honey, don’t worry about it, I’m sure it’ll dry”

“Stop acting older than me” I playfully punched his arm.

“Sorry” he shrugged his shoulders and smiled.]

I smiled at the memory. Gosh I miss him. Tears were about to run down my cheek when my door knocked which actually startled me. I crossed my fingers hoping that it wasn’t Gerard or Dylan. It wasn’t. Bob stood at the door way with an emotionless face expression.

I grinned. “Bob!”

“Mary” he slightly nodded.

I noticed that he didn’t sound excited but just dull. “Is something the matter?” I asked.

“May I come in?’ he asked.

I quickly nodded and stepped out of his way. Watching him walk into my room I followed him to my bed. “What is it?” I asked when we finally settled down on the bed.

“Oh, it’s not really a big issue” he said.

“Bob, tell me” I told him sternly.

“I was just… just wondering about you”

“Me?” I was sort of surprised about the way he said it.

“Yea, you’re just so…” he paused and looked into the air as if he was trying to search for a word, “So confusing”

“What do you mean? I’m confusing? How?” I asked as I slightly leaned over.

“Well” he shifted, “One day you seem to be all over me the next you’re simply all over Gerard I guess”

I gasped in shock. “How could you say that Bob. I’m never all over Gerard”

“Yes you are… were. Like in the living room. You guys were full on making out”

“Yea I know, because he got me by surprise. Didn’t you see me yell at him?”

“Well yea”

“I don’t like him at all Bob. He’s just all over me. He wants me back, and I’m not allowing him. Really he just doesn’t understand. You shouldn’t be worried”

He nodded. “I sometimes just wanna punch him bad when he’s like that”

I chuckled. “I’ll cheer you on”

He laughed.

Then silence. Really awkward silence.

“So, I was just wondering really. I mean, I um…” he sighed. “Just wondering” he gave up.

“Wondering about what?” I asked.

He flicked his blonde hair to the side. “You know back when we were teenagers” he looked up at me with his blue eyes glistening. “Where you left me without calling it quits”

My eyes slightly widened as I looked down and let my dark hair fall over my face. I mouthed ‘OMG’ then looked back at him. “I’m sorry about that”

“Sorry about what? For not calling it quits? Or not coming back after me?”

I shrugged, “Not coming back after you. I was emotionally wrecked, and looking back at it I kinda regret it”

“Regret ever being with me?” he asked slowly.

“No!” I smiled. “Never. I regret ditching you”

“Really?” he leaned in as if to hear me more clearly.

“Really.” I answered.

I guess I should put this into my record book of ‘the best days of my life’ because when his lips reached mine, it was like we were teenagers again only this time we were much more mature and we knew exactly what we wanted.

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