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Chapter 23

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whoa! Bob and Mary? OMG!

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We did share a kiss and now we sat on the bed with a reasonable distance from each other. I hugged my knees to m y chest and blankly stared on the floor while he sat cross-legged and stared at me. I really didn’t know the main reason behind us being awkward to each other. Maybe because he mumbled for himself to hear, saying ‘this is a mistake’ but I heard him and asked why. He didn’t answer. Maybe because we both didn’t know what we wanted. Maybe because we were mistaken. Maybe because we can’t be together, there were all these things stopping us. Like Gerard or Dylan or the fact that they have to go back home in America. I didn’t want to go back because I have an important job here and I wasn’t ready to leave it or to be globally known. I am selfish. I know.

I looked up when Bob started to move. He mumbled that he needed to go see what the guys were doing. I briefly nodded and focused back on the floor. I frowned, this is just unbelievable.

I cursed at my alarm clock and turned it off. I felt like shit. I slowly sat up and stretched. I sighed and stumbled to the bathroom. It’s been about 3 days after my little encounter with Bob. It probably looks like we were avoiding each other, but I wasn’t. I ran down the stairs and found everyone in the kitchen mumbling to each other. For some reason I found it odd that they were sitting on the dining table, mumbling to each other with no food. I raised an eyebrow but didn’t make it’s a statement. I sat in one of the empty chairs and watched them.

They stopped mumbling gibberish and all looked at me.

I raised my eyebrows, “What?”

“Um… Mary?” Mikey said, it was more like a question.

“Yes?” I asked but looked at everybody else for answers.

“We got a call from mum” he said.

“Omg, does she wanna come over?” I sat up and smile. “’Cause I can arrange a plane ticket right away”

Mikey shook his head, “No, that’s not why she called”

I slumped back into my chair, “Why then?”

“Um…” he scratched the back of his head which really frightened me. There were bad news, I knew it.

“She wants us back home” the brave Ray spoke out.

My eyes widened. “Now?”

He nodded, “We have to be there by the day after tomorrow”

“Which means you have to leave tomorrow” I continued; awestruck.

He nodded again.

“Why?” I asked.

“Our band. We are gonna get a contract by eye ball records and we have to be back home to do it
or they’ll change their minds”

I nodded and stood up slowly, “Well I guess… you guys have to pack up then” I said in monotone and made sure I left the room before someone stopped me.

I was back in my room in no time. I absently opened my laptop. I really didn’t know what I was going to do with it. I really didn’t blame them for going back home so their band can be majorly famous by signing to a major label. I mean didn’t I say myself that I wasn’t going back to USA because of my job? So they have the right to go back even if they left me miserable. I guess this is like karma then. They’re leaving me but at least they are leaving with a notice. My trail of thoughts came to a stop from my bedroom door knocking. I sighed. I knew it was one of the guys. I opened the door and found not only one guy but times five. My eyes widened.

“Mary, you know we wouldn’t leave if we didn’t have to” Mikey spoke up.

“Yea, we love you so much!” Frank jumped and hugged me followed by a group hug which sure did
break one of my bones.

I started to laugh then started to cry and laugh at the same time. “I love you all”

“Aww honey, don’t cry” Bob said and gave me a massive bear hug.

I hugged back.

“If we ever get big all our sings will be dedicated to you” Gerard said.

“Nawww… thanks” I hugged him too.

“Yea, we’ll be like ‘You know Mary-Anne Bryar? The super hot model from Australia? Yea we’re her besties and she’s a part of this band even thought she doesn’t play any instruments or write the songs but she’s an inspiration to us all!’” Frank exclaimed.

“You’re so sweet honey chocolate cake!” I hugged him too.

We all gathered downstairs and had the day to ourselves before they went.

“Frank did you get your guitar?” Gerard called out from the front door.

“My Pansy is safe in my arms, aren’t you baby?” Frank said with his white guitar cuddled under his arms.

“I’m so sorry for not calling my guitar Mary, Mary” Frank apologized.

I chuckled and playfully slapped the back of his head. “It’s ok”

“Hurry up, the plane is taking off in 2 hours!” Ray rushed out of the door.

“The 4WD is unlocked!” I called out after him.

“No Mary, it’s called the SUV” Frank corrected me.

“In America, yes but this is Australia sweetheart” I patted his back.

Thankfully I rented a 4WD for today since there were 7 of us and heaps of luggage. Dylan was going to drive my car while I drive the 4WD to the airport.

“The wheel on the bus goes round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheel on the bus goes round and round all day long!” Frank sang.

Gerard sighed and grabbed a random masking tape and taped it on Frank’s lips.

Frank kept on moaning to take off the tape but Gerard held his hands and smirked at him.

“Cant say much now can you?” Gerard said.

Frank frowned and gave him the finger.

We all laughed at him.

Gosh will I miss them.

I’m so sorry for the delay I had like those writers block haha.
But yea.
So there is more to this chappie but unfortunately my ever so beautiful mother wants me off the pc haha
But never fear Amy is here!
I’ll write more tomorrow :D

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