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Chapter 24

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“I’m gonna miss you” I was hugging Mikey who sounded like he was crying too.

“Mary, I’ll miss you so much!” he said and hugged me tighter.

I sobbed in his chest. “I’ll come and see you sometime ok?”

“Hmm” he nodded and let me go. He studied my face then smiled and kissed my cheek. “I love you Mary”

“I love you too Mikey”

I hugged Ray and smiled in his chest. “I’ll miss you too”

He chuckled, “I’ll miss you more Mary”

After Ray, I hugged Frank.

“Awww Frank I’m gonna miss you badly” I hugged him.

“Aww Mary I’m gonna miss you heaps badly” he smiled with a chuckle.

I leaned my head on my shoulder and let him hug me tighter.

“Oooh I cracked your back!” Frank said.

I laughed.

I awkwardly hugged Gerard next.

“I’m so sorry for being a bitch” Gerard said.

“I’ll miss you” I said.

“I’ve decided that I’ll let you go and move on but just know that I will love you always Mary”

I looked up at him, “I’ll love you too Gerard”

His smiled beamed.

I grinned. “Look after them”

He nodded, “I will. But you yourself should take care of yourself. I don’t want anything
happening to you”

I nodded. “I wont let anything happen to me, don’t worry”

He smiled and hugged me tighter before letting go. “I’m gonna miss you”

I smiled too and hugged Bob.

“I’m sorry for being weird” he said.

I kinda sighed from all the ‘I’m sorry’s. “It was meant to be” I shrugged my shoulders.

He nodded. “I’ll miss you Mary”

“Me too”

“Take care of yourself. I’ll call you when we get home”

I nodded and let home go.

Dylan and I waved are then as they went through to the checkout and into the plane.

We stayed at the airport until we watched the plane take off.

I got into the 4WD and turned around to the back seat and smiled at the masking tape that Gerard used to shut Frank up. Tears welled up in my eyes again and I turned back and started the car. It was hard to go back to my usual life without the guys.

I stepped into my house, alone. Dylan went to take the 4WD back to the company. It was lonely and quiet. The air smelled like them so I quickly closed the front door so the smell wouldn’t fade away just yet. I walked into my bedroom after slowly climbing up the stairs. I sat on my bed and just stared into the empty atmosphere. I lie back on my bed and felt a pile of paper underneath me. I pulled the papers from under me and examined it.

‘Dear Mary. It’s me Mikey, we thought of writing you these letters so you can keep ‘em and never forget us. These are personal letters so no one reads this letter except the writer and you. Like thankfully. I wouldn’t want anyone else reading what I write to you. Anyways. Did you know that when I first saw you back in the hospital in New York, you looked so different? But in a good way. I mean your hair was longer and had that little highlight that it just made you beautiful with your green eyes and pale face. You kinda looked hot and sexy. Omg I’m so glad this is written in paper! Haha!’

I chuckled at what he has written. There was more in the letter which said that he loves me and told me to take care of myself. I flipped the letter and next was Ray’s. He’s one said that he was upset that they had to go. He told me that I had to eat more.

I laughed. Next was Frank’s.

He said the basic stuff to that meant so much to me. He loved me and will miss me heaps.

‘And also the thing that we did last time. I’m trying not to think that you used me to do it, but yea. To be honest, the sex that we had always was in my dreams. I’ll never forget it, even though it meant nothing. That’s the closest that we’ve ever been physically. Please don’t regret it because I don’t’

I wiped my tears off my cheeks.

Gerard’s was next. It seems that he’s one was the same with the ‘I miss you’, but it was so heartfelt. He sounded like a whole new person.

‘I was an idiot to you, like you said, I took advantage of you and I hate myself for it. What we did together back when we were teens will never be erased from my mind. I play the scene where we first made love every time. The way you looked and talked, I will never forget. The way you felt under my hands and the way you touched me will always be permanently scared within me. But you know, I’ve been wondering if you ever been with any other guys other than me and Bob. I mean some random guy? Mikey, Frank or Ray? Ah scratch that. When I see you again I promise I’ll be more mature and I won’t bug you like I did. I think I wrote a lot so I’ll let you go now. Don’t forget about me please. Just know that I love you so much honey. I hope your love for me hasn’t died off. Take care’

I sniffed. He was getting close; I was with other guys than then, heaps. I turned the paper over and obviously Bob’s one was next. I was about to read it when Dylan called for me. I quickly got up and ran downstairs and greeted him. He hugged me and we decided that we’d order pizza.

After dinner I retreated back to my room. I wanted to read Bob’s letter but I somehow so oddly couldn’t find it.

“Where is it?” I asked myself when I couldn’t find the bunch of letters from the guys.

I wasn’t there. It wasn’t anywhere. I searched for the next 15 minutes. I searched every inch of my room.

I sighed and sat on the floor. Where could it be? I left it on my bed. I was sure of it. Unless… unless someone stole it.

I ran downstairs to the living room. “Dylan?” I called out.

“Hmm?” Dylan said absently as he watched his favorite program.

“Have you seen a bunch of letters?” I asked.

He turned to me with a smirk. “What??”

“Um… a friend wrote me a letter. I can’t find it”

“Oh you mean your friend Bob, Mikey, Ray, Gerard and Frank?”

I bit my bottom lip and nodded.

“Hmm…” he nodded too.

“Do you know where it is?” I asked.

“Oh… you mean these?” Dylan pulled his hand from behind him with the letters from the guys.

I gasped, “Give it to me!”

“You slept with Frank and Gerard? You naughty girl” he smirked.

“Yea, but it was long time ago” I tried to snatch it off him but he moved.

“Oh you mean long time ago as I about a month ago?” he chuckled.

“Dylan, it’s none of your business!”

“Yes it is! I never know my best friend was capable of this” he laughed.

My eyes widened and I pushed him back and grabbed the letters which ripped into pieces.

“Why did you sleep with them anyway? What have they got that I haven’t got?” Dylan asked.

I stood up I frowned at him. “Why do you wanna know?”

“Because I did. Like nearly all of the guys fancy you in some way”

“Shut up Dylan!”

“Tell me”


“Fine” he paused, “I was only joking around with you”

I scoffed and ran upstairs.

I sobbed and tried to piece the bits of paper together. I couldn’t even read what Bob wrote to me. His writing was large so it had some words in each piece.

‘I remember all the great times we had together and I cherished those moments with you’ he wrote.

I growled in frustration. The other things he wrote included how he’ll miss me dearly but I knew there were more than what I see. I must have left the other pieces downstairs in the living room. I banged my fist on the floor. I sighed and wondered why I was so upset about not reading Bob’s letter. I stretched my body on the carpet floor and stared at nothingness. It was dead quiet. I couldn’t hear Mikey explaining some complicated theory, Ray talking randomly, Bob just bashing Frank, Frank squealing like a girl, Gerard laughing at everyone. I sighed, how did I love a life before they came back?

It’s been 2 weeks since the guys left me to go home. It’s been 2 weeks of misery, working so much, getting interviewed too much and quietness. To be honest, I’ve never had time for myself, ever. Dylan was busier too, since he was kinda my assistant because he saw how tired I’ve been. We just forgot about what happened last, well more like we ignored that situation. Bob and the boys did call as they promised. They were excited every time because they signed to a record deal and are just piecing their songs together for their 1st new album.

“We don’t know what we’re gonna call it” Gerard said when he talked about naming the album.

“How about we call it ‘Mary, Mary, Mary’?” Frank grabbed the receiver.

It was hilarious but I made sure that they shouldn’t name their album after me.

“I’m putting that song I wrote about you” Gerard said quietly so no one heard.

“You don’t have to” I said.

“Uh-uh, we care about you, I care about you so much so it’s going in!” he chuckled.

“Um... Mary?” Dylan called out from the corridor next to the front door.

I got up from the couch and went to him. He was on the receiver talking to the visitors outside behind the gates. Yes I have security. No one can knock my door unless I know them.

“What happened?” I asked.

“There’s a couple outside” he bit his lips, “Their saying that they are your real birth parents”

I frowned, “What?!”

“Um… should I let them in?”

“No, it must be a prank! Everyone knows that I don’t know my real parents”

He sighed, “Let’s peak through the window”

I shook my head, “No”

“Come on” Dylan grabbed my arm and we peaked through the window.

They didn’t look old, about 40 something. They looked like those modern couple. The woman wasn’t too short and had dark brown hair with green eyes. She looked really pretty. The man had black hair and blue eyes. He looked like a Calvin Klein model. I retreated back and looked at Dylan for an answer.

He shrugged, “We could go out and ask questions”

I nodded, “Ok just go and ask”

He nodded.

“Be careful” I said

I peaked through the window again. I’m not good at matching looks but I don’t think they look like me. It must be a prank, I sighed. I watched Dylan talk and I saw the woman handing a white rolled paper to him and pointing at it. Dylan nodded and unlocked the gate. What could possibly make Dylan take them in?

I stood back up and waited for then to come in. when they did, the couple gasped at me and smiled. The woman started to sob.

I raised an eyebrow. “Are you ok?”

“No, no. I’m… you, you look like your father” she said in between her sobs.

I looked at Dylan.

He shrugged. “She’s kinda right Mary”

I sighed and pushed my hair back. “This is ridiculous”

“Your name is Mary isn’t it? That’s such a sweet name. We named you Evangeline”

I rolled my eyes. “What made you come find me here… now?”

“We didn’t have the courage” she looked up to her husband.

“Look, please just go. I don’t have time for this. If you want money, I’ve got it but for now I’ve already got a mother and she lives in America, got it?”

The woman took a step back looking frightened.

I frowned at them.

“Excuse me, why don’t you two go down that corridor and sit in the living room, we’ll be right back” Dylan said to the couple.

They both nodded and made their way down.

“What are you doing?” I whispered frantically.

“Mary stay calm” Dylan patted my back. “They are your real parents”

“How do you know that? It could be a scam Dylan!” I said.

He sighed and showed me a similar looking rolled paper that I saw the woman hand to Dylan outside. “It is you birth certificate”

I looked at him of he was serious and he did. I peaked over the paper and read it.

Given name(s): Evangeline Reade
Sex: Female
D.O.B: 17 September 1977
Mother: Nicole Reade
Age: 14
Father: Daniel Reade
Age: 16

My eyes widened. They were barely fully grown teenagers when they had me.

“I also have their identification and well it’s another proof that their parents” Dylan said.

I looked at him in disbelief, “Dylan, they are my parents!” my eyes started to water.

He nodded and hugged me. “Do you want to go see them?”

I nodded.

We walked down the corridor and into the living room. They were mumbling to each other while the woman who I now know as Angela or my mum sobbed. They looked up with hope in their eyes.

“I’d … like to ask some questions” I said uncomfortably.

I mean who could be in a situation like this where you meet your parents after how many years of knowing that your parents did not know that you existed.

They nodded, “Ask what you want honey” Daniel said as he hugged his wife.

“You know all about me all along? I mean did you know where I was, what I did?” I asked.

They shook their heads. “No. we only found out about you when you became famous” angel replied
as she wiped her nose.

“We tried searching for you but your name changed. Everything changed. It was like you have never existed” Daniel explained.

I nodded. “Why did you leave me?” I didn’t wanna cry so I held my tears.

“I was only 14 when I had you. You were an accident but never did we regret you or saw you as a mistake. It’s just that both our parents told us to give you up. We didn’t have any choice” Angel said.

“We kept track of you but after you left your first foster family in a year, we lost you” Daniel continued.

“Um... did you know the reason why I left my first family?” I asked.

“Apparently they were workaholics. They didn’t have time for you” Daniel answered me.

I sighed with my hands on my hips. “So what’s going to happen now?”

I really didn’t know.

“Well I was hoping” Angel dried her eyes, “That maybe we could be a family again. I mean I know your 26 and all but… can we at least try?”

I pressed my lips together. “We’ll see but now I just gotta get use to this” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“And we have to keep this situation out of the public eye” Dylan added.

They both nodded.

I couldn’t believe that I have somehow found my parents, well they found me. The parents that I thought had abandoned me because I was a mistake. But it wasn’t true. I wanted to be happy family again with my REAL parents.

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