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Chapter 11 – Empty house, empty heart

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Brendon expects Ryan to be around but he isnt. will he realise somethings up?

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Chapter 11 – Empty house, empty heart

This chapter is set at the same time as chapter 8 – case shut… so Its sorta like a flashbacky thing.

When Brendon got back home, after his hard day shopping, he expected Ryan to be there waiting, so Brendon could give him the surprise present, despite his telling Ryan to go home. He walked into an empty, dark house so, as it was quite late, he went to bed, as Ryan would probably be back in the morning, like he had done for the past few weeks.

Brendon woke late, having endured a rather strange dream in which he and Ryan were dressed as chickens. He again expected to see Ryan in the kitchen, preparing breakfast or cleaning, as that was what Brendon usually woke up to. Ryan, it seemed, was trying to make up for Brendon’s injuries. When he went downstairs, he found the house in the same state as the night before, empty and devoid of any sign that Ryan had been there.
Thinking perhaps Ryan was asleep, Brendon didn’t want to wake him, so he managed to get some breakfast and waited a few hours.
Picking up his phone, at around midday, he decided to ring Ryan, as he had to be awake. Dialling the number, he waited while it rang until he heard Ryan’s voice saying
“Hi this is Ryan’s phone. I'm either busy, have my phone turned either or can't be arsed to answer your call. If it’s important, phone back later. If it isn't, then why the hell are you calling me? Goodbye”

Brendon tried again, thinking maybe Ryan was in the shower, but the result was the same. Deciding to go round to Ryan’s house, he picked up his crutches and left the house. It took a while but Brendon finally reached Ryan’s house, to find all the lights were off and no sound coming from the house.
Turning around he grumbled “Well that was a waste of time” and walked, well hopped, back down the drive, still muttering to himself.
After another mind-numbingly-slow journey, he reached home and went to find his iPod. Turning it on, he smiled; realising Ryan had put on some more of his favourite tracks, while he hadn't been looking. Brendon sat back, closed his eyes and let the music play, listening to and mouthing the lyrics, something that always annoyed Ryan.
He opened his eyes, after listening to all 574 tracks, to find it was late at night, but couldn’t be bothered to go upstairs so he took out his earphones and curled up on the sofa.

He doesn’t know what is happening, sooo oblivious!
Oh well, he will find out soon enough.
Xxx Nica xxX
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