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Chapter 12 – What will Brendon find?

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What or who and how will they be? You'll have to read to find out!

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Chapter 12 – What will Brendon find?

Another flashbacky chapter, this time at the same time as chapter 10

Brendon woke up in an odd position, his head dangling off the sofa, one leg on the armrest and his arm up in the air. Untangling himself, he retrieved his crutches and went into the kitchen to find it was empty. Ryan still hadn't turned up. Feeling slightly worried, as he hadn't seen his best friend for almost 3 days, he found his phone, to ring Ryan. He rang, only to get the same recording.
Deciding to have some breakfast, before making the journey to Ryan’s, as fainting would do neither of them any good, he opened the cupboard and took out the cereal box.
He sat, munching his cereal, pondering why Ryan hadn't come round. He created a list, which read: -
- Ryan is dead
- Ryan is too ill to even pick up the phone
- Ryan is pissed off with me
- Ryan thinks I'm pissed off with him
Having made the decision it was probably one of the last two, he got up, picked up the present and set off for Ryan’s.
Getting to the front door, he rang the doorbell and waited, but no footsteps came. Ringing again, he shouted “Ryan, I know you’re in there. Let me in!” but no answer came.

As Ryan obviously wasn’t going to come out, Brendon found the spare key, than Ryan had Blu-tacked under the edge of the door and inserted it in the lock.
First, going into the kitchen, he found washing-up still in the bowl – Ryan ALWAYS did the washing-up. Making his way upstairs, he went into Ryan’s room. The bed hadn't been made since it was last slept in and the curtains weren't open. All this was very worrying, as Ryan was usually the tidy one, that did most of Brendon’s cleaning as well as his own. Seeing the light on in the bathroom, he headed over to the door. Opening it, Brendon stepped inside, first seeing the razor blade and the spots of blood on the side and the Ryan, still huddled in the cold water of the bath, shivering and staring at the wall. He didn’t seem to notice Brendon’s presence.
“Oh my god. Ryan. Ryan! Speak to me. It’ll be alright. Come on, you’re freezing. Come on, you need to get out.” Said Brendon, almost crying. He went to get a towel, forgetting his crutches. Coming back, he hauled Ryan onto his feet and pulled the plug. The water drained away, leaving Ryan, now wrapped up in the towel, barely able to stand on his own.
“Come on Ry, you need to help me. I can't get you out on my own” but Ryan still stood, staring at the wall, unblinking. Knowing he couldn’t lift Ryan, with a broken arm, Brendon climbed into the bath and brought Ryan down, all the while unbuttoning the sodden shirt that hung around Ryan’s gaunt body and wrapping himself and the towel around his best friend.

Ryan is depressed and in shock
Will Brendon be able to help him?
I hope so poor baba =(
Why did I write this sadness?
I don’t know
Xxx Nica xxX
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