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Chapter 13 - Happy UN-birthday dear Ryan...

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The title says it all really...

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Chapter 13 – Happy UN-birthday dear Ryan…

They both sat in the empty bath; Ryan cradled in Brendon’s arms, not talking and Brendon crying silently. He could feel Ryan warming up but still held on tightly, not wanting to let go of his best friend just yet.
“Don’t leave me please” Ryan croaked his pitiful voice barely loud enough to hear.
“I’ll never leave, Ryan. I love you. I just… I just don’t understand why you did it. Why did you hurt yourself Ry?”
“I thought you hated me. You told me to go.” He sobbed, though no tears fell – he was all cried-out.
“Ry, I wanted you to go so I could go and get you a birthday present, because you gave me my birthday present early. I wanted to go on my own so it would be a surprise.” He said, hugging his friend tightly before trying to get up.
“No, don’t go, please. I don’t want to be on my own.”
“It’s ok. I'm staying” Brendon soothed, stroking Ryan’s hair.
As Ryan was exhausted, he soon fell asleep in Brendon’s arms.

He woke to find himself alone, though covered in his duvet. “Brendon? Brendon? Where are you? Please come back.” He pleaded, a fresh wave of tears rolling down his face. Brendon came running in.
“Don’t worry. I'm here. I haven't gone anywhere.”
“Where are your casts? You had them on yesterday, I'm sure.”
“Yeah, I went to the hospital this morning, to have them taken off. I figured you’d still be asleep when I got back so I didn’t want to wake you. Here, I made you some breakfast” he left and came back in carrying a tray, with fruit, yoghurt, orange juice and a small gift-wrapped box on.
“Come and eat out here. You don’t want to eat in the bathroom.”
Ryan lifted himself up and clambered out the bath. Brendon saw him start to sway, his eyes closed, holding onto the bath and leapt to his aid, holding him up.
“Come on, Ry. You need to eat. I bet you haven't had anything in days.” Brendon commanded, leading Ryan out, to sit him on the bed. Ryan hadn't and soon found he was ravenous, even after the breakfast, so Brendon handed him a large bar of chocolate as well, which he wolfed down. Then Brendon handed over the present.

Ryan unwrapped it to find a small silver box. He opened it and inside was a silver cygnet ring, engraved with the letter R and B, entwined together and a key. Brendon picked up the ring and slid it onto Ryan’s littlest finger. “I have one too.” He said, smiling. Next, he picked up the key and handed it to Ryan.
“Whats this for, Bren?” Ryan asked, suspiciously.
“It’s a key, dumbass! I want you to move in with me, only if you want to, of course. You don’t have to.”
“Move in with you?” Ryan stammered. “ I’d love to. I… I love you.”
“I know and I love you too” replied Brendon as he brought Ryan’s head towards him and kissed him.

I don’t know whether that should be the end or not.
I have a few more ideas.
I will carry on!
Xxx Nica xxX
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