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Chapter 14 – OMG Brendon can COOK!

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Well actually he cant, but he thinks he can. Ryan has moved in.

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Chapter 14 – OMG Brendon can COOK!

It didn’t take long to move Ryan’s stuff round, as he didn’t have much. A few car journeys later, he was properly moved in.
“I know this may sound like a stupid question, Bren but… where am I supposed to sleep?”
“Duh! In my room, of course. I’ve cleared some space in the wardrobe and there are spare drawers for you to put your stuff. I mean, where did you think you were going to sleep, on the floor?”
“Oh, I dunno. Does this…” he paused. “Does this mean we’re going out now?”
“If you want. We’ll take it slow but yeah. You are officially MY BOYFRIEND! OMG I’ve never had one of those before!” replied Brendon, sounding excited.
“Me neither” Ryan admitted. “Are you sure you want this?”
“Ryan, I wouldn’t have asked you to move in if I didn’t. I love you. I hope you love me to and I want you to be my boyfriend. Okay?”
“Yes and of course I love you. I wouldn’t have moved in if I didn’t and I want to be your boyfriend” Ryan said, smiling.
“That settles it then! What do you want for lunch?”
“Hey, don’t bother. I’ll do it,” said Ryan, making his way into the kitchen, before Brendon stopped him.
“No dude. It’s my duty as a boyfriend to make the girlfriend’s lunch. I take it you want to be the girlfriend?”
“Brendon, I'm not…”
“Ryan, no arguments. Park your ass on that there couch and I will make you lunch. You got that?”
“Yes mother dearest, woops, I mean Brendon,” Ryan retorted, as he sat down, arms crossed, pouting.
A while later, Brendon came in carrying two plates of lasagne. Ryan tasted his and liked it.
“I didn’t know you can cook, Bren. You usually just order in”
“Urm, yeah. You just pierce the film and shove it in the microwave and Tada! I don’t know why I didn’t do it before” he said, looking pleased with himself.
“And there was me thinking you actually made this all by yourself. Silly me,” Ryan said, sarcastically, slapping the top of his hand. “Next time, just let me do it eh?”
“Oh but… I want to look after you. You shouldn’t have to do everything,” he said, looking to see Ryan’s reaction. He was glad to see Ryan smiling.
“I don’t need looking after. But thank you,” Ryan replied and continued to eat. Taking the last mouthful, Ryan put down his cutlery and rose, going to take Brendon’s plate, who held it back.
“Come on, Bren. You don’t want me to do everything but I want the same for you. It’s my turn now,” Ryan persuaded, as Brendon reluctantly handed over his dirty plate.

Brendon – a domestic god(ess) who would have thought it eh?
Xxx Nica xxX
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