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Chapter 15 - The calm before the storm

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This is the calm, the storm comes later...

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Chapter 15 – The calm before the storm

Ryan woke, after his first nights sleep, at Brendon’s (though there wasn’t much sleeping happening, if you know what I mean!) to find himself alone, however, this time he wasn’t worried. Throwing off the duvet, he climbed out and padded downstairs. He could smell something good, cooking in the kitchen, so that’s where he went first. He walked in to find Brendon frying bacon and eggs, humming to himself. Walking up behind Brendon, who hadn't noticed him come in, Ryan slid his arms round Brendon’s waist and rested his head on Brendon’s shoulder. Brendon jumped slightly then twisted in Ryan’s arms, to give him a quick kiss, before turning back to the cooking food, a wide grin on his face.
“Ryan, you’re going to have to let go now. I need to serve this up.”
Ryan groaned unintelligibly and maintained his hold on Brendon. Prising Ryan’s fingers apart, Brendon nimbly stepped out of Ryan’s grasp and set about getting clean plates and cutlery.
“Fine then, if that’s how your gonna be…” Ryan grumbled, pouting, as he stomped out the room.
“You know you’ll forgive me when you taste my bacon. It’s the one thing I can cook, and very well if I do say so myself,” Brendon called out to his sulking lover, as he picked up the now full plates and followed him out. Handing the plate to Ryan, who had dropped the pretence of sulking, when he left the room, he sat down and tucked in.
“You’re right, Bren,” Ryan said, after finishing the food.
“I’m always right, Ry. Urm… right about what exactly?”
“I've forgiven you and the bacon was extremely good!”
“Well I said so didn’t I,” said Brendon, a smug look on his face.
“Yes you did,” Ryan agreed, not wanting to burst Brendon’s bubble. He picked up the plates, but Brendon snatched them back and walked off, before he could argue.

“You know, Bren, we haven't been on a date yet. Isn't that what couples do?”
“Indeedy, we haven't. Let’s go to the cinema or… or eat fries in the park or…” Brendon started, excitedly.
“No. No, not the park,” Ryan said, quickly. “Let’s go to the cinema.”
“Ryan, are you ok?” Brendon asked, worriedly.
“Yeah, of course,” Ryan replied, his voice falsely chirpy.
“You know you can talk to me, if anything’s wrong,”
“Yeah, I know. I'm fine,” Ryan lied, though his face gave him away.
“Don’t lie to me, Ryan,” Brendon said, calmly.

What is up with Ryan? You’ll have to read on to find out…
Xxx Nica xxx
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