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Chapter 2

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This is chapter 2 of my story! Hope you like it!

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A/N: Hey guys! Here's the next chapter! By the way, I noticed that the summary got cut off, so I decided to post it here, so you can see the whole thing!

Summary: Harry's been beaten and his friends don't like him, but how does Merlin fit into him having to save the world AGAIN?!? Super!Angry!Dark!but!not!evil!Harry, slave!Tracey, Harry/Fluer, Yuri, Manipulative!Dumbles, Goblinfriends!

Okay, guys! On with the story! :D


Suddenly, Harry found himself surrounded in a soft blue light.

“How is this possible” Harry asked into the emptiness. He turned around when a deep laugh came from behind.

“Everything is possible with magic.” The old wizard who Harry had seen before he fainted answered. Harry gasped, but the wizard responded again before he could talk.

“I am Merlin, founder of magic in England . I have come to help you on your quest.”

Suddenly, Harry got very angry.

“How are you helping me! I am beaten every day, and the order does nothing! Dumbledork knows my family hates me, but makes me come back every year.” Harry paused, afraid he might cry. Even though he knew he was dreaming, he didn’t want Merlin to think he was a baby.

Merlin’s face became pensive.”You have had much wrong done to you Harry, and I wish I could have come sooner, but Albus put a block on you that prevented me from reaching you. I believe the trama of your godfather’s death destroyed the block.”

Harry nodded, knowing that this was yet one more of Dumb-as-a-door’s constant manipulations. “So you’ll help me leave?” Harry asked.

“Of course Harry” Merlin smiled, happy to see the boy cheering up a bit. Then he sobered. “But first, we have lots to talk about.”

Suddenly, the room was filled with owls, and even though it was still a dream, Harry knew they were the owls he saw before falling unconscious. Looking at Merlin, he picked up the letter being carried by a small grey owl.

What you did this year was stupid and evil. I now have a scar on my stomach and Ronald is still having nightmares about the brains. We agree that we would all be better if you would stay away from us next year.
Your ex-friends,
Granger and Weasley

Harry clenched his teeth and fought back a sob, but in reality he was not surprised. He had realized in between his mourning of Sirius and Cedric that Dumbledore was manipulating him, and of course it made sense that those closest to him would be in Dumbles’ pockets. With a low growl, he picked up the next letter.

I hope you are alright. Bill is saying very mean zings, but I know it eez not true. Bill and I have broken up, ‘e eez not the one for me. I do ‘ope we can become friends Harry, and I am always here if you need to talk to someone.
Au Revior,

Harry was surprised, but he smiled. He had always found Fleur pretty, even if he could resist her aura. The fact that someone cared for him took away some of the pain of Ron and Hermione’s betrayal.

Another letter, this one from a great white owl.

If you get this, I must have died. I know I died saving you, and you MUST NOT FEEL GUILTY. I made my own choice. Something Dumbledore didn’t want me to do. You MUST NOT TRUST HIM. I have enclosed a portkey to Gringott’s – talk to Griphook, he’ll be able to help you understand. Remember that I love you, as did your parents. As long as you remember, you’ll never be alone.

Harry wiped away a tear. He would never stop feeling somewhat guilty for his godfather’s death, but hearing his side of the story made things easier. He knew he would cry again in the future, but it would be easier. Sniffling once, he picked up the next letter.

This is Professor Vector and Sinistra from Hogwarts. We cannot discuss it in a letter, but there are some things we feel you should know. You can trust us – we know that Sirius was innocent, even if we are not in a certain ‘Order’. Please write back so we can meet.
Professors Vector and Sinistra

Harry’s eyes glowed in rage. How could two people outside the order know of Sirius’ innocence, when the ministry would not give him a trial? ‘More of Dumbie’s manipulations’, Harry thought bitterly. He needed to think, but he would make sure to write back soon.

Finally, there was one letter left, carried by an owl many times larger than all the others. The paper was the highest quality, and Harry took it cautiously – he had a bad feeling about this letter.

Sure enough, it was from none other but Dumbledore himself.

For your own safety, you must not leave Privet Drive this summer. I believe that Voldemort may try to trick you by sending a letter from Sirius, but know that it is a trap. I put great trust in you Harry, and the Order will look out for you.

Yours truly,
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
Hogwarts Headmaster

This time, Harry could not contain his rage. Turning to Merlin, he yelled, “He is always trying to control me! Please, get me out of here.”

Merlin smiled. Like Dumbledore except without the annoying twinkling, and his look was genuine. “Let us take the portkey then, with my magic, it will work inside this dream.”

“What about my wand” Harry asked. Merlin laughed. “Your wand is being traced by Dumbledore and the ministry – the prophecy was changed so that you would keep it. But Harry, with you magical power, we will get you a staff far more worthy of a wizard like you.”

Harry laughed. A staff. Not even Dumbles or Moldywarts had a staff! With a grin, Harry responded. “I’ll show them what it means to trick a Potter!” Grabbing the portkey – an old tin can – he shouted “Freedom”, and with a bang, the soft light disappeared, and Harry suddenly sprawled across the floor, his vision clearing to reveal a curious goblin staring at his face.


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