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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 of my story!

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A/N: Hey Guys! Here's the third chapter! I'm going to be writing really fast, so that you guys can read my story! Thanks for reviewing, Apocalypso and DarkSov! I'm new at writing, so I'm trying to use different styles of writing. I know what you mean about cliches, but don't worry, I'm not going to use any of them! Just check out this chapter to be reassured! Thanks!


Harry and the goblin stared each other for a long moment before the goblin broke the silence, “Who are you and what are you doing in Gringots?”

Harry opened his mouth to reply when a second goblin, off to the side out of his line of sight said, “Look, Ratpecker! It's that Potter kid we've been looking all over for!

Potpecker's eyebrows raised as he stared incredulously at Harry, “How do you know, Snoutgobler, all these humans look the same to me”

Snoutgobler said, “He has the aura around him! There's no way he could be anyone but HIM! We have to alert the Head Goblin!”

Potpecker narrowed his eyes, and with a glare retreated through a set of double doors made out of what had to be solid gold. Harry turned to look at the other goblin, the one who recognized him, and who was looking at him like he was a stack of gold coins. “What am I doing here? What do you mean him?”

Snoutgobler licked his lips and said, “You are the one we've been waiting for! You have the aura of a great wizard who we knew would one day help cure the wizarding world of all its evils! I knew it had to be you I just knew it!” He started hopping up and down with glee, which confused Harry all the more, because he had never seen a goblin hop in glee.

Harry waved his staff and a velvety chair sprang up out of existence from nowhere. Harry grinned, this was going to be easier than he thought. His magic was really strong, and he was going to practice it all the time to make it as strong as he could be.

The goblin stared at Harry with awe as he just sat there. Harry thought about it and figured that he should know what the goblins were talking about. “What evils are you talking about? I know that Moldy-shorts and his Death Buggerers are trying to take over the world, but what are you on about?”

The goblin snarled and yelled, “We goblins are a proud people, but all we can do in this crummy place is deal with money! Do you know how irritating that is? We don't even like money!”

Harry thought about it, it was just the sort of thing that would happen in this world. Harry scowled and got angry, and a large vase exploded into powder as his magic overflowed and struck out at it. He was going to find out what was going on and fast.

A few more minutes passed as Harry and Snoutgobler talked and got to know each other better, and then the doors opened and another goblin dressed in a suit and tie and with a scowl on his face marched in. He stopped and looked at Harry sitting in the chair, and his frown turned upside down and he laughed, “Here he is! I knew it, I knew it! The heir of the founders is here to fix the world!”

Harry started at that, he had no idea he was supposed to fix the world! It made him so angry, why didn't everyone just let him alone and not bother him? The world never did anything for him, it could bugger off and die for all he cared, why was all this on him to fix it all? He got angrier and angrier until the walls started to crack around him and dust fell to the floor before he noticed and pulled in his magical power.

Then, another goblin came in holding a big gold cup with a bunch of ancient runes all around the top. It glowed in a weird light and when he looked in, he saw a pool of darkness that made his hair stand up. The head goblin waved him over, and Harry got out of his chair, his magic making it vanish now that he wasn't sitting there anymore. Harry walked over and the head goblin said, “Harry, this is the Challis of Heredity, it will show you a list of all the family vaults you own because of all of your dead relatives who left it to you. I just need you to give me some blood, we'll put it in and it'll tell us everything.”

Harry teared up as the memories of Sirius flooded in, but he controlled himself and his magic and cut his finger and let a bit of blood drip into the cup. It glowed bright yellow for a minute, then when it was done a bunch of parchment printed out the bottom, and the head goblin took it. He read off the names, “Let's see, Potter, and Black, of course, and Gryffindor and Slytherin and Hufflepuff, and Davis? That's an odd one, and ah there's Ravenclaw and...what the?! MERLIN?!?” The goblin turned to stare at Harry and Harry rolled his eyes and thought, Thanks, Merlin.


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