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Chapter 4

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Another Chapter of my story!

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Yay! Another Chapter! Thank you thank you thank you for all the reviews! I'm really enjoying writing this story. The next few chapters are going to cover the Potter past, as Harry learns about his inheritence!


“Follow me Mr. Potter” Potpecker said exiting through a door that seemed to appear out of thin air.

“We will start with the Potter’s vault and then head to Gryffindor’s after” Potpecker announced as he started up stairs that were made of pure gold.

They arrived at the carts that would take them to the vaults only they weren’t normal carts.

“This is our secret cart that only select members are allowed to use” said Potpecker clearly satisfied with his awesome cart.

Something must have been funny because Harry suddenly burst into a fit of school girl giggles. “Your secret cart is a merry-go-round?” Harry asked through a fit of giggles.

Potpecker frowned at the statement but choose to ignore it and told Harry to get on.

A few dragonless and trollless seconds and Harry, Merlin and Potpecker were in front of the smallest vault Harry has ever seen.

“This is the Potter vault? I expected so much more” Harry sighed. He took a step closer and instantly felt the magic radiating off the vault and knew something was off. As he was about to ask the goblin he felt a burst of magic and was instantly captured in a sphere of pure love and warmth.

“No Mr. Potter, that is the Potter vault” the goblin said with a smirk. Unknown to him Merlin was making faces behind his back but stopped when he felt the energy. To Harry only he spoke “That is the acceptance of your adulthood to the Potter vault, you have now been accepted as the only remaining heir.”

Harry took another look at the vault and saw a sight completely different from what had just been. Elaborate doors made of pure gold and love were standing at least 11 feet high and 11 feet wide. For some uinknown reason Harry felt an impulse to touch the door and as he did they burst open and a new wave of warmth and love came pouring out.

A sight never seen by Harry before lay in front of him. Mountains of gold galleons were stacked in the vault, the size of milk trucks. Harry counted at least 39 piles of the gold. In the front of the vault Harry saw gold artifacts and file cabinets.

“Would you mind if I have a minute alone?” Harry asked wiping away some tears from his eyes. The goblin nodded and left the vault.

Harry was left along with Merlin who was consoling the young child.

Looking around Harry saw hundreds or portraits of past family members. It was all too much for the boy so he asked Merlin if there was a way to know of what was in the vault without having to explore it. Merlin waved his hand and a typewriter appeared out of no where and went to work.

Approximately 4 seconds later a list was produced and given to Harry for a later time. After taking a quick look at the list he noticed that his family was invested in hundreds of companies, making him the wealthiest person in the world. After a quick guess he assumed that millions upon billions of more galleons and investments in companies lay in the other vaults.

Another odd note was that there were records of two letters from his parents which he found and pocketed for later.

Merlin decided it was better to remain quiet for the moment and followed Harry as he left the vault.

“Take me to the Gryffindor vault please Potpecker” Harry said getting back onto the merry-go-round.

About 39 seconds later and one now empty stomach Harry got off the machine and gave the goblin a look that could kill a basilisk.

Before him was yet another amazing sight. Life like statues of lions made of pure copper and gold were facing each other looked ready to attack. Completely enthralled with the sight Harry failed to notice a third lion spring to life from the wall and approach him.

The lion then proceeded to growl and roar at Harry catching his attention. Harry, mustering the courage of a Gryffindor did not cower but cautiously took a step back.

“I’m Harry, Harry Potter” said Harry to the lion who continued to advance on him. What do I do? Harry thought.

“If you say it, they will leave” Harry heard in his head and assumed it was Merlin.

But what do I say? Harry thought again. And then it hit him.

“I’m the true heir of GRYFFINDOR” Harry shouted, the lion gain a look of admiration and obedience and let Harry pass.

Harry expecting the same thing to happen as the last vault stepped closer and touched the vault.

And then the most unusual thing happened, nothing. Harry looked purely confused. It was then he heard the lion speak, “You must speak like one of great power and ancestry.”


Nothing happened.

The lion spoke again with a tone of amusement “Not Godric, a lion, you must growl like a lion.”

Harry looked at the floor bashfully and decided to give it another try. “ROAR” Harry growled and the vault swung open.

Harry’s eyes gained a look of complete admiration and amazement. He stepped in the vault with Merlin and the lion. Before Harry stood the most brilliant statue he had ever seen.

It was made of pure gold and was of a man who was wearing armor and a cape who had the same exact features as Harry. He was a replica of Harry, and the title on the statue read ‘Godric Gryffindor’.

For the second time that day, Harry promptly fainted.

OMG! Cliffhanger :D !! Is Harry a reincarnation of Gordric, or is he just an ancestor! And what about the other vaults! I didn't want this chapter to be so serious, so I added the bit about Merlin pulling faces. Please Review! And remember, no flames - they don't help! (wink)
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