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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 of the story! I hope you enjoy it!

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A/N: Hey guys! Here's the next chapter! Thanks so much for your reviews, I've been smiling ALL DAY 'cause you've made me so happy with some of your reviews! I'm making sure to make this story as original as is possible while still making it a HP story, LOL. If you think it looks like something you've seen before, just you wait! It'll be very different in the end :) Now, on with the story!


Harry woke up because Merlin was laughing very loudly. He looked around, not able to remember why he was lying on the ground, then spotted the golden statue of what looked like himself.

Suddenly, he remembered what had happened, and his eyes became wide. “Oh my god!” he yelled, startling Merlin, who was talking to a portrait, “I’m gold!”

At Merlin’s confused look, he elaborated. “I’m the statue! It’s me! I’m it!”

“Oh!” Merlin cried, “I see what you mean. Yes, that’s Gordic Gryffindor, and you’re his descendant. You look very similar, don’t you?”

Harry hurriedly nodded his head, staring at the statue in fascination.

“Why does Gordic Gryffindor look like me?” Harry asked, very confused.

Merlin gave him a blank look, repeating “You’re his descendant. You’re related to him.”

Harry shook his head in irritation, asking “No, I understand that. Merlin, you’re daft!” Then, realizing that he was, in fact, talking to the real Merlin, he blushed brightly. Merlin, for his part, simply smiled indulgently, making Harry scowl. That was the same smile that Dumbledore always gave him when he’d talk to Harry as if he were a child.

“What I meant,” Harry hurriedly explained, “was that Gordic Gryffindor shouldn’t look like he’s only 15!”

Merlin, for some reason, didn’t appear to have heard Harry. “Now, Harry,” he said, “go over to that wall of weapons. When you walk past them, you’ll feel a call. Take the weapons that call to you, and bring them back here.”

Harry, irritated at being ignored, mumbled something under his breath, which Merlin overheard, for he snapped “I heard that!”

Chastised, Harry ducked his head and walked over to the wall. He saw many fancy weapons, such as swords, spears, bows, maces and staffs. Getting excited, he began walking along the flashy weapons to find the ones for him. Disappointment began to well in him, as he was nearing the end of the weapons, and none of them had called to him.

Finally, he got to the end, without any weapon calling him, and burst into tears. Potpecker looked away in sympathy, knowing exactly what it felt like to not have the necessary equipment. Merlin drew Harry into a ghostly embrace, patting the young lad on the head and trying to comfort him.

Frustrated, with tears running down his face, Harry tore out of Merlin’s grasp. “No!” he shouted angrily, “I won’t accept this!”

Merline, looking heartbroken, tried to tell Harry that it was okay, but before he could open his mouth, Harry had spread his arms, and was yelling “MY WEAPON! COME TO ME!”

Merlin was about to tell Harry that he should let it go, but he was surprised when all the weapons on the walls flew together and crashed into each other in the air. Then, there was a wave of love and warmth, and all the weapons melted together. Merlin, shocked, watched as they turned into a large ball of metal that was shaped like a heart that was really hot. With a crash, the big metal heart fell to the ground and cracked open.

Inside the shell of the metal heart was the most beautiful sword in the history of the world. It was silver, with lots of diamonds and rubies and emeralds on it, and it had a black handle made of obsidian, and it had a really long blade that was silver and black with streaks of gold in it. Next to it was an equally beautiful scabbard.

Harry picked up the sword carefully, and held it with a look of awe on his face. Looking at the walls, he was surprised to see that all the weapons were back on the walls! He looked at Merlin with awe, only to see Merlin look back at him in surprise.

“I think, Harry,” Merlin said with a smile, “that we can expect great things from you!” He said it nicely enough, but Harry still frowned a little. It reminded him of Ollivander talking about Voldemort.

“I’ll never be evil, Merlin!” Harry said earnestly, and smiled when Merlin used his ghostly hand to ruffle his hair with love and warmth.

They left the vault a few minutes later, and then went to the Hufflepuff Vault, then to Ravenclaw’s, and finally to Slytherin’s. From Hufflepuff’s vault, they took a lot of potions that were on the walls. These potions would make him very healthy, and there were potions that would help him get cured, no matter what had happened to him. There were potions that regrew organs, even brains! Harry thought he could try and feed that last potion to Neville’s mum and dad, it might help them. Then again, it might just leave them exactly the way they were. He took it with him anyways. The best thing he found was a set of three potions. One gave him amazing occlumency shields, the other gave him amazing legilimency abilities. The last one gave him the ability to be a full Metamorphmagus!

In Ravenclaw’s vault, he found hundreds and hundreds of thousands of books. He took all of them with him, shrinking them and putting them inside a miniature library that he found in the vault. He also found a spell written on the wall that he could cast on a book, and all the information from it would go into his mind! In a corner of the vault, he found a big box full of Phoenix eggs, and he thought it would be very nice to have his own Phoenix, maybe even many of them!

Merlin, however, had a different idea. “Harry!” he exclaimed, grinning widely, “Do you know what you’ve found?!”

Without waiting for Harry to say anything, he barged forward, picking up a few of them. “Oh, lovely!” he exclaimed, “These will make the most delightful omelets!”

Harry stared at Merlin in horror. “Omelets?!” he sputtered, snatching the eggs back from Merlin’s ghost and shielding them from him, “What the bloody hell is wrong with you?!”

Merlin seemed a little put off. “If those eggs were meant to hatch, they would have!” he argued, “Phoenix eggs hatch as soon as they’re laid if they’re meant to hatch!”

Seeing that Harry was going to argue, Merlin told Harry to cast Ravenclaw’s spell on a book about Phoenixes. Harry, giving Merlin the benefit of doubt, agreed, and after using a summoning charm to find a book about Phoenixes, he cast the spell on it.

“Cornucopia Knowledgio Vitae Recipio!” he shouted, aiming the staff at the book. Suddenly, he realized that he knew everything about Phoenixes! Then, to his sadness, he found that Merlin was correct about the eggs. But, he realized, feeling more cheerful, that the book said that Phoenix egg omelets were really tasty! Feeling a lot happier, he shrunk the box of eggs and put it in his pocket, intending on making himself a big omelet later on.

The last vault that they went to was Slytherin’s. This time, there was a snake outside it.

The Snake said “Who are you? How dare you approach this vault?!”


The snake sneered at him, then grinned widely. “To get into this vault, you have to act like the great snake, the Basilisk!” it exclaimed, and a small hole emerged on the ground.

Harry was confused for a second, but then realized quickly what had to be done. He handed the staff back to Merlin, then dived into the small hole. Like a snake, he wiggled his way through the hole and into the vault, and subtly, he entered!

Looking around, he was sad, because there was nothing in the vault at all except lots and lots of money. He didn’t need more money! He was already the richest wizard to ever live, and he knew that no one would ever be as rich as him again. He wished there was a book on how to use parseltongue magic, but there wasn’t anything like that. He burst into tears, and Merlin had to comfort him again. It had been a very long day for Harry, and he was very sad because of his friends and because of Dumbledore being so mean to him. Merlin understood, and was nice to him, so Harry liked Merlin.

Eventually they came back to the lobby of Gringotts, and walked out of the door after getting a special credit card and a million pounds in cash and a million galleons in a lightweight pouch. On the way out, Potpecker was telling him about some of the tellers.

“There’s Bogeynose, he’s always picking his huge nose. That one is Grapplehook, he’s a bit… slow, if you catch my drift. That’s Turdburglar, Riptip, Liplock, Steve – he’s from the States, and that one on the end is Pimpleburst.”

Harry laughed at the names on the inside, but had to keep a straight face on the outside. It wasn’t that hard, because he’d spent most of the day crying. Eventually, Merlin and Harry left, and walked out into Diagon Alley.


Hey guys! I hope you liked the chapter! I tried to make it a little longer this time, and it was really hard, but I think it came out well! So please review, after taking so much effort for writing this, it would be lovely to read all your reviews! Even if you didn't like it, you can tell me... I just hope you won't be mean about it! Flames don't help anyone, and they don't make you feel any better after you write one, so please don't flame me! Hope you all have a great day, I'm going to start writing the next chapter right now!
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