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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6! Moving along!

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I can't sleep so I'm posting the next chapter! I really hope you all enjoy it!
The pairing will be Harry/Fleur, but would you like to see a)Ginny b)Rosemerta c) Tonks d) Daphne or e)Bellatrix also as a minor pairing with Harry?

Harry stopped crying when he realized where Merlin was taking him.

“Merlin, I said I would not be a dark wizard! I will not go down Knockturn Alley!” Harry screamed.

Merlin smiled once more. “Harry, there is no such thing as dark and light magic. The modern ministry led by Dumbledore as the Supreme Mugwump says these things, but it is not true. The Killing Curse can be used to kill a wounded person painlessly, and is it not possible to kill someone by using Wingardium Leviosa, a light spell, and then making them fall off a cliff?”

Harry scowled, but agreed that Merlin was right, and that Dumbledork had once again been manipulating the wizarding world. In silence, the two entered a rundown shack, deep in the heart of Knockturn Alley.

“What do you want?” A mean looking old man snarled at Harry. Harry remembered that nobody else could see Merlin, and he was happy when Merlin told him what this store was used for.

Putting on his best Malfoy impression, Harry sneered. “Do not snarl at me. I have come for the finest staff you are capable of making.” The old man grumbled, but nodded, leading Harry into a back room.

The man hesitated, and Harry put ten galleons on the table. The old man picked them up and put them in a pouch, before mumbling.

“You will need to pick a wood for your staff, hold our your hand and let your magic make its choice.” Harry obeyed,, raising his hand to a wall lined with blocks of wood. Immediate, three blocks came rushing forward, and Harry did not miss the look of surprise in the old man’s eyes.

“Three woods…most unusual…but not impossible. Now you must choose your magical cores. This time, he brought a box filled with ingredients in front of Harry. Again Harry raised his arm, no longer surprised when six jars suddenly floated out. The old man, however, was shocked.

“I have never made a staff with six cores before! Remarkable. Yes yes…Blood from a Vampire’s siring. Grounded unicorn hoof. The tears of a phoenix. The petrified song from a Siren. A dragon’s breath – a very interesting mix. And this…” The man’s face peeled in disgust for a moment. “Dementor semen….well it will be a very unusual staff.”

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Harry smirked, smug in his choices. The old man looked at him with a face filled with awe. Finally, you must choose your magical gem to focus the magic.” This time, Harry only picked one, and he was disappointed. The shop keeper however, fainted for a moment before getting back up.

“Impossible, I have had that stone forever! It was a gift from an old friend, Nicholos Flemel. Lad, your magical focus is a shard of the Philosopher’s stone!”

Harry gulped but said nothing, and handing over twenty more galleons, he left the story twenty minutes later with his new staff, filled with an immense pride.

Confident now, Harry next went to a pet shop next door to Burgin and Burke’s. Inside, he bought a shadow wolf cub, a hellfire kitten, and a grey owl to keep Hedwig company. As he was preparing to leave with his new purchases, he heard a whisper.

Pleasssse, ssssomeone help me. Harry turned around, and there was nobody around. Then he heard it again. Ssssomeone, pleassse. Harry then realized it came from a snake in the corner. Hello ssssnake. Harry hissed. Are you masssster? The snake asked. Thinking quickly, Harry responded, Yesssss.

The snake, as much as snakes can, nodded. I am a halfbreed Bassssilisssk. I am to young to kill with my glare, and it will take many years for me to grow. Take me with you, and I will be your loyal ssssservant.

Harry responded, I do not ssseek a sssservant. But I will be your friend. The halfbreed basilisk nodded, and Harry bought him for three galleons, secretly smirking when the shopkeeper told him that he was buying a regular garden snake.

Harry then went to a number of other stores. He bought contact lenses (but he kept his glasses as well, to trick his enemies). He then went to several bookstores, buying books on everything from Battle magic, Shadow magic, Necromancy, and Transfiguration. He even found an old text on how to become an animagus, which the storekeeper did not want to sell at first, but then Harry paid an additional fifty galleons, and both of them were happy.

At the end of the trip, Harry and a still invisible Merlin went into Burgin and Burke’s. Harry suppressed a shiver, remembering memories of his prior experience here. The shop was dark and dank, a ratty looking man was behind the counter.

“I need a magic trunk!” Harry bellowed, this time imitating Snape’s scowl. “It must be immune to all forms of trickery.” The man – Burke, did not respond, and Harry realized that Burke thought he might be an auror in disguise. Snarling, he shouted “Phobia Magnus”, hitting Burke in the stomach with the curse, and the man let out a deathly scream as he became trapped in a nightmare. It was not unforgivable, but it clearly was not the spell of one of Dumble’s “light” wizards.

When the spell was released, Burke whimpered. “I have just the thing for you. Come” The two went through a hidden trap door, and in the room was nothing but cobwebs and dirt. Harry sneered, a cross between Snape and Malfoy’s father, he thought to himself. Seeing it, Burke stuttered “I-in the the the…the c-c-corner. It does not look like much, but it is magically enhanced to hold a full library, a study, a potions lab and a living space. Once you seal it with you blood, none other may open it. I swear on my magic I do not lie.”

Even with the oath, Harry used his new Legilimancy powers to determine that Burke was in fact telling the truth. With a sneer, he handed over two hundred galleons, taking his new trunk with him.

When they got out of the Alley, Harry let out a sigh of relief. Even if there was no dark magic, he still found the place to be full of bad people.

Suddenly, remembering all the bad wizards made Harry think of Sirius, and he fought back a sob. He was ready to finish grieving. With a smile, he turned back to Merlin, who had been busy getting Harry some new robes. “Merlin” Harry asked, “How would you like an ice cream from Fortesque’s. My treat.” Merlin smiled. “That, young Lord Harry of the Founders, is a wonderful idea.”

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