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Chapter 7

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Harry finished his two ice creams (because Merlin wasn’t REALLY there to eat it, but enjoyed it all the same) and walked back through Diagon alley, looking back and forth to make sure no one he knew recognized him. He knew that if he was seen that Dumbles and his gang would make him go back to the Dursleys, but Harry refused to do that and so he had to make sure that he wasn’t seen.

As he was looking around, Merlin whispered in his ear, “Harry, I know of some really strong concealment and disguise spells. When we get to Potter Mansion, I’ll help you break through Dumbledore’s spells, and then you’ll finally be back home.”

Harry smiled, he really was looking forward to seeing the home of his ancestors and learning about his family. He already knew of all the founders he was related to, but there were almost sure to be other past great family members in the Potter line. Who knows, there may even be portraits!

Harry walked back into the Leaky Cauldron, and did his best to be unnoticed as he snuck over to the fireplace. Making sure that he had his trunk shrunk inside of his pocket, Harry asked Merlin in his head, “Where’s Potter Mansion, Merlin?”

Merlin answered, “Potter Mansion is at 17 Silverswallow Lane, in Manchester.”

Harry nodded and, throwing the floo powder from the mantel into the fire, stepped in and said, “17 Silverswallow Lane!”

Harry spun around and around inside the floo network, keeping his elbows tucked in and holding his breath to avoid inhaling any soot. Finally, after what seemed like ages inside the fireplace, he was thrown out of a fireplace onto a rug. Immediately, alarms started blaring, and a half dozen tiny little voices screeched, “Intruders! There is intruders in the most noblest house of Potter!”

Harry looked up, and saw a bunch of hosue elfs, all dressed in little butler and maid uniforms, all staring at him with either anger or confusion. Their faces all immediately perked up, and one screeched, “Master Potter is returned to us, he is! Master Harry!” and suddenly, Harry was underneath a pile of house elves all weeping for joy at the return of their master.

Merlin simply chuckled in Harry’s head, and Harry blushed in embarrassment at having the little creatures swarming him. After a few minutes, all the elves reluctantly stepped back, and he was able to look around at the entrance hall to his home. It was build in a Victorian style, with delicate fixtures all around the walls and a high ceiling that had a beautiful chandelier hanging and illuminating the hallway. Harry grinned in amazement at everything, and began walking down the hall. A door on his right opened, and Harry looked in to see a dining hall, and realizing that he was once again famished, stepped inside.

One of the butler-elves stepped forward and spoke in a squeaky voice, “I is Mickel, Master Harry! I is the head house elf here in Potter Mansion! If you is needing anything, please, sir, just say Mickel’s name and I is popping to do anything you want, sir!”

Harry nodded, and asked for all the house elves to give them their names. All eight of them suddenly teared up and wailed happily at having their Master treat them like he cared, but Harry did care, and he insisted that they all introduce themselves. Mickel pointed out each one, “There be Sandy, Master, and Jeminy, and Sinnonuh, and those two is Annaba and Tinniny, they is twins, Master, and Gretchy and Spooty, and Proominy is the head of the kitchen, Master Harry!”

Harry was getting tired of all the Masters, so he said, “You’re all going to be my friends and friends don’t call each other master! So, now I want you all to call me Harry!” All the house elves cried out in amazement, and all thanked him profusely. Harry had to sniff back tears of his own as he thought of how lucky he was, and he felt Merlin ruffling his hair and say, “I’m so roud of you Harry.”

arry sat down at the table, and insisted that the elves all join him. After a little hesitation, they all took seats and Harry took his staff and waved it and the table was suddenly filled with food. Harry grinned at the looks of astonishment on the faces of the elves, and he told them, “Dig in!” and sat back to enjoy lunch with his new friends.

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