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Chapter 8

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Its chapter 8, guys! Hope you like it :D

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A/N: Hi guys! Here's chapter 8! I really don't like to be mean like this, but some of you are being so rude! I'm trying very hard here to write a story, and my friends who are reading it think it is very good! I don't get why some of you are sending me such mean reviews, and rating my chapters as trainwrecks! Its really not that bad, is it? I felt like crying right before I uploaded this chapter because two of my chapters were rated as -1! My roommate had to comfort me for a while because I was so broken up. Please, don't be mean, I'm only trying to write a story! I'm sorry for dragging all of this out, but I was really hurt. Lets just get on to the story, okay? Sorry, again.


Silence could be heard from everybody in the room. Nobody was talking, they were all waiting on the ancient headmaster, Dumbledore to begin the meeting.

They were the Order of the Phoenix and they were gathered around the kitchen table in the house known as Grimmauld Place. Silence was still being heard by all members since nobody, not even Dumbledore had stood up.

It was moments later that he stood up, a twinkle in his eye and his voice booming with command “ As you all have heard, Harry has gone missing despite my drastic measure to ensure his safety – “ The headmaster halted as a hand shot up into the air, he rolled his eyes but directed the attention to the person who had raised their hand.

“Severus must I tell you yet again, that you do not need to raise your hand to speak, this is a group of educated adults” the headmaster said through the hands he had brought to his face.

Snape sneered at everyone but the headmaster and stood up to bring his point to attention “Why do we even bother with this little brat? Its obvious this is a stunt to draw even more attention to himself. Just like his fath-“

“Severus that will be enough –“

“But headmaster – “

“Severus – “


“SEVERUS I SAID ENOUGH, SIT DOWN.” Dumbledore boomed through the group of Order members sitting around.

Snape immediately took his seat but continued to sneer at everyone even as he inched further into the chair and his back arched yet even farther.

“As I was saying, it seems Mr. Potter has escaped, my, I mean our watch, it should be our immediate goal to find him, so anyone with new information please stand and feel free to share. No, not you Severus, you’ve said enough, we’ll be talking when we get back to the school. “Dumbledore said as he shot a glare at the still sneering and scowling Snape.

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow as one of the new members stood to attention, one who wasn’t part of the ‘old-guard’, as the old members were called. Kingsley stood up with his towering 6’4 figure and bald head gleaming. “Headmaster, there have been reports of him in Diagon Alley, and Knockturn Alley”

Dumbledore raised another eyebrow at the mention of Knockturn Alley. “Do you have anymore information about what he might have been possible doing there?” he asked remaining seated.

Kingsley nodded and spoke again “Yes Dumbledore, it seems he was spotted with a snake around his neck and talking to someone who wasn’t there.” As he finished he returned to his seat.

Yet another young member with spiky bubblegum pink hair stood up. “Did you ever think for a moment headmater, that Harry didn’t want to be found?” Tonks shot at the headmaster.

“What would you know slag, you’ve not had to deal with the hotheaded boy in class” Snape sneered as he stood up.

“Oh I doubt that you greasy git, but I have seen the miserable look he has when he looks out of his window.” Tonks shot back, her hair changing to a violent red.

“Don’t you have toys to be playing with – “

“Don’t you have some undies to not wash? – “

“Severus, Nymphadora, stop this immeditately – “


“But headmaster she started it”

“ENOUGH, both of you” the headmaster boomed through the room.

“Our main goal is to first locate Potter, I want you all to check his bank account at Gringotts, any possible places he might like to go, and anywhere he’s ever been. Then once you find him I want you to bring him back here and owl me. For now I will go check everything I can at the ministry.” Dumbledore said as he was standing to leave.

Before he had known it, him and the rest of the order were quickly taken from the building except for Tonks. They had ended up in front of where it had been but they could no longer see it. Everyone was dumb founded, even Dumbledore.

Harry was sitting at Potter Manor eating when a letter popped up in front of him. He opened it and read with a tear and a smile a letter from Sirius.

Dear Harry,

How are you handling pup? If you’ve gotten this letter along with my other one it means that, yes I am actually gone. I’m truly sorry that I couldn’t be there for you. Theres so much I want to tell you, so much I want you to know but chances are that you’ll find out all you need as time progresses.

This letter’s main purpose is to inform you of your new status. As you probably know you’re head of the house of Black. Along with the fancy title comes a few surprises you might like. The first of which is that you now have control over who can enter Grimmauld Place, anyone who wishes to harm the head of the Black family will immediately be banished from the house, so the house itself is pretty safe. The second is that you can now control who may enter the family and leave and all Blacks must answer to you, which doesn’t include those gone rogue. So basically you’ve got control over Nymphadora, haha can’t hit me now. Right probably not the best time to make jokes. Anyways, pup I want you to know I love you and will always be by your side, even if you can’t see me. Take care Harry, and stay strong, you’re a remarkable wizard.

Sirius Black

As he finished reading more tears had started to form in his eyes, and once again Harry was over taken by powerful emotions.


A/N Well that was fun! Please make sure to review! I've gotten some...harsh words lately that aren't very nice, so I hope this chapter comes off much better! Also, I have had people accuse me of writing parody about clichés. That could be further from the truth! I know I use SOME clichés but that really can't be helped, because sometimes the cliché is the plot device you need . Finally, I have taken a lot of classes in human psychology and I assure you that Harry's up down emotions are perfectly normal, and if you don't want Harry to show emotions, that’s not my fault! Anyway, review! Thanks!
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