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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 of my story! Hope you like it!

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A/N: Hi guys! Here's chapter 9! I know some of you were complaining about Harry crying, but now he won't anymore, because he's finally learning that he can win! And very soon, he'll have something to really fight for ;) Wink, wink! Well, on with the story, and thanks for reviewing!


After the dinner, Harry made a vow. He realized that everything in his life that had gone wrong could be placed squarely on Dumbledork's shoulders, and he would not cry anymore. He would show everyone, he could be Harry Potter! Thinking such thoughts, Harry explored more of the house, Merline following behind quietly.

Finally on the sixth floor, they came to the master bedroom. It was large, with big windows to let in lots of sun. There was an enormous washing room attached to it, filled with a gold plated bath with crimson colored walls. The knobs were lion paws, and the faucet itself flowed out of a giant Lion head. Not for the first time, Harry wondered of the connection between Gryffindor and Potter, and vowed to look at one of his many new books when he had more time.

Another wonderful find was a massive closet filled with clothes, all that seemed to be his size. Merlin explained that the closet was enchanted to always have clothes for the wearer, but could not produce clothes that had special charms, like the dress and battle robes merlin had purchased for him. Inside the closet were more clothes than Harry had ever seen in his life!

"Wow", Harry smirked. "There are enough socks here that even Dobby woudl get tired!"

Harry sifted through the clothes, blue jeans, khaki pants, and even a muggle suit. There was a bright blue silk shirt that Harry liked, and a green one that matched his eyes. As he was staying inside for the day, he decided to change into a regular T-shirt, one that had printed across the front "Destiny's Child" He smiled - he knew it was named for a band made up of squibs, but it seemed very appropriate, especially given the new changes he had found within himself.

Deciding to put on one of his nice shirts over it anyway, a dark red that seemed to make his eyes even greener in contrast, Harry prepared to leave his new room with a new confidence. However, suddenly there was a flash of light, and a doorway appeared out of nowhere, in the corner of the room.

Harry jumped, and Merlin laughed. "It is alright Harry. Many old family homes have rooms that only open to the master of the house." Gulping, Harry pushed forward, eager to see what lay behind.

He gasped. The new room was massive, and seemed to be a training room of some sort. There were dummies that Harry remembered Tonks telling him were used for auror training, as well as a full set of muggle weights and exercise machines.

All this passed by without Harry noticing, for it was the two portraits in the corner that got his attention.


Harry ran forward, amazed at the sudden find, and the anger he felt towards Dumbledore for hiding this from him raged to new levels. It was only his mother's voice that prevented his accidental magic from blowing up the entire manor, even with the protective wards.

"Harry, my baby boy...I've waited so long to see you again." the portrait of Lily smiled, her red hair gleaming even though it was a paining.

"Haha, it's good to see you son." The portrait that looked like Harry but was really James said as well.

The newly united trio had a long conversation, while Harry explained everything that had happened over the last 15 years. Harry stayed strong and did not cry - he had spent all his tears he would shed and it was time to move forward - but Lily could not help but weep at the horrible things that had been inflicted on her son, and how they had been wrong to doubt Sirius. Harry was further angered when it turned out that Dumbledork had tampered with their will, and that he should have been adopted by either the Longbottom's or the Bones'. However, all that was in the past, and it was time to move forward.

After the emotional reunion (which was half telling his story and half comforting his mom's portrait) Merlin said, "Now Harry, it is time to begin our traiing."

Harry smiled coldly, thinking of the training that would help put him out of reach from "The Order of the Chicken Nugget." However, he was soon dissappointed when Merlin had him using the free weights and other exercise equipment.

When Harry complained, Merline laughed. "Harry, so many purebloods are out of shape and lazy. If you can overpower them through physical means, the battle may be one without ever having to pick up a wand." Harry nodded, realizing the words as wisdom, and went back to running and lifting weights. At first he was tired, but then with a smirk, he set himself a goal. By the time he went after the Order and Voldemort, not only would he be a masterful dueler, but he would be able to benchpress Hagrid!

Sweating profusely, Harry took deep breaths. "I hope you don't mind me asking, but I have heard you can produce a coroporal patronus" Merlin said. "I think I shall have to see it to believe it!"

Harry's eyes widened. "You know so much, and you didn't know that I did that!?"

Merlin shuddered, "I heard rumors, but Albus has done much to limit what people can see that goes on the grounds of Hogwarts. I have not been able to look into that school ever since he became headmaster!" Merlin roared, obviously angry.

Attempting to sooth his new mentory, Harry bellowed, "EXPECTO PATRONUM!"

Nothing happened, and Harry was surprised. He had picked a happy memory, when he had boarded the hogwarts express for the first time. He tried again, this time with the memory of playing quidditch. Again, nothing happened.

"I don't understand." Harry frowned. Then he realized something. Every memory he was using in some way involved Hermione or Ron, and he was no longer happy thinking about them. Suddenly, he thought of Sirius, and the happy times they had had. With a smile, he once more roared, "EXPECTO PATRONUM" and this time, a great silver stag erupted from his wand, and Harry was pleased to see the level of shock on Merlin's face.

"I wonder..." Merlin murmured. "Yes, I really do...but of course, the boy is far too young, even with his talent...." "Harry", he said, now adressing Harry again, "I wonder if you might...there is an old and powerful version of this spell that has been lost to times immortal. It comes from the combining of memories, and it is very hard to do. I myself am the last recorded wizard to accomplish it, and even then - it was only once. The incantation is 'Expecto Patronum Amori Maxima. Please, my boy, do try it."

Harry closed his eyes, focusing once more on his godfather, To the memory he added his rescue by Merlin, and seeing his parents portrait. He kept all memories of Ron and Hermione away, focusing on his meeting of Tonks, of teaching the DA, and of meeting Hagrid. At the last moment, without thinking, his mind slipped to Fleur, and the kiss she had given him when he had saved her sister.

At this moment, suddenly Harry's heart filled with warmth, and his entire body tingled. Without even thinking, he Bellowed so loud that the previous yells were like whispers, "EXPECTO PATRONUM AMORI MAXIMA!"

Harry opened his eyes, and was so shocked, he jumped back in surprise. Next to his silver stag now stood a giant gold lion, the details so fine that he could make out individual hairs out of the mane.

As he stood there in shock for several more minutes, he was finally broken from his reverie by a loud laugh from the portraits behind.

"That's my boy!"


A/N: Hey guys, well, that's the end of chapter 9! I hope you liked it, it took me a while to write, because I was a little unsure about what I should write next. But I figured it out, so I hope you like it! Thanks so much for all your reviews (you guys who're nice, you know who you are!), it means so much to me to see people enjoying the story! Please leave me another review, I'd love to hear what you've got to say about this chapter!
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