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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 of my story! Hope you like it as much as I did!

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A/N: Here’s the next chapter, guys! I’m loving this story so much, I’ve never written a story before, and here I am writing a chapter twice every day! I’m having so much fun :D Thanks for all the reviews I’m getting, I’m so pleased! You guys are the best! mwah!


A week had passed in the mansion, and Harry had been training with Merlin excessively. Merlin had cast a time spell on the whole mansion, so for every hour that passed outside it, only one minute had passed inside it. So basically, the last week was like a month for Harry, so he was able to learn a lot.

He finally got the hang of using his staff, because he had gotten used to Merlin’s staff so quickly, and it took him time to get used to his staff once he started using it, but now he was used to it, and it fit his magic so well that when he cast any magic at all, it would amplify it and not take so much from him, so he could cast for hours without feeling tired and without becoming magically exhausted from using too much magic, which used to happen to him before, like after he confronted the Dementors in his third year and used a super Patronus to drive them all away from Hogwarts and away from his Godfather. But now, thinking about his Godfather, he didn’t cry anymore, he just sneered, because he felt so much anger for Dumbledore. He would pay!

In the last week-that-was-actually-a-month, Merlin had first taught how to use his new staff. After that, Merline had pretty much told Harry that only weak Wizards had to use wands or staffs. He said that in his day, wizards were just beginning to use wands and staffs, because they were easier to point over long distances. Basically, all the wizards then used to work for Muggle Kings, and would be on the battlefield and would throw spells at the other armies, so they needed to be able to aim well. But Harry would not be fighting against armies, for the most part, so he could use pure wandless magic in duels.

Harry’s workouts had worked really well. Before, Harry was only 5 feet and 7 inches tall, weighing about 130 pounds, but now, after a month of eating right, taking the rejuvenation potion that Merlin knew about, and working out for 20 minutes every day just like his exercise program told him to, he was a changed man. He had hit his growth spurt, and was now 6 feet and 7 inches tall! He had also put on a lot of weight, and was now 220 pounds! His muscles were bulging whenever he moved, and his mom had told him that he was the most handsome man she had ever seen, which made his dad pout and made Harry blush brightly. From talking to Merlin so much, Harry was also a lot more mature now. He no longer cried, he was internally very strong, and was very mature. He had also embraced his Slytherin side, after realizing that the hat was right, he would have done well as a Slytherin. He had also taken on a lot of the Slytherin mannerisms that he had seen at school, like always being calm (except Malfoy, who was the worst Slytherin ever!), sneering and smirking instead of scowling and grinning, and raising his eyebrow a lot.

In the beginning, he had felt stupid doing it, but his mom had persuaded him that it was actually quite useful to never let your emotions get away from you, and that it would help him to look more professional and powerful when he went to the Wizengamot.

Speaking of the Wizengamot, Harry was supposed to go to Gringotts today. There were some files in the Potter and Black vaults that gave details on some of the more intricate proceedings in the Wizengamot, and had copies of the treaties that the families had signed. He had to go and examine those treaties, and decide whether he wanted to stay by them or dispose of them, and he was very sure that he would dispose of all the treaties that Sirius’ family had signed. Sirius was an awesome guy, but his family was quite dark, so it never hurt to check. Also, Harry remembered, he had forgotten to disown Voldemort from the Slytherin family when he had been at Gringotts the last time, so he was going to do that today, too. When he had said “It’ll kill two birds with one stone,” Merlin had been very surprised by how thoughtful that idiom was, and had expressed his sadness that the phrase had not existed in his day, back in Camelto, as it would have saved him a lot of trouble in getting down to business.

Harry was a little nervous, because this was the first time he was going out in public since he had started training. And this time, Merlin wasn’t coming with him, because he was going to arrange an obstacle course training circuit for Harry to tackle when he came back, and he didn’t want Harry to be able to see what it looked like before he attempted the course. So, Harry was going all alone, and he was nervous.

“Alright, Harry,” Merlin said, patting him on the back, “off with you, now. I shall see you back here in an hour or so, correct?”

Harry, being brave, raised an eyebrow, saying “Yes, you shall… you have given me these instructions repeatedly, Merline, you need not repeat them again.”

Merlin gave a hearty laugh. “That’s my boy!” he cried.

Ten minutes later, Harry had walked out of the wards, and had apparated to the Leaky Caudron. Entering, he waved quickly at Tom the bartender, who was surprised by the powerful-looking, handsome, unknown man who waved at him.

Proceeding into Diagon Alley by tapping the right bricks with his finger, Harry smiled as he walked down the path to Gringotts. He was wearing a nice white robe with jeans underneath, and Doc Martin boots, and looked ‘really cool’ according to his mum. His hair was now down to his shoulders, and it tossed about with each step that he took, making him look very powerful and handsome.

It was a beautiful summer’s day, not too hot, with a nice breeze that lifted his hair and made it flutter a little in the wind. As he passed Madam Malkin’s shop, he bumped into someone. He expected to fall down, and braced himself, but was surprised to find that he hadn’t even moved. Apparently, he had really become a lot bigger! Then, realizing that someone was on the ground, he quickly helped her up, apologizing profusely.

“Oh dear, I’m so very sorry,” he enthused, “I simply wasn’t watching where I was going. Are you alright?”

Finally having helped the person up, he froze. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had pale, flawless skin, and lovely blonde hair, with perfect, aristocratic facial features. Even from a few feet away, he could smell her lovely perfume, and it made him slightly lightheaded. She was utterly perfect, and in that very minute, Harry fell in love with her!


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