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Chapter 11

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Here's Chapter 11 guys! I REALLY liked it, and I hope you do, too!

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A/N: Hey! As I said last time, I kept writing, and I wrote this chapter! It wasn’t really what I was planning, but I ended up writing this! I hope you like it, and thanks so much for all your reviews!


The girl looked up at him, and immediately, was struck by how handsome he was. He was easily the handsomest man that she had ever seen! He had beautiful emerald green eyes that glowed and shimmered with happiness and power, and looking into them, she could see the love in his eyes as he stared at her, and she blushed deeply, making him take a sharp breath. Then, she saw the slight mark on his forehead, through his hair, and her eyes widened.

Seeing her eyes widen upon seeing his scar, Harry’s spirits fell. She was just another fan girl, like that stupid Ginny. She just saw him as the Boy Who Lived, he bitterly thought. But then, she surprised him!

“’Arry?!” the woman asked him in a disbelieving tone, her eyes wide. Her hand came up to touch his cheek, and she breathed in deeply, then smiled widely. “’Arry!” she cried happily, throwing her arms around his neck and embracing him tightly, “Eet ees simplement fantastique to see you again, ‘Arry! I meesed you so!”

Harry, surprised, smiled widely and melted into her arms, hugging her back tightly. “Fluer?” he asked carefully, and upon receiving her happy nod in return, he smiled widely, and hugged her again. “I didn’t recognize you at all!” he said, “You look so much more beau—err, you look so different to when I last saw you!”

And it was true, she was taller, and had become even more beautiful than before!

She had noticed his little slip-up, and she smiled widely, making him blush as deeply as she had. “Come wiz me, ‘Arry!” she declared taking his arm and leading him towards Flortescoo’s Ice Cream parlor, “We shall ‘ave to catch up, no? After all, eet ‘as been so long seence we ‘ave seen each ozzer!”

He smiled at her and allowed her to drag him over towards the shop. But while they were moving, he suddenly spotted a black cloak in the crowd, and then another, and then yet another! Panicking, he grabbed Fluer’s elbow, bringing her close to him and wrapping her into another hug. She was surprised, and blushed, pressing her body against his in a way that made him moan and grin widely despite the situation! (A/N: Awww, isn’t that cute? They’re so cute together already! :D)

He knew he had very little time, so he whispered into her ear “Fluer, there are Death Eaters in the crowd!” Her eyes widened, and looking around, she also saw them. “We need to act quickly!” he said, and she nodded, very seriously.

Just then, someone suddenly shouted “CRUCIO!” and an old woman started screaming as a Death Eater tortured her!

Then, at the same time, all the other Death Eaters also began throwing spells! In the first five seconds, thirty people were screaming under the Curcio curse, and the Death Eaters were laughing. The crowd was shocked, and couldn’t even do anything to help itself. The people who weren’t hurt began panicking, and they ran left and right, creating a stampede that was sure to kill many people!

Harry, seeing a little girl in the path of all the people who were running, knew she was going to be injured. Summoning all his power, he summoned his staff and screamed “IMPEDIMENTA PETRIFICO TOTALUS MAXIMA!” and waved it, and around the girl, all the people stopped and froze.

At the same time, Fluer turned around, and cast a charm that turned a Death Eater’s spine around, making his head roll back, so that he couldn’t properly look forward. Then, while he was disabled, she stunned him. Harry was very impressed with her, and he shot her a smile. Together, the two of them jumped forward to help the other people who were being tortured by the Crucio curse.

Harry banged his staff on the ground and shouted something in an old, ancient language, then yelled “DIE!” Immediately, four of the Death Eaters were blasted off their feet by a big blast of power from him, and they few into a wall and broke their bones! The other Death Eaters were so surprised that they forgot to keep torturing their victims! Fluer took advantage of this and shouted “EXPLODERIA SUPREMO!”

A big boom happened between a few of the Death Eaters, tossing them off their feet and all over Diagon Alley! Wherever they landed, they were unconscious, and the people around them started hitting and kicking them, making Haryr and Fluer smile. Harry then used one of the spells that Merlin taught him.

He pointed his staff into the sky, and channeled all his powers, and made a huge storm appear! From the storm, big bolts of lightening came out of the sky and began hitting the Death Eaters, knocking them out! Soon, there were only 10 Death Eaters left.

Fluer cast the summoning spell on one of the Death Eaters, and he flew towards her. She ducked quickly, and he flew over her head and went straight through a wall, breaking his head open! It was Ollivander’s wall, and Harry could see Ollivander casting spells on the Death Eater, grinning madly.

But suddenly, one of the Death Eaters surprised Fluer by grabbing her from behind and putting his wand to her throat. She looked terrified, and Harry got angry!

“Who are you?!” the Death Eater snarled, and all his friends came and made a circle around Harry, pointing their wands at him. He grew angrier and angrier. Letting his staff disappear, he made it seem like he was giving up the fight, so that they wouldn’t hurt Fluer.

“Harry Potter,” he replied, wanting them to let go of Fluer, and he showed them his scar.

But then, the Death Eater put his hand on Fluer’s hip, and talked about how he was going to hurt her because she was with him, and Harry got even more angry. Collecting his magic, he screamed in anger, and a huge wave of magic poured out of him.

Immediately, all ten of the Death Eaters were blasted off their feet, but Fluer was unharmed! The Death Eaters all flew into the air, and as they were flying away, Harry’s anger made them explode! There was blood everywhere, and Harry suddenly felt sick. He fell on his knees, and he threw up everywhere.


A/N: OMG! I really didn’t want to write this, because its just so horrible to kill people! But I knew that in this story, Harry would have to do it at some time, so I might as well do it now, and my roommate and my friend think I did it really well! He did it for a good reason, too! Please leave your reviews, I love reading them! Thanks a lot for reading!

-Barbara xoxox :D
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