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Chapter Two

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Poem in this chapter my cousin wrote.

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Chapter Two

Julius' P.O.V

My vision was getting clearer, I saw Delilah's hazel eyes looking over me, "Delilah what happened? Why are we outside and why am I in my pyjama's!?" I questioned all at once. I couldn't remeber anything. "Julius there was a fire, the whole academy burnt down." I could tell she was choking back tears, then she pointed behind me. I just went speechless all that was left was the metal structure of the academy. "Al and scarlett found a few things that made it but are badly burnt." She continued. "Wow, do they know how it started?" I asked. "No, they couldn't find any clues to how it started."
"Everyone we need your attention man, please gather around it's like important." Al called Everyone started gathering around Al and Scarlett near the big oak tree.
"This is a very tragic day,kittens. All those who have families we'll get you home sweeties, for the rest of you we'll be giving you tickets to random places in North America, we can't risk the bad guys finding you if you live in the same place it's a safety reason, sorry sweeties." She said the last part looking at me and Delilah knowing this would break us.
Al gave each one of us an envelope with a plane ticket and some money to start our new lives.
They gave each one of us a hug and and a goodbye, then left to start their new lives, everyone said their goodbyes to one another. Then it was just me and Delilah ashes were still floating in the air and the smell of smoke lingered. We didn't want to say goodbye but we had too. We just stood there looking at each other it was getting akward. This is the time to tell her! A voice said in my head.

"I guess this is it." Delilah said breaking the silence.
"Yeah I guess it is, Delilah I have to tell you something."
"What is it Julius?"
"I-I... love you." Finally I got it out. Then Delilah started crying, and she hugged me.
"I love you too Julius, I wish we could be together and not be seperated I'll really miss you."
"I'll miss you too Delilah."
"Promise me you won't forget me."
"I promise,I could never forget you Delilah." Then I did I kissed her it was a long passionate kiss, it would not only be my first kiss but my last kiss with Delilah. It wasn't the way I imagined my first first with her but hey it doesn't matter where it is aslong as it was with Delilah. She broke the kiss
"I guess we better go before we get seen." She said.
"yeah but we can go to the airport together."
"yeah lets go"

When we finally got to the airport we said our goodbyes shared one last kiss, and then we started walking to the planes we had to catch. A tear trickled down my cheek as I thought that was the last time I was going to see her, hear her voice and feel her touch.

Delilah's P.O.V

Finally me and Julius shared our first kiss, but it would be our last. After we said our last goodbyes and shared our last kiss at the airport, as we walked away I started crying I was already missing hima nd my heart already ached and we were only a few feet away. "I love you Julius, don't forget me." I whispered to myself as if we was there.

To love is to cherish
something special
to never let go
something to hold
so it will never perish

I love you,
with all my heart
I always will
you'll never leave me
because I know you love me too

The memories of you and I
forever existingin this crazy world
I'll never leave without
your solemn goodbye

Hope you enjoyed this Chapter!
I know I am evil, Julius isn't famous yet!That's what you're all waiting for well not till the next chapter!

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